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Top Most Visited Countries In The World And Learn To Say Hello Their Way!


The tourism and hospitality sector is growing in a rapid phase. They play a big role in the economic distribution of their respective country. Today we will be looking at such countries that have emerged as giants in the tourism sector gathering millions of people around the world to visit them. Also to make it more fun let us learn how to say Hello to the listed countries below.

France – Europe

France-Paris: Image Credit/

Capital: Paris
89 Million Visitors per year
Major Destinations: Paris, French Riviera, Nice, Marseille.
Major Tourist Attractions: Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, Palace of Versailles, Riviera beaches.

The popularity that France has acquired all these years has no words to describe. And the reasons are but obvious. France is home to medieval cities, beaches and villages that are out of our league. The Eiffel tower and the Louvre display the architectural and cultural eminence of the country. France has a rich history and every nook and corner commence the rare specimen to recipients the past. The cave drawing of Lascaux and the grandeur Palace are memories that bring back. And if this is not enough you have French cuisine that is rare and exquisite. And to top up you get the best of wine in France.
Tourists go crazy visiting this beloved land and swear to come back every possible opportunity.
France stands top on the list of the most visited tourist place with more than 80 million visitors coming here around the year. That makes it all!

Now comes the real motto, how do you say hello and greet the local people in French?
Just take a bow or sake your hands and say

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Spain: Image Credit/

Capital: Madrid
83 Million Visitors per year.
Major Destinations: Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Granada
Major Tourist Attraction: Alhambra, El Escorial, Ibiza, Running of Bull, El Encierro, La Tomatina

Spain in Europe is a country with diverse history and culture. Every year people come here to enjoy and explore the country that they have dreamt of. The capital city Madrid is home to many Palace that comes with historical relevance. Spain has given birth to many artists, museums, galleries and architecture predominantly showcase them. You can witness the great works of Antoni Gaudi mostly in the city of Barcelona.
Spain is filled with attractions and tourist places that are old enough to be centuries back, but the city is young and thriving. Football, la Tomatina, beaches and alcohol makes the country one hell of a place for young people.

So, coming to the start, how do you greet the locals in Spanish?
Well, we all know that it is “Holla” with a peck of a kiss on the left cheek.

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The United States-North America

The United States
The United States: Image Credit/

Capital: Washington D.C.
80 Million Visitors per year
Major Destinations: Florida, California, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas
Major Tourist Attractions: White House, Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Niagara falls, Hollywood.

The United States is a dream to all. Place every person, be it tourist or a traveler, love to visit and maybe dream settle down. That is the magic the place withholds. The United States is a country with 50 States imparting the best they have. Every state is fast running towards modernization and development. People are attracted towards the speed and phase of the country to stand at the topmost position. The tourists are lured towards the magnificent place, happening lifestyle, culture, tradition and the Hollywood!

And to our dismiss, “Hello” is the word used casually used in the USA to greet people however, if you are much into the friendly affair, ” Hey ya” will suffice your purpose.

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China: Image Credit/

Capital: Beijing
63 Million Visitors per year
Major Destinations: Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Hong Kong.
Major Tourist Attractions: Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven.

China is the most populous country in the world. But without any doubt the most popular country as well. With more than 63 million tourists arriving every year contributing to the overall economy of the country. Landscapes, monuments, historical significant architectures and food, every bit of the place plays an important role in luring the tourists every year. One of the Seven wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China is located in Beijing, a major attraction throughout the centuries.

Saying” Hello ” in Mandarin can be a bit tongue twister for people from another end of the world. Just bow your head a bit and say ” Ni Hao” pronounce it as Nee haow!!

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Italy: Image Credit/

Capital: Rome
62 Million Visitors
Major Destinations: Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples
Major Tourist Attractions: Colosseum, Cinque Terre, Florence Duomo, Leaning Tower of Piza.

Italy is a country straight from fairytales. No other place can be so romantic, beautiful and rich in culture. The capital city Rome is every tourist’s ultimate destination. With Vatican City and Florence, there is no limit to what is stored for a wanderlust. The fabulous masterpiece of Michelangelo lay across the dream city of Venice. Italy has gathered some 62 million tourists and visitors across the globe. Marking it to the top most visited countries. Apart from the beautiful tourist attractions, the Milan fashion festival held yearly also gathers people across the world.

When you are in Italy don’t just say “Hello” to greet people, say “Ciao” and get an instant connection. Sounds good right?

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Turkey-Middle East Country

Turkey: Image Credit/

Capital: Ankara
46 Million Visitors per year
Major Destinations: Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Cappadocia.
Major Tourist Attractions: The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazar, Balat, Butterfly Valley.

Turkey has the most breathtaking architectural sites and monuments across the country. For every filmmaker, Turkey is the major shooting destination. Keeping the growing popularity in mind, the tourism of Turkey developed the best facilities such as hotels, restaurants and imparted much attention to hospitality. And within no time Turkey gained the topmost position in terms of tourism generated revenue. The architecture of Istanbul is a grand affair. The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the domes of Istanbul are few gems to be named.

Like the beautiful country, the “Hello” here has a special sweetness, so next time you are in Turkey say ” Merhaba” with a smile on your face.

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Mexico-North America

Mexico: Image Credit/

Capital: Mexico City
41 Million Visitors per year
Major Destinations: Mexico City, Cancun, Chichen Itza.
Major Tourist Attractions: Pyramid of the Sun, Chichen Itza, Xcaret Park.

Mexico is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. With a visible troubled past and growing development, the tourism sector also boomed over some time. Now Mexico is one of the topmost visited countries in the world. The extremely precious Mayan ruins, architecture and beaches are the main attractions that lure tourists to the place.

Mexican people are quite friendly and get well with the tourist. So the next time you visit Mexico say “Hola” instead of hello and win their hearts!

Germany- Europe

Germany: Image Credit/

Capital: Berlin
39 Million Visitors Per year
Major destinations: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt
Major tourist attractions: Berlin Wall Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, The Rhine, Neuschwanstein Castle

Every German state has something special. Munich has the best of beer and the grand Oktoberfest. Berlin is well known for art and Berlin Wall. No place has skyscrapers that look awestruck has Frankfurt. Museums, architectural sites, monuments related to WW2 and Cathedrals look absolutely stunning defines Germany. Around the season, Germany has tourists who explore the country and swear to return!

Even though the German language is quite a difficult one for the tourist from another side of the world, but to greet the locals won’t be that hard. It is ” Hallo” that sounds the same as Hello!

The tourism sector plays an important role in the revenue generated in their respective country. And when a Country stands on the top list of the most visited country, there is a lot of hard work and hospitality management involved. It is not easy to grab millions of hearts at once! And as I wind up, you try to practice the best possible way to say hello in a different language!
Bon Voyage!

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