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Enjoy a Romantic Getaway to Positano – Italy


There are many romantic getaways in Italy such as Milan, Rome, Salina, Amalfi Coast, Venice etc. Be its towns, villages or cities, beaches, every corner of Italy has its own allure and fascinates travellers in an unusual way. Especially for those couples who are still deciding where to head for a trip to Europe, Italy might be a great option and as it is considered as the paradise destination for couples.

In our previous blog, you have read about Alamfi Coast, its village Positano has a separate fan following. It uncovers from the eyes of many travellers but it a great getaway for couples. Positano will give you a vibe just like a private island.

Let us know more about this beautiful village in Italy 

Positano – Seaside Paradise For Couples

Positano is a cliffside village and the hidden treasure of Italy. It is an excellent destination for those seeking a scenic seaside paradise. At the bottom of Positano, you will witness a pebbly beachfront washed by turquoise water every time and an array of posh buildings tucked on the cliffs which look mesmerising. As you head up the steep streets into the colourful village, you’ll find delightful shops and cafes. I am sure you’ll be awestruck with its vibrant lakeside villas overlooking the sunny Amalfi Coast.

Positano Seaside Retreat for couples / Image Credit:

The most prominent attraction of Positano is definitely its beaches, for which this village is renowned, making it a popular getaway for romantic couples and families. But its ancient buildings are cliffside villas that are certainly worth a look at in the historic Santa Maria Assunta Church. A lively hike up to hills provide glimpses of Italian splendour at its finest. Incredible scenery awaits you at every turn in Positano.

Best Things to do Attraction at Positano

This well-known holiday destination on Amalfi Coast is a must-visit for you so let’s know some of the things which you do here.

Cherish Scenic Beaches of Amalfi Coast

As Positano sits in between, the approximately 50-km drive connects the neighbouring towns of Sorrento and Amalfi. There are very few drives that can equal the magnificent beauty of the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Overlooking the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea, this world-famous path hugging the cliffside.

Enjoy at Beach Front of Positano / Image Credit:

You can get a rare look of pristine beaches and lovely villages with every sharp turn. Don’t miss the spectacular cliffs or the deep-blue horizon.

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Explore Church of Santa Maria Assunta

One of the most admired architectural works of art in Positano is the stunning Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Its history can be traced back to the 10th century when Positano was home to a Byzantine icon symbolizing the Virgin Mary. For decades, the church has celebrated this icon, and it remains a significant figure. It is a wonderful testimony to the beauty and tradition of Positano.

Santa Maria Assunta Church / Image Credit:

A breathtaking belltower, stunning medieval artwork and an impressive dome-shaped roof set against the cliffside townscape boast the masterfully restored building. Its Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta features a majolica-tiled dome and a 13th-century Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary.

Go on a Natures Trail

You love natures’ trail then you can discover local villages with mesmerising seascapes via the Path of the God. This route provides a delightful trekking experience to adventure enthusiasts and couples want to explore nature via trekking in Positano. The path is approximately 6.5 km and provides you with stunning views of Positano and the shores nearby.

Top View from the Path of God, Positano / Image Credit:

Locally known as Sentiero Degli Dei, this nature trail takes you over Positano and through cosy local villages residing along the Amalfi Coast. You will pass through the villages of Bomerano and Nocelle, each offering a chance to get away for a while from the people. One of the most spectacular sceneries near Positano is aerial views of the sea.

Take Cruise Ride of Emerald Cave

Take a cruise to explore Positano’s magical sea cave of Positano Italy is a must. The Grotta Dello Smeraldo is also named as the Emerald caves due to their appearances and looks. It is a mesmerising natural phenomenon which simply cannot miss at any cost. The cave is situated approximately 5 km west of Amalfi and can be reached by car or boat.

Emerald Cave / Image Credit:

Move underwater and enjoy the green light in the aqua-blue water. By riding a ship inside the cave, you can get a closer look at stalactites hanging from the cavern roof. Try to visit when the sunshine is the brightest, for the best view of the emerald light shining from Grotta Dello Smeraldo.

Enjoy Cable Car Ride of Monte Faito

A remarkable place to capture breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape is the peak of Monte Faito. Watch the spectacular mountain scenery from the top of Naples Bay, Mount Vesuvius and Capri Islands.

Monte Faito Cable Ride / Image Credit:

While experienced travellers walk to the top, the fastest route is to drive the cable car. The Castellamare di Stabia Train Station can be reached by cable car. Positano is around 1-2 hours by car or public transport to the train station. If you hit the top of the mountain, several walking paths enjoy the unbelievable views.

Savour Italian Dishes at Positano

Authentic Italian dishes fresh seafood in Positano is seriously mouth-watering. Any trip to Italy is finished without a slice of pizza, and one of the best in town is made by Chez Black. For dessert, Da Vincenzo offers tasty pasta and serves a delicious Tiramisu. The La Cambusa restaurant is fabulous and features local catches paired with delicious pasta and Italian wine.

Casa E Bottega Positano / Image Credit:

If you need more than a cornetto for breakfast, Casa E Bottega is a darling home goods concept store serving healthy salads, omelettes and fresh smoothies. La Tagliata on the hill above Positano is known for its stunning views and appetizers. For dinner visit Buca di Bacco Ristorante and La Pergola’s Buca di Bacco Bar.

Nightlife Scenes at Positano

For vibrant nightlife and partying at Positano, you can there are various options available and it is the best part of your whole trip. You will be highly surprised and at the same time will enjoy the ambience at the seaside by spending the day lounging on the beach or strolling through friendly shops. Evenings in Positano are spent by the sea, may lavish hotels, cosy espresso bars, and raging nightclubs make Positano a great nightlife retreat on the Amalfi Coast.

Enjoy Alluring Evening & Nightlife at Positano / Image Credit::

I am concluding here, but you can have a romantic stroll through the town of Positano with your partner and shop around the pedestrian streets. Enjoy Pasta & wine on the seaside cafes and relax on the lounges with bae. Either way, you are sure to have a memorable experience exploring Positano.

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