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Explore Idaho-The Gem State Of The United States Of America


Idaho is a northern U.S state perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing. The capital of Idaho is Boise which is also the main center for tourism and travel. Beautiful mountains and landscapes, wildlife, fishing, and rafting – one place for all is Idaho. Apart from that, there is a fact that more than 72 types of gemstones are available in Idaho, which is why the place is also known as “The Gem State”.

Let’s check out the top ten things that you could do while you are in Idaho

Idaho is well known for outdoor activities that can list more than we can even count, so we stick to ten activities that are fun, affordable, and make your trip worth remembering.

Know the history of Idaho

Idaho Histroy
Idaho Histroy / Image credit:

The history of Idaho is filled with native Americans residing for more than a thousand years. To know the history of Idaho in a nutshell all you have to visit Cassia County Historical Museum that has versatile properties that depict the past of the Oregon Trail.

Best hiking and trekking trails in Idaho

Idaho Trails
Idaho Trails / Image credit:

Like we said earlier, Idaho is all about outdoor activities. The city of Rocks is one of the best places for those who are looking for hiking and trekking spots. On top of the rocks, you can spot your perfect place for camping. From the top, there will be a fabulous view waiting to feast your eyes.

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Visit Idaho National Wildlife Refuge Complex

Idaho National Wildlife Refuge
Idaho National Wildlife Refuge / Image credit:

National Wildlife Refuge Complex of Idaho incorporates five refugee units within itself. The Bear Lake, Minidoka refuges, Grays Lake, Oxford Slough Waterfowl Production Area, and Camas. One can visit the place to learn about the vast refugee units that spread across vast landscapes that offers you endless choices of wildlife observation points.

Ride a Hovercraft in Idaho river

Idaho Hovercraft Adventure
Idaho Hovercraft Adventure / Image credit:

Don’t miss the Hovercraft ride while you are in Idaho. The professional service in Idaho for Hovercraft offers a great deal with remarkable safety aspects. The ride through the waters with commendable speed is bond to give you an adrenaline rush.

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Whitewater rafting and other water activities.

Rafting is yet another major tourist attraction that lures people to try their part. White water rafting is popular among travelers and locals alike. You can also try paddleboard in Boise river for a different fun altogether

Watch Shakespearean drama at the outdoor theatre

Imagine sitting under the sky with your favorite meal to bite, and your favorite characters of Othello and King Lear coming alive in front of you? Ok, I was talking about the outdoor amphitheater that performs Shakespearean dramas. Don’t miss it!

Paddling on Redfish Lake

Idaho Redfish Lake
Idaho Redfish Lake / Image credit:

Stanley a town in Idaho is famous for its scenic beauty with mountains and beautiful lakes. Among which Redfish Lake is popular among the tourists for its stunning views. People come here to try their luck in fishing and to spend some quality time with family. Kayaking is also available as per tourist’s demand.

Explore Crater and Volcanic Preserve

There is not much to see around the place yet it is worth a visit to Cinder Crags. The land has some extraordinary lava tubes and debris of Volcanic eruptions that happened long back. The place is quite exotic in a strange way of standing out from the rest.

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Hike through the Vineyards and sip the wine

Idaho Wine
Idaho Wine / Image credit:

Tasting wine is altogether a different story in Idaho. Tourists here are more attracted to hiking through the lush green vineyard and stay a day there to get a hang of both the local food and tasty wine.

Dinning at the locals

When you walk through the streets of Idaho you can never miss the shimmering fragrance of local cuisine in the air. Try traditional food from some of the finest dinings in the area such as Fork and Red Feather. There is a wide range of cuisine that has an authentic American touch to its credit.

Idaho Food
Idaho Food / Image credit:

Idaho is for those who love the wilderness. The tourist in you comes here to enjoy some peaceful and quality time, but discovers the wilder side of you with all those exciting outdoor fun. However, while going back home you would definitely fall in love with the backcountry and start feeling it home already, that’s what Idaho is all about!

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