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Top Wildlife Safari Destinations Across the World


The word safari is derived from the word Swahili which means journey. The word safari means to observe the animals in their natural surroundings. Wildlife safari was invented by William Cornwallis Harris in the late 1830s. Earlier the safari was considered as hunting game in East Africa. But now the times have changed with the change in rules. Nowadays the term safari means the adventures of animals watching in their natural habitat with no hunting gears, photography of wildlife and storytelling. Travelers can explore various wildlife safari destinations all over the world.

Going on a wildlife safari is the best way to escape daily city life and getting some valuable time with your family. The experience of seeing the natural wildlife with your very own eyes and observing their moves is something which should be experienced by everyone. The family adventure trips with a mix of animals, campfires and experiencing the wildlife while staying in their area is something everyone desires.

So here is a list of the most famous wildlife adventure safari that you should take with your family across the globe.

Okavango Delta, Botswana, Wildlife Safari Destinations

The Okavango Delta is considered one of the world’s best safari getaway for its sheer variety of natural life. A sparkling desert spring in the area surrounded is by dry land and creatures relocate here in thousands making for an unmatched population of wildlife.

Okavango Delta, Botswana, Wildlife Safari Destinations
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You can go safari in Okavango either on jeep or elephant but still, access to some parts is not possible by jeep. Spending time in the water onboard the Kubu Queen houseboat from which you can see the burrow kayak, before making a camp stop at nearby regions.

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Ongava Park, Namibia

Namibia may not be the perfect choice of safari destinations. It is filled with water coast and red desert dunes but still the Ongava and Etosha National Parks are two of Africa’s best parks. The outcome is a safari experience that feels valid and pretty trailblazing – you’re probably not going to jar for space to recognize the numerous lions, rhinos and elephants.

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Stay in the three-room Little Ongava Camp, with its raised roof enabling you to keep an eye on all the natural wildlife. It gives you an unmatched extravagance of its cabins, which come along with pools and log fires.

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Ranthambore Park, India, Wildlife Safari Destinations

While safaris are associated with Africa, India has something other than what’s expected to offer. As opposed to the acclaimed Big Five, the headliner here is the tiger. Head to Sher Bagh Hotel situated on the edge of the Ranthambore National Park and relax in frontier themed rooms, a confined pool and candlelit meals around the open-air fire.

Ranthambore Park, India, Wildlife Safari Destinations
Jeep Safari At Zone 6, Ranthambore National Park

Park gets a lot of visitors every day, most voyagers are trucked around on monster open-sided trucks, which can’t stray from the primary ways. A stay at Sher Bagh or the neighboring Aman-I-Khas sidesteps this and permits you private jeep voyages through the park with aides to see a tiger from miles away.

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Kruger National Park, South Africa

With some of the world’s best extravagance safari lodges on offer, you’re always confused in South Africa. Our pick is the Kruger National Park, the nation’s biggest, where the Big Five are all on show close by a lot of different animals and birdlife.

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Remain in one of the cabins that are located on the edge of the reserve for an unmatched wildlife watching experience. We’re huge enthusiasts of the Lion Sands Reserve, where you can book into one of their three treehouses for a night under the stars.

Serengeti, Tanzania

A safari soul-changing experience is seeing the yearly movement of wildebeests over the fields. For an unparalleled view book into one of Singita’s Grumeti camps, located on the 350,000 sq feet of land.

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In any case, if viewing the relocation is your definitive objective, book into Singita Explore, a versatile camp that pursues the best view by springing up and drenching you in remote areas.

Yala Park, Sri Lanka

India’s tear neighbor stands its ground against the heavyweight African goals with regards to creature viewings. Visit Yala West National Park for your most obvious opportunity with regards to detecting a panther, with one panther for every square kilometer of parkland.

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Uda Walawe Park is nearer to the capital Colombo and, while it’s short on different warm-blooded animals, it’s completely overflowing with Elephants. For a different experience, stay in Chena Huts on the edges of the Yala park. The extravagance structures come total with their very own pools and perspectives of the parkland, yet the ocean Turtle-filled sea shores past.

Akagera National Park, Rwanda

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Evading jeeps and horses, a safari in Rwanda makes them trek through thick jungle surrounded by Gorillas. Further your primate information with an outing to Nyungwe Forest where Chimpanzees and Monkeys are found. Furthermore, just in the event that you become weary of all the monkeys, Akagera National Park is home to a lot of Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, etc.

Canoe Safari, Zambia, Wildlife Safari Destinations

For a one of a kind experience, one can’t beat kayaking down the Zambezi. Schedules rely upon which tour operator you book with, however in general covering two national parks around 160km, with night camps in old fashioned pitched tents. This trip isn’t for the timid;

Canoe Safari, Zambia, Wildlife Safari Destinations
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you’ll cover generally 24km every day on the water with your own guide and just as canoeing over crevasses and rapids, you’ll need to keep your eyes stripped for game prowling in the bushes. If this sounds a bit nervous then you can take a normal land safari.

Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Following quite a while of political seclusion, Zimbabwe, once an Africa safari favorite is making its mark again. Because of the decrease of Mugabe’s impact, many safari lodges have been made and the local experts are returning to their home turf. Linkwasha Camp lies in its very own private area of Hwange National Park, with access to its immense fields and wildlife survey to equal Africa’s different hot spots.

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Gonarezhou National Park, for a considerable length of time, was off the limit because of the deployment of Mozambican soldiers, is now ready to take on the world with Singita cabin offering another alternative for wildlife watchers. Complete your outing with a visit to Victoria Falls and a stay at the patched up Victoria Falls Hotel.

Patagonia, South America, Wildlife Safari Destinations

If you wish to get away from the normal crowded life and want to enjoy the traditional safari experience then you should head towards the Patagonian in South America. Situated between Chile and Argentina, this tough terrain contains everything from mountain peaks, captivated forests and reflected lakes.

Patagonia, South America, Wildlife Safari Destinations
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Go inland to follow the puma, just as a wealth of local birds, widely varied greenery, head to the coast for Orcas, Elephant Seals, and Penguins, with an opportunity for hiking, kayak or pony ride along the route.

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