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Ranthambore National Park- Best Spot For Tiger Safari In India


Ranthambore National Park is present in the Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan. It situated at the intersection of the Aravalli and Vindhya hills slope. Ranthambore is most visited National parks in India, not just because of the exotic fauna and flora present here but also for the unique geography of its terrain. The National Park is best known for its Tigers and panoramic view. So come with us to witness the best Tiger safari tour at Ranthambore National Park.

The park covers a region of roughly 400 sq Km, and whenever consolidated with the area of Sawai Maan Singh sanctuary territory, it is around 500 sq km. Ranthambore National Park is dabbed with structures that help you to remember bygone eras. There are many water bodies present all over the park, which provides complete relief during the scorching summer months for the forest inhabitants.

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Safari Zones Of Ranthambore National Park

In the beginning, the park has only 5 zones, but as the National Park gained popularity, the park was expanded to satisfy the crowd. Now totally there are 10 zones, and zone 4 has the highest populace of Tigers. For getting your favorite Tiger safari zones in Ranthambore, we would recommend booking your safari at least 90 days before your visit. Some of the zones are discussed below.

Zone 1: Singh Dwar is the entry point of this zone. This Zone is home for Tiger-39 & T-57. The specialty of this zone is Noor(T-39) along with her three cubs. Other places to spot a big tiger in this zone are Tuti ka Nalla, Sultanpur, Amreshwar Dang, Gada Dub, and Peela Pani.

Tigress Noor With Cubs, Via:

Zone 2: This zone is most important because a good number of Tiger sightings are reported from this zone. The famous places at this point are Jogi Mahal, Phuta Kot, Phuta Bandha, Lahpur Tiraha, Nal Ghati. You can also watch Leopards here.

Zone 4: This zone has lots of spots where the shy Tigers come out. They are also used to be the habitat of the most famous Tigress of Ranthambore – Machli. You can also see here in this zone are T-28, T-64, T-19, T-75, T-41, and T-25. The essential points in this point where there are sightings are Singh Dwar, Malik Talab, Lakkad Da, Adidaant, Lambi, Tamakhan.

Tigress Machli At Ranthambore National Park, Via:

Zone 6: This zone is also known as Kundal. It shares its boundaries with area 1, and there are high chances of spotting Noor(T-39). You can place the Indian gazelle and have the opportunity to spot the endangered Red-headed Vultures. The places where the Tigers have been located in this zone are Kala Pani, Patwa Ki Baori, Saran Ka Pattha, and Soleshwar.

Zone 7: Also known as Chidikho. This zone has fewer points compared to the rest, the big cats have been spotted at Chidikho, Jamoda, Kushalipura, Rajbagh Naka. T-8 and T-34 have been located in this zone.

Zone 9: Kuwalji is another name of this zone. This zone is about 50 mins away from the Tiger reserve and is situated at the coast of river Chakal river. This is home of tiger T-42 (Fateh), an aggressive male, known for chasing the forest department and has been captured on cameras for killing a sloth bear too. T-42, T-59 can be spotted too. This zone also has Caracals, Sloth bears, and aquatic birds.

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Best Time For Safari

The best time for the safari at Ranthambore National park is from 1st October- 30th June
Rest of the time it is closed for the visitors. Entry and exit from the park vary as per seasons. In winters, due to the short duration of daylight hours, the morning entry time is later and evening exit time is too earlier.

Jeep Safari At Zone 6, Ranthambore National Park
  • Oct 1-Oct 31: 6.30am-10.00am & 2.30pm-6.00pm
  • Nov 1-Jan 31: 7.00am-10.30am & 2.00pm-5.30pm
  • Feb 1-Mar 31: 6.30am-10.00am & 2.30pm-6.00pm
  • Apr 1-May 15: 6.00am- 9.30am & 3.00pm-6.30pm
  • May 16-Jun 30: 6.00am- 9.30am & 3.30pm-7.00pm
  • July 1–Sep 30: Closed

Places Near Ranthambore National Park

There are many fascinating spots for you to see in Ranthambore National Park. There are spots like the Ranthambore Fort, which is one of its sort in the whole state of Rajasthan, Jogi Mahal, and the different types of vegetation, which are additionally worth a look. With its varying landscapes of hills, valleys, forests, and grasslands, the park is a memorable sight.

Jogi Mahal, Padam Talao

There are many lakes like the Padam Lake, the Surwal Lake, and the Malik Lake that are great to explore. In addition to the park’s beauty, many animals and birds are living here that makes for an interesting experience. Some other places to visit near Ranthambore National Park are Bakaula, Kachida Valley, Lakarda and Anantpura, Raj Bagh Ruins, Padam Talao, Ranthambore Fort, Rajbagh Talao, Malik Talao.

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Modes Of Reaching Ranthambore National Park

By Airways: Jaipur International Airport,150 km is the nearest international airport. Cab services found at the airport can arrange the three and a half hour journey from there. The airport is connected to both domestic and international destinations. Within India, there are services to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and internationally, it is related to cities in the Middle East, Thailand and Malaysia.

By Railways: The station at Sawai Madhopur, 15 km away, is the nearest stop to the park. There are trains to the station running once a day from Delhi, Jaipur and Mumba. These cities are easily accessible from the rest of the country.

By Roadways: Ranthambore is associated with cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Kota. There are a few private visits that can be organised through taxis and vans to the park. When you travel around the park, hire a cab or vehicle of your own because there is no public transportation system in place.

Adventure Near Park

1. Hiking: You will love and enjoy hiking through Aravali and Vindhya ranges. With a different texture, both varieties have a unique experience to offer. The hills on the Aravali range have steeper slopes and require a little more effort than needed on the Vindhya. While it is fun to go off exploring by yourself.

Hot Air Balloon Activity Near Ranthambore, Via:

2. Hot Air Balloon: While the view of the National Park from the hilltops is quite remarkable, nothing can beat the top view. The hot air balloons take off to a height of 1200 ft above the ground level for a ride of 1 hour. The balloon makes two trips a day but is subjected to weather conditions.

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Hotels And Resorts

Some of the standard resorts and hotels we have mentioned here for your convenience near Ranthambore. You can also go for Delux and Luxury resorts according to your budget.

Hotel/Resort Name Starting Price(INR)*
Vatika Resort 4,500
Ananta Palace 4,500
Hotel Rajputana Heritage 4,800
Ankur Resort 5,000
Om Rudrapriya Holiday Resort 5,000
Om Rudrapriya Holiday Resort

Before concluding, we suggest you visit once Ranthambore National Park to have a lifetime experience of wildness and enjoy nature. This wildlife safari will nurture your mind, body and soul.

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