World TravelTrip to Papeete – The City of Black Pearls

Trip to Papeete – The City of Black Pearls


The city Papeete is situated in the South Pacific, the capital Tahiti is the biggest in a chain of islands that make up French Polynesia. The vast majority of the island’s clan dwells close to the shore. The hilly inside of Tahiti Island comprises enchanted valleys, clear streams, and high cascades. Presently, Papeete, the standard of this island country, flaunts top-notch Tahiti resorts, lodgings, spas, high-end food and unique restaurants, clubs, energetic business sectors, museums, pearl shops, and stores.

It is also known as the hub of Black pearls,  we’ll take you to the famous places to explore in Papeete.

1. Overwater Bungalows

Tahiti is the most recognized beach among French Polynesian islands in the South Pacific, and perfect for resort lovers. It is also famous for the center point of transportation for all the islands.

Experience romance trip in Overwater bungalows, Tahiti
Experience romance trip in Overwater bungalows, Tahiti / Image credit:

Tahiti has enormous retreats offering overwater lodges, and are reasonably estimated and offer extraordinary facilities of rooms with a perfect landscape of lagoons. These cafés are attached to the hotel cottages, where one can stay for at least 15 days without getting exhausted.

2. Wine Cellar Tour with Tasting

Tahiti is the most happening place for boozers to taste multiple flavors of rum at a single spot. Tahiti is known to be a title of the world’s most seasoned rum-refining customs, as far back as 300 A.D.

Couple enjoying wine at Three Island Tantalizer, Papeete
Couple enjoying wine at Three Island Tantalizer, Papeete / Image credit:

These islands became the center point for Tiki culture is a tourist attraction with a collection of multiple bars and restaurants in the town. This place is said to an ocean of rum that will blow your mind with a joyful hangover. You can taste Rangiroa Wine and a kind of rum produced using a sugar stick called ‘Mana’o’.

3. Three Waterfalls

The inspiring waterfalls, with rainforests, regularly come cascades, including Topatari Falls, Vaiharuru Falls, and Puraha Falls. A trail going through shallow water towards the base of this cascade to feel this sensitive course encompassed by lavish greeneries.

Tahiti Waterfalls
Tahiti Waterfalls / Image credit:

A way through Papenoo Valley, including Topatari Falls, Vaiharuru Falls, and Puraha Falls is going to be an amazing experience for spending an entire day in the lap of the natural beauty of these waterfalls.

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4. Black Pearl Museum

If you visit Papeete, so don’t miss the opportunity to explore the world’s famous exhibition hall devoted to the dark pearl.

Black Pearl Museum
Black Pearl Museum / Image credit:

The Black Pearl Museum is in the central focus of Papeete, directly close to the Cathédrale de l’Immaculée Conception and Parc Bougainville. The site is on the northwest shore of the island, offering beautiful perspectives on Nanuu Bay.

5. La Plage de Maui

Situated on Tahiti’s southern shore, the spotless, warm waters of the close by lagoons are another point of attraction of the explorers saying that the water is amazingly clear and the shoreline is shallow and quiet.

La Plage de Maui Beach
La Plage de Maui Beach / Image credit:

La Plage de Maui is one of the isolated seashores with white sand on the island of Tahiti. Several palms are looming over the water. There is a passage into the water with many dark stoned places on the island appearing as an exotic look.

6. Le Marché de Papeete

The ideal spot to look for everything in all the islands is the 155-year-old public market called Le Marché. Found two squares from the waterfront in the core of Papeete.

One can explore the nearby market, shops available with fresh fish caught from lagoons. Apart from that, one can explore the art and craft section in this market also.

Le Marché de Papeete
Le Marché de Papeete / Image credit:

Le Marché is not just a vacation destination, an appropriate market where local people come to search for meat, fish, new blossoms, and produce and to visit with friends and family to enjoy an espresso at one of the patisseries.

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7. Mara’a Grotto

Mara’a Grotto appears like a clear lake and shapes cavern-like element looks, encircled by thick strands of greeneries.

Mara'a Grotto , French Polynesia
Mara’a Grotto , French Polynesia / Image credit:

The fantasy park is found along the shoreline street, and a manicured way runs all through. A refreshing isolated island with separated spring and that will blow your mind once you reach here.

8. Point Venus

The Point Venus is a devoted landmark to a traveler as a beacon planned by the dad of “Fortune Island” creator Robert Louis Stevenson.

Point Venus Lighthouse French Polynesia
Point Venus Lighthouse French Polynesia / Image credit:

With adequate shade, the site additionally presents an extraordinary chance for a barbecue.

9. The Museum of Tahiti and the Islands

They relish dark sand seashores and turquoise ocean, a well-known riding spot. You can also visit Taharaa View Point encompassing perspectives over the island.

The Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands is viewed as truly outstanding and most wonderful exhibition halls in the South Pacific.

Museum of Tahiti and her islands
Museum of Tahiti and her islands / Image credit:

Plunged into four separate segments, each committed to one focus center: geology and history, pre-European culture, the impacts of colonization. Famous for incredible collections of art and culture presenting English and French culture fusion at the same place.

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10. Bora Bora Islands

Something beyond a romantic nature, Bora is a charming reality. It shocks no one that the island is a globally acclaimed wedding trip destination.

Once you reach Bora Bora you feel like a world away, however, these South Seas wonder as well reachable.

Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island
Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island / Image credit:

Bora is French Polynesia’s driving woman. Her magnificence is unparalleled and her notoriety, steady. Bora is one of only a handful few puts on earth that everybody desires to an observer in the course of their life and once you see it, you are perpetually enchanted.

Best time to visit Papeete

The best time to visit Papeete is between May and October. The winters are soothing in Tahiti’s, so one can enjoy the beach life throughout the day.

Papeete Beach
Papeete Beach / Image credit:

You have to dive for a pearl, it’s not present for anyone on the seashore. Are you a pearl lover? So your trip to Papeete would be a memorable one. The beauty of a black pearl is magnetizing tourists across the world. And at last, Papeete will make you excited to discover the best black pearl from the sea for sure. Hopefully, you liked the black beauty heaven on this planet.

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