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Visit Bagan And Explore The Ancient History of Myanmar

Myanmar Bagan
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Vacations are about to begin, planning a trip to Myanmar and are you confused where to begin with? India Imagine has chalked out one of the best places in Myanmar for you to spend best vacation filled with peace and serenity.

Overview of Bagan

Of all the places there is a positive uniqueness when speaking about Bagan. It is located in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar. Due to its century-old existence, Bagan came into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. What makes Bagan famous on its own is the beautiful temple that is spread across the land. Yes, Bagan owns more than 2000 temples that are beauty personified. The architecture is highly related to Buddhism and each part taking on spiritual meaning.

Before packing up your bags let us list out things to do like places to visit and go shopping.

We already know that Bagan is the land of more than 2,000 temples in this era. The past had even more than 10000 plus temples to credit. Every temple has been beautified with stupas which are build by Bagan residents as acts of merit at the top of their capital the Pagan Kingdom. So let’s start with some famous temples at first.

Shwedagon Paya

Buddhist temple in Bagan

Shwedagon Paya is one of the sacred sites on the land for the people who preach Buddhism. The stupa here is almost 326ft and are covered with 26 metric ton of beautiful gold leaves along with diamonds, gems.

Shwedagon Paya
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The place is very much close to Lord Buddha that people here believed that enshrine hair strands of the Lord Buddha as well as relics of three former Buddhas. Visit the place when the sun sets and experience what tranquillity is all about!

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Ananda Pahto

Buddhist temple in Old Bagan

Another architectural epitome and merged in religious serenity is Ananda Pahto. The stupa here is a corn cob that stands 170ft high, with gold all over it that shimmers under the sun.

Ananda Pahto
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This Buddhist temple is a fine example of well preserved as well as the largest of the temple in the land of Bagan. Historian says that the temple has been built between 1090 and 1105 by King Kyanzittha implicating a perfect style of the Bagan period.

Dhammayangyi Pahto

Buddhist temple in Bagan

The Dhammayangyi Pahto is massively large with equally massive walls that can be seen from all parts of Bagan. This Buddhist temple is believed to be built around the 12th century and has an infamous past of cruel history.

Dhammayangyi Pahto
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The construction of the temple is quite an art for the people who love to study different architectural styles and designs.

Hidden facts: well, it was said that King Narathu who built this temple was a religious fanatic who killed his wife of Indian Origin in this temple for practicing Hinduism. That was extreme!

However, the extremely infamous past of the temple also paved ways for the tourists to rush here, from all over the globe.

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Nathlaung Kyaung

Hindu Temple in Old Bagan

Amidst all the Buddhist temples, the only Hindu temple remaining in Bagan is Nathlaung Kyaung. The temple does have a fascinating history. The temple was built by King Anawrahta between Pahtothamya and Thatbyinnyu.

Nathlaung Kyaung
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The structure was once destroyed by 1975 earthquake and only some parts of the temple including the main hall stand for now.

Hidden fact: It is said that King Anawrahta used this temple to hide images and shrines of non-Buddhist particularly the nat(spirit) for the locals in there.

Well, don’t be in a confusion that Bagan is all about temples with a dark history. There are other much-loved activities to go on a vacation.

Hot ballon to enjoy lush green Bagan from heights

Just imagine the view of mesmerizing temples all soaked among the green forest and woods. And to add icing on the cake, let us consider a breathtaking view from the sky almost 2000 feet in the air!

Hot Ballon Bagan
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That’s what hot balloon travel above the Bagan is all about. If you have little money to spare, you should go for it. This would approximately end up emptying $500 from your pocket, but believe me, it’s worth for lifetime!!

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Market and some souvenirs shopping from Bagan

Market: Mani Sithu Market is one that you shouldn’t miss while you are in Bagan. The market is located next to the main road near a central round and quite easy to reach. It is a spectacular view to watch the locals running busy errands to sell their products. The morning hours are the best and packed up.

Souvenirs Market Myanmar
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The locals would come down to purchase fresh meat and other things. Even if you are not going to buy anything, you need to be there just to watch the packed view of these wonderful markets and get to know their traditional food items.

Shopping: However, if you are looking for some souvenirs to take home with you go for Lacquerware. It is a craft from past that is non-microwave-safe, hand-carved implicating traditional livelihood. The town of Myinkaba has some of the most beautiful handmade lacquer production for centuries and it is a fantastic experience to watch it arranged beautifully on the racks of the shop. The best part is that lacquerware improves with age, the colors brighten as the years go on, making it an antique piece. This ancient crafts will be quite a beauty to adorn your home!

Bagan is home to Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and ruins that tells a story to the world. It is a perfect place for those who are looking for some tranquillity in life. Even though this place may not be as fancy as other vacation destinations, but it is one place that will give you a peaceful mind like never before!