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A Glimpse Of Old Bridge In the City Of Mostar – UNESCO Site


Architecture, design, patterns have evolved along with time. We know have amazing skyscrapers to some odd out-of-ordinary bridges hanging. And all thanks to Technology!
But, have you ever thought about the architectural epitomes erected ages ago? When technology has nowhere touched our lives. Well, that was just a miracle!

We have come across some wonderful Braque designs, gothic and renaissance architecture and Arabic patterns. And without any doubt, these palaces, cathedrals, churches and main squares have won our hearts. All these architecture were built with immense handwork and laborious task that takes years or maybe centuries to complete. When we think about it, then today’s architecture is just a matter of time and smart work!
Today our topic is about one such ancient architecture. However, it’s not a building or a monument but a Bridge that earned its place in UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Let’s explore the Old Bridge area of the Old City Mostar and learn the old age technique behind it!

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About the Old Bridge

The City Of Mostar
The City Of Mostar: Image Credit/

The old bridge is situated in the historical Old City of Mostar. This bridge was built in the era of the Ottoman Empire during 1566. The Old Bridge once was destroyed by the Bosnian Muslims during a war. In the heart of the Mostar, the town lays the old bridge, which turned out to be the classic example of the most profound Ottoman design. It was one of the most respected and known symbols during the Bosnian War.

The bridge stands above the river Neretva and connects the other part of the city. The depth of the water below is just 21 meters. Tourist loves the sight of the antique bridge and the river and if it is sunset the sight looks surreal. It is said that after the bridge was destroyed during the war in 1566, a new and classic structure was erected and unveiled in 2004.

History of Old Bridge – City of Mostar

Sunset View
Sunset View: Image Credit/

On the shores of river Neretva, a small settlement started thriving in the 15th century. They built two towers across the river. And to connect the two parts a bridge was erected. As per historians, the bridge was named “Mostar” which means “Mostari”- Keepers of the bridge!

Then during the end of the 15th century, the small settlement was converted into a historic town. And along that period the place developed Turkish influence houses and buildings. Also, the Old Bridge with Ottoman design was erected during the same period. The construction of the Old Bridge is considered a technological achievement of those times. The place was once the epitome of diverse living. With Christians, Muslims and Jew living in an utmost peaceful ambiance is a very classic example. And the buildings and remains of the church, synagogue and mosque contribute to that.

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However, during the Bosnian conflict in 1990, the historic town was destroyed partially. Along with that some part of the old bridge was destroyed. Then after few years, the old bridge was renovated which stands pride in the heart of the city.
The Old Bridge stands in the City of Mostar, are the symbol of cultural diversity and religious unity.

Protection and Management of the Old Bridge- City of Mostar

City Of Mostar Heritage Site
City Of Mostar Heritage Site: Image Credit/

The Old Bridge of the City of Mostar is UNESCO World Heritage Site. And that makes the place a profound need to be preserved and protected. The entire place has been protected under the law that has been designated under the “Law on Implementation of the decision of the commission to preserve national monuments”. Also, the cultural and the historical part of the city has been looked upon by the “the law on the Protection National Monuments” of the state. In the year 2006, the entire place came into the protection of the Federal level government. And since then most of the parts of the city and the nearby areas are considered as the National Monument.

Best time to visit the City of Mostar

Old City Of Mostar Tourism
Old City Of Mostar Tourism: Image Credit/

The City of Mostar is equally divided by the Old Bridge. A bridge that does not only attract tourists with its picturesque beauty but also defines the City’s Cultural legacy. Whenever there is a Balkan Holiday people come here to explore the sunset and experience the serenity. Even though there is only one sight to explore but it is worth watching and enjoy it from every angle. You need just 24 hours to relish the beauty of the aesthetic-looking bridge right from fantasy fiction.
So when we talk about the best time, it is indeed round the year! Be a little cautious if you are planning a visit during rainy days. But the view of the bridge is utmost tempting during the rainy days. Trust me on that front!

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The old bridge of the City of Mostar is magic in itself. A tiny bridge that connects two parts of the city looks right from the fictional fantasies. And the view supports that aforesaid statement. It was built in the 15th century and that makes it precious for a lifetime! That is why the place is inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an absolute delight watching the Old Bridge and reminiscing the past of the land. Till you decide and back your bags, it’s a bye from me!
Bon Voyage!

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