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Explore The Budj Bim Landscape- The Heritage Site Of Australia


Of late we have been looking into some very fabulous World Heritage Sites situated in Australia. our last topic on the Australian Convict Site gave us much-needed information on the history and past of the country. And Today at India Imagine we will be exploring the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Australia.
The Budj Bim Landscape is located in Guditjmara in Western Victoria. This rugged landscape lays amidst the countryside, rock hills and wetlands. The place is a specimen of nature’s gift on the earth and how people need to protect such places to keep them alive for a lifetime.
So let’s start and get to know more about Budj Bim its history, management and why it is important to visit such places!

About Budj Bim Landscape

Budj Bim Landscape
Budj Bim Landscape: Image Credit/

The Budj Bim Landscape is located in Gunditjmara, Australia. This World heritage Landscape is known to be one of the oldest aquaculture systems. It is said to be built more than 6000 years ago and still continues to be the best aquaculture that flows through the Budj Bim to date. The place has become a part and parcel of the culture and practice. It can be seen that the local of the Budj Bim has carefully used the environment and the natural resources to its core utility.
This National Heritage Site has three locations that are included in the heritage inscription. The locations namely are Tae Rak, Kurtonitj and the Tyrendarra. All these three places in Budj Bim Landscape are declared National Heritage and are under the segment of Indigenous Protected Areas.

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Protection and Management of Budj Bim

Landscapes of Budj
Landscapes of Budj: Image Credit/

Australia has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the country. And Budj Bim is one such place in Victoria Australia. The Budj Bim is a co-managed national park that is worked under the local authority. Also, the locals are working closely with traditional owners, the local Council and also the Environmental Department of the place.
Ever since tourism started flourishing in Budj Bim landscapes tourists have started admiring the culture and the rugged landscape of the city. The travel experience of the people across the city is immensely satisfying. They love to explore the landscape that has perhaps 60,000 years old!

Things Tourist love doing in Budj Bim

Tourism at Budj Bim Landscape
Tourism at Budj Bim Landscape: Image Credit/

Without any doubt, tourism has flourished in Budj Bim since 1999. People love to explore the place and learn about the history and culture dating back centuries. We now know that the place is the living example of the world one of the finest practices of aquaculture. Tourist also eagerly tries to understand the early farming techniques of this place.

Tourists love the fish trap constructed by the local people using the volcanic rock from the lava flow. We can see similar construction of water ponds and wires in that area. Local people make beautiful baskets to trap the eel which is an incredible sight for the tourist from another part of the world. All these are excellent examples of sustainable living.

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Apart from these the fabulous wildlife of the Budj Bim Landscape is a crowd puller. The tower hill reserve is 80 kilometers from the remote city of Warrnambool. Probably long back 32000 years ago, a volcanic eruption formed the landscape of the area. And many archaeological findings such as hunting tools and axe heads were discovered from the land.

Don’t Miss the Budj Bim Natural Park

budj bim national park site
budj bim national park site: Image Credit/

As we know Budj Bim is a dormant volcano for ages. And the landscape of the area is mainly the result of the lava flow through that area. This covers an overall area of 50 kilometers. And amidst this, there is this unique National park. The Budj Bim national park has self-made crater lakes to its credit. It looks beautiful and astounding at the same time. Tourists love to bushwalking around the area and explore the old rim.
Before you get to National Park make sure to read all the information on the portal site to avoid last moment cancellation of sight visit.

Getting in and around the place

Walk through the Budj Bim Landscape
Walkthrough the Budj Bim Landscape: Image Credit/

Tourists normally opt for the car to travel from Victoria to reach the remote part of Budj Bim Landscapes. And once you reach the place a guided tour is available and you are required to go on foot to explore the entire premises.

Sustainable tourism is what we are swearing these days. Eco-friendly tourism is making its way to the top of the tourism chart. And a place combined with both sustainable and eco-friendly tourism is non-other than our today’s place Budj Bim Landscape. With volcanic landscapes preserved and protected to become one of the world’s most unique Heritages Site. And when Budj Bim is considered, the place has been inscribed in the pages of UNESCO Heritage Site for the cultural landscapes. So, get your bag packed and get ready to explore one more Heritage Site!
Till then Bon Voyage!

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