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Don’t Miss the Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Gardens!


As a part of our UNESCO Heritage Site, the Royal Exhibition Building is our next hot topic. The Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Garden are listed in the Heritage Site for many years now. The building was constructed in 1879 in Melbourne. Visiting Australia is a dream come true to the wanderlusts. And if you are visiting Australia remember it is not always about beautiful places and high-end fashion. There are places with architectural eminence, overwhelming nature, and art and culture, all listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. Hence, visit Australia for a purpose and travel with responsibility! and with no time to waste let’s get into more details of the Royal Exhibition Building and the beautiful Carlton gardens surrounding it.

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About the Royal Exhibition Building, Australia

Royal_exhibition_building_garden: Image Credit/

The Royal Exhibition Building is situated in Melbourne, Australia. It is listed in the World UNSECO Heritage Site list in 2007. The building was constructed to be a part of the international exhibition. And within the span of 50 years (1851 to 1915) the building exhibited more than 50 exhibitions.
The Royal Exhibition Building is also called the “Great Hall or Palace of Industry”. The Palace building is now a part of St Vincent Hospital to be a part of Covid 19 mass vaccination.

About the Carlton Gardens

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Carlton garden is a popular destination among families, especially those who love to picnic and barbecue. The gardens are situated surrounding the famous Royal Exhibition Building. These stunning gardens are home to some exotic wildlife. Also, there are quite several scientific plants such as conifers, deciduous trees that look amazingly beautiful. The gardens are also listed in the World Heritage Site list.

History of The Royal Exhibition and the Carlton gardens

Construction of Royal Building
Construction of Royal Building: Image Credit/

The Royal Exhibition Building and the surrounding gardens were built for a purpose. During 1880 or something there was an urgent need to build a place completely dedicated to conducting exhibitions in Melbourne, Australia. And thus the idea of building a massive building came into existence. The entire plan and design was the idea of Joseph Reed. The initial structure of the palace is of timber and steel. And as looked forward to the Palace or the Royal Exhibition Building turned out to be lucky enough. And more than 50 exhibitions were conducted till 1912 since it was first opened. There was a constant aim to progress and get the exhibition to the top of the list in the world.

The place consists of two parts that come under the heritage site, one the main Royal building and the other the Carlton garden. The entire land or the property lies with 26 hectares of land. The main four city streets are connected to the place which makes the commutation easy.

Protection and management of the Site

Royal Exhibition Building Evening View
Royal Exhibition Building Evening View: Image Credit/

The Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Gardens are a part of the national heritage and culture, hence the place has to be protected by every means. The entire property is under a sound plan and excruciating handwork. Most of the planning and measures come under the Australian Government as well as the Victorian Government. The conservation plan has been taken care of under the Burra Charter Principles.
The Royal Exhibition Building is restored by an integral part of the Museum. While the garden is entire managed by Melbourne City. Also, it has been noted that no repair work or any other work inside the boundaries of the place is allowed without permission under the Heritage Act 1995.

Best time to visit the place

Walk through the Carlton garden
Walkthrough the Carlton garden: Image Credit/

You can visit the place around the year except for some days when they are closed due to some restrictions or repair work. Tourists will love the building and premises tour, including the stunning architecture and the enchanting nature. When you visit Melbourne you will be tempted with a lot of architectural epitomes but I bet, nothing can match the grandeur of the Royal building. Hence it becomes one of the main landmarks of the city and a must-visit Heritage Site.

You need to book the visit before a hustle-free exploration. Tickets are easily available online. Also, try to go through the rules and guidelines given. There are some days that you won’t be able to visit the interior of the building.

Interesting facts of the Royal Building and the garden

Melbourne Victorian
Melbourne Victorian: Image Credit/

The Royal Exhibition Building of Australia was the only largest and the massive building in the country when it was first inaugurated. It was the only building used solely for the exhibition purpose and continued using for the same. More than 1.8 million people visit the place and exhibition which is a number way high in comparison. There has been an archaeological digging in the area to find more about the place. It is Gothic-style architecture with a mix of Victorian influence. And with all these factors the place got into the UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004.

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With a booming technology and massive infrastructure erecting a massive structure won’t be a much struggle now. However, till the 19th century, it was not the case. And it took almost a century to complete some buildings. Still, the outcome was extraordinary and unbelievable.
Hence it is very much important to keep the structure and the place protected. And that is when UNSECO listed such places in the World Heritage Site to prevent and protect. Tourism to such places should be encouraged. Till you ponder over our new place the Royal Exhibition Building and the Carlton Gardens, it’s a bye from me!
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