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Explore The 20th Century Stunning Architecture – Sydney Opera House


Have you ever visited a place merely based on its architectural beauty? And if yes which one remains your favorite and what makes it so? Have you ever thought about it? Well, today we will be looking at one of the world’s most loved and respected architectural structures of the 20th century. And that is Australia’s Sydney Opera House!

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House: Image Credit/

The Sydney Opera House is definite a 20th-century miracle. And it gained massive popularity due to its design and architectural creativity. The structure not only differed from other and that time but also gave a new name to modern architecture. It was a boon towards innovation and technology when it consists of building a fabulous structure.

The Opera house was first opened on 20th Oct 1973. And since there have been visitors inflow growing up gradually every year. And that doesn’t surprise us as it is one of the topmost beautiful Opera House in the world!

Let’s take a deeper look into the architectural, historical and tourism aspects of the Sydney Opera House.

History of Sydney Opera House

Construction of Opera House 1968
Construction of Opera House 1968: Image Credit/

The construction work was started in 1959 and finished in 1973. The architect of this beautiful structure is Jørn Utzon. His design and the visionary were inspired by Mayan and Aztec architecture. However, he ditched the construction halfway due to a lack of funds and government support. There is a motto behind the construction of the Sydney Opera House; it was to help the enlightened community and mold a better society”.

Opera House has always been a home to world-renowned artists. Also, the place plays an important role with local as well as international significance. Apart from it, the place is very well known for its looks and people holding capacity making it one of the largest Opera houses in the World. Just visit and see for yourself the magnificent affair of this structure.

About the Sydney Opera House

Amazing View of Opera House
Amazing View of Opera House: Image Credit/

Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece, a well-planned visionary of a pretty young and amateur architect. The design and the structure of the Opera House are not only amazing but unique with a “Lotus“ like structure. The vision towards building this structure paved the way to 20th-century technology-based innovation. It gave a new name to architectural planning.
The place was listed in the National Heritage List in 2005. This was categorized under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conversation Act 1999. And the place gained its position on the World Heritage List in the year 2007. The place has become a well-known landmark and an iconic structure of Australia. And that makes it a place that you would easily locate without any hustle.

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Protection and Prevention Plans of Opera House

Tourism at Opera House
Tourism at Opera House: Image Credit/

The protection and conservation of Sydney Opera House are quite recommendable and good. The structure is maintained throughout the year in regular intervals. Most of the policy comes under the Heritage legislation and policies. The rest of the policy work is managed under the Management Plan and Utzon Design Principle. This Opera House comes into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a new list of Seven Wonders of the World.

Special features of the Opera House

Stunning Interior
Stunning Interior: Image Credit/

This amazing structure entered the UNSECO list due to its extraordinary architecture and structural design. The outer structure of the Opera house is described as a “series of large precast concrete”. Which is more like a lotus structure. Each sphere or shell is placed on the top forming the main roof of the place. Also, the structure looks astoundingly beautiful as it has emerged in the waters of Sydney Harbors.

However, the real game-changer is when you step inside the Opera house. And bet me you would get smitten by the interior beauty at first sight. Let us dig deeper inside the fabulous structure to know more. There are six performance places inside the Opera House. That includes the Concert Hall, Playhouse and Drama theatre. people love to watch the world-class performances held here every single day.

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Best time to visit and the rules

Best time to explore Opera House: Image Credit/

Sydney Opera House is located in Sydney, Australia. And there is no special time or month to visit the place. Tourist visits Australia around the year from different part of the globe. And for the Opera House, you can visit the place anytime any day. It is absolutely free to visit the place. But to attend the concerts or plays you need to book your ticket. Tourists love to walk around Quay and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. Also, you can explore the perimeter and the famous stairs of the opera house. Click some wonderful Insta perfect pictures. However, You may need to take permission prior.

We are recently working in the World Heritage Site around the world. I had many times ushered the necessities and importance of visiting such heritage sites. However, there won’t be any provocation necessary to make you visit the Sydney Opera House. First of all, it is located in Australia, a place well known for tourism and literally thrives with tourism. Then it is an amazing beauty and the performances that would urge you to visit Sydney Opera House with a second thought!

And as you put Sydney Opera House on your travel bucket list it’s a bye from me.
Bon Voyage!

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