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Explore The Cultural Landscapes of Hallstatt-Dachstein and Salzkammergut


If you ask me what’s in the name just try to help me pronounce the name Hallstatt-Dachstein and Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape”. Well, our next topic is just bigger than the name itself. Before we explore the place, let me tell you this is our next World Heritage Topic which is unique and versatile. It will certainly capture your imagination and provoke you to travel more!
This place is home to fine architecture, extraordinary beautiful landscape and a huge industrial area for salt extraction. The prosperity of the land comes in a hard way and with immense effort.

Let’s get to know “Hallstatt-Dachstein and Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape” to its core!

About the Hallstatt-Dachstein and Salzkammergut

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Hallstatt is a very beautiful tiny town in Austria while Salzkammergut is the resort area. Together they form the best tourism place and the best Heritage site of Austria. Hallstatt is situated on the southern sides of the Dachstein massif. It is located close to the other two heritage sites of Graz and Salzburg. The only road from Hallstatt is linked to both of the World Heritage Site.
Salzkammergut on the other side is located near the Salzburg route, this place is mainly a resort and also an industrial area that depends on salt extraction. Most parts of the Salzkammergut were already under the UNSECO Heritage Site since 1998.
The alpine mountains and the beauty of the landscape also helped tourism to flourish. And that helped the local government to sustain ecological tourism.

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History Hallstatt-Dachstein and Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape

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It is said that the existence of humans in this area almost started from prehistoric times. There is evidence to support the fact. From the early times, the source of income of the place is salt extraction. And that makes the place well prospered and rich in living. Till the end of the 20th century, salt extraction thrived and flourished. Also by the end of the 20th century, architecture too started beaming in that landscape marking it the most significant one.
It is said that salt production was started in the Bronze Age. And then started the underground mining and the rest was history. Salt mining went on to become the main source of income till Roman Times.

Protection and management of the place

Ice Cave Salzkammergut
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Both the place are different in some or the other way. Hence there was a need for both national and international protection to preserve the place. And apart from that federal and provisional protection is also given to the place for its prosperity. This protection is not only for the monuments but for the age-old buildings, nature, small caves and groundwater. Everything in Hallstatt-Dachstein and Salzkammergut Cultural Landscape is precious and needs to be protected from getting faded away or ruined.
This place is inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage Site and that makes the matter pretty easy. Funds are availed from every source including Federal state and Provisions. The protection and management to preserve the place are done in an extraordinary way.

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Easy ways to get around the place

hallstatt lake austria
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There are several ways to get around the place but would require some effort. For a day’s trip to Salzburg tourists mostly prefer to take bus rides. Solo travelers and backpackers find it easy to take a bus ride to both Hallstatt and Salzkammergut. However, if you take or hire a can you will be able to explore the place more hustle-free. During the visit to Salzburg don’t forget to visit the beautiful Cold Lake. This lake is also a part of the World Heritage Site. It comes in the way while you drive to Salzburg. All you need to take a break and witness the most beautiful sight of your life.

There is a railway station where a 40 minutes travel through the train will allow you to reach the places. However, the best way to explore the vicinity is by foot. Walkthrough the landmark spots of the city and enjoy the place.

Best time to visit the place

Austria Travel
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Do we need to wait for the best time to visit the World famous Heritage Site? No, you just need to listen to your heart, plan your budget and pack your bag! Also, try to take a high-quality camera with you to pack memories back home.
During winters the place tends to get colder making it impossible to visit few destinations such as Dachstein. And hence most of the tourist tries to avoid traveling during the peak of the winter season.

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Both the places Hallstatt-Dachstein and Salzkammergut have a rich Cultural Landscape. The salt extraction industry is one sight tourists love the most. Resort areas of the Salzkammergut are considered as the best place for tourist stay and accommodation. As a tourist, you will find very budget-friendly accommodation in the parts of Hallstatt. Overall visiting the place in Austria will allow you to explore many UNESCO World Heritage sites, The Hallstatt and Salzkammergut are some of them. Probably the best one!

Hence include the place in your next vacation list!

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