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Historic Center of Vienna – A Famous Heritage Site in Austria


Vienna is the most crowded city in Austria and it is famous for its district, boulevards, ancient monuments, historic squares and antique markets. But it holds a strong grip over heritage sites. Being the centre of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna grew from the early Celtic era and Roman villages into a Medieval and Baroque city. The Historic Center of Vienna is a perfect example of Roman Settlement and architectural allure. Thus making it a famous world heritage site across the globe.

The Viennese Classicism and the ancient architectural designs you can witness at Baroque castles, 19th century Ringstrasse and other buildings. The city centre is spherical and surrounded by Ringstrasse to give you a concept of its shape.

19th century Ringstrasse - Historic Center of Vienna
19th century Ringstrasse Ring Road, Vienna / Image Credit:

Many tourists won’t understand what Vienna Historic Center actually is and they get confused about the right destination. So indiaimagine is here to help you out on learning the right UNESCO Heritage site. Let’s Begin –

Know Historic Center of Vienna in Brief

The Historic Center of Vienna is Austria’s pulsating heart and it’s where you’ll find prominent attractions including city hall, Parliament and the buzzing Museum Quarter. There are enough historical sites to keep you clicking pictures all day. The historic centre of Vienna reflects three crucial historical periods – the Middle Ages, the Baroque and the Grunderzeit. Thus it has started attracting history buffs and gradually the cultural value of this architectural epitome increased across the world. Due to this reason in 2001, it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Austria.

Stephansdom, Historic Center of Vienna
Stephansdom, Vienna Historic City Center / Image Credit:

Vienna’s Historic Center is of huge value to Europe’s current culture and is seen as an unparalleled centre for the development of arts, designing and literature. It reflects the growth of the city across several eras and centuries. You’ll find a combination of Medieval, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Historic, Modernist and sleek contemporary architecture here. Nearly it welcomes millions of tourists annually and helps in the tourism of Austria.

Stories Regarding This Heritage Site

The Habsburg dynasty dominated most of Central Europe from 1273 to 1918 and the Historic Center of Vienna is a fitting tribute to them. Emperor Frederick III was responsible for transforming Vienna from a historical market town to a Royal position. This increased the city’s appeal to other artists and aristocrats around the world. In fact, the Hofburg and the Stephansdom, two buildings constructed during the Habsburg period in Vienna, are still standing tall raising the prominence of cities such as the Imperial Hofburg Palace.

Hofburg Palace
Hofburg Palace / Image Credit:

Apart from Vienna’s Historic Center another World Heritage Site worth your visit is Schonbrunn Palace.

This heritage area is also famous as the First District or Inner City. It is notable for a 19th-century ring road which consists of magnificent buildings that surround most of the inner city. It mainly consists of baroque palaces and gardens, monuments etc. There are 4 old routes with ancient buildings that will take you to the historic centre of the city.

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Warnings For Historic Center of Vienna!

The Historic Center of Vienna was placed on the World Heritage Sites in Danger list in 2017. According to UNESCO, the development of new high-rise buildings near Vienna’s city centre is risking the site’s status and reducing unusual heritage value. A high-rise tower, an indoor skating rink, a conference facility and a fitness centre are all part of the proposed new high-rise building nearby. The total land area of the development will be more than 21,000 square feet. The groundbreaking for the project is expected to take place in 2019. This proposed complex will be in close proximity to Vienna’s first public park as well as the Wien River’s banks.

City Centre Vienna
City Centre Vienna / Image Credit:

UNESCO does not believe that this development project will make the UNESCO site more modern and appealing to tourists, despite the fact that the proposal says that it will. They think that this initiative will damage Vienna’s architectural complexes, which have significant historical significance.

Routes for Reaching Historic Center of Vienna

To reach Vienna’s Historic City Center there are probably 4 old city routes. This World Heritage site is expanding around 3 Km². In addition, Vienna’s historic city centre is rich in history which can be seen in its palaces, castles, classical music venues, bars, cafes and restaurants and high-end shopping stores.

Let me show you four effective ways to cover the top sights in Vienna before you go. You’ll also locate a city centre, which will offer you a good start.

Firstly you can head from the Boulevard – Ringstrasse

You may get a sense of touring and closeness of Vienna’s city centre by walking around Ringstrasse. However, the avenue is a tourist attraction in and of itself, with more than a dozen major public buildings, hotels, monuments and parks on either side. See the picture in the introduction.

Karntner Strasse

Apart from that, you can head from Karntner Strasse – a high street is the main entrance of old town Vienna and Stephansdom and Graben Boulevard.

Hofburg Imperial Palace

The vast Hofburg complex covers a large part of the Historic city center of Vienna. The Viennese and visitors alike appreciate the Habsburg Emperor’s cultural heritage.

Schoenlaterngasse & Rotenturmstrasse

Schoenlaterngasse is located northeast of Stephansdom. From Medieval courtyards to baroque homes, there is something for everyone. Leave Stephansplatz by way of Rotenturmstrasse. Take Lugeck and Bäckerstrasse to the right of Rotenturmstrasse. This section of Vienna’s city center has gorgeous secret corners, history and tales.

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Share your views on this and let us know the project which claims to make the site attractive or seriously it’s an alarming sign for any threat against the world heritage?

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