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Re-Invent Historic Town Of Ouro Preto- WHS Site In Brazil


Tiny villages and beautiful towns always attract travelers worldwide. Sometimes it is the history of the place, natural beauty and cultural significance. Our today’s topic has everything the aforesaid. Ouro Preto is a place that has some extraordinary architecture. The mining history plays a huge part in the tourism of the place. People are attracted to the cobbled streets and enjoy brisk walking through the streets.

Ouro Preto is a town with historic significance. Several churches and structures across the street give testimony to the historical events of the town. The place is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site to preserve the place in 1990.

Let’s explore the beautiful Baroque town of Ouro Preto and get to known the history of the place.

About the Historic town of Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto Brazil
Ouro Preto Brazil: Image Credit/

The Town of Ouro Preto is a UNESCO world heritage site in the southern region of the country Brazil. It is located in Minas Gerais, 513 kilometers away from the famous Rio de Janeiro. Ouro Preto means the Black Gold! Even though the place was founded for mining purposes, this place become a part of the Brazilian moment which marked the course of history. The place was once an iconic symbol representing Inconfidência Mineira in the year 1789.

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This historic town marked the growth of some world-famous artist who has contributed to some of the most exceptional pieces of work in that era. Some fabulous work such as the Church Sao Francisco of Assisi marks testimony to the same!
This small town in Brazil is a perfect place for a week’s long vacation. And people visiting Brazil always love to visit this small beautiful town of Ouro Preto. Few of them come here to enjoy the natural beauty of the place and others the architectural epitomes that stand in the heart of the city.

History of the place

Colony of Ouro Preto
Colony of Ouro Preto: Image Credit/

It was during the end of the 17th century the significance of this small town of Ouro Preto was discovered. The local believed that while quenching his thirst in the river, a slave unknowingly discovered a black metal which turned out to be precious Gold metal. And after which there was no looking back. Soon the mining started and the famous Gold Rush began. The Portuguese were given the authorization for the mining in the place. Soon Ouro Preto becomes the capital of Minas Gerais.

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As the mining started booming in the city Ouro Preto starting thriving to its core. Several architects and artists started taking interest in the city. And with no time the city turned to architectural epitome, cultural manifestation and beautiful cobbled streets. The streets were filled with baroque-style buildings, churches and cathedrals.
However, when the local people started having issues with the Portuguese led to conflicts between the two parties. And eventually when the mining was completed the popularity of the town started diminishing. However, the town attracted tourists from all over the world due to its architect and natural beauty.

Top sights of the Ouro Preto

Tourism in Ouro Preto
Tourism in Ouro Preto: Image Credit/

The town of Ouro Preto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is inscribed as WHS due to exceptional sightseeing and architectural epitomes. Church of Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the major landmarks of Ouro Preto with some extraordinary interior artwork. During the 18th century, there was the Inconfidência Museum was built dedicated to the fighters. This museum soon becomes the major tourist spot of the city. Also, there is another museum that has some wonderful oratories and images related to historical significance.

The place is again filled with surprises. Apart from these wonderful monuments, museums and historical buildings, several places touch nature to its core. Places like Parque Estadual do Itacolomi and Andorinhas waterfalls are examples of nature with utmost beauty. Mina Chico Rei is a place with history imparting its presence. All these places contribute much towards inscribing the town to the list of World Heritage Site.

Best time to visit the place

Ouro Preto WHS
Ouro Preto WHS: Image Credit/

The summers are hot in Brazil and extremely humid. And that makes the place not so comfortable to go around touring. However, the month of April to October is much cooler and considered as the best time to errand the place. People love to visit the place all around the year.

The place has steam trains to connect various tourist destinations, people find it quite amusing to travel in a steam train and often end up opting for one. It also makes it the traveler easy to go to the ruler areas of the Ouro Preto to discover the hidden gems. And that makes the town such beautiful in itself that you won’t wait for the perfect time to visit it!

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Ouro Petro is rich in architectural exploration. It has the best of natural beauty. There are charming historic antique shops across the street. A rural life that will lure you to know more about the place. And some lip-smacking cuisines to die for. What else would a travel bug need?
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Bon Voyage!

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