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Sewell Mining Town – UNESCO World Heritage Site Of Chile


We are back with yet another fabulous UNESCO World Heritage Site from Chile. I have already said a number of fascinating things about Chile and why the place makes a perfect tourist destination. The Sewell Mining Town is one such place from Chile and our topic of interest for today. The place attracts tourists with its extra unique beauty, extreme climate conditions and not to mention the tag of the World Heritage Site. Let’s look closely into this intriguingly beautiful town of Chile and learn more about its credential to be in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

About Sewell Mining Town

Chile Sewell Houses
Chile Sewell Houses: Image Credit/

Sewell Mining Town is situated in the Andes nearly 60 kilometers from Rancagua. It was in 1905 the Braden copper company bought the land to construct the Sewell Mining Town. The Sewell Mining Town then went on to become the world’s largest and most amazing underground copper mine of the world. This tiny town becomes an outstanding example of successful industrial construction in the remote part of the world.  It was also proved that this little town was a hub to many natural resources. Thus the mining soon thrived and flourished in that part of the region to another part of the world.

And now coming to the tourism part, tourist loves the Swell town for its beauty too. The entire town looks beautiful and vibrant with the colors red, blue and green on the tiny houses made of timber wood. This makes the overall look of the town attractive and mesmerizing.

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History of the Sewell Mining Town

Sewell Mining Town
Sewell Mining Town: Image Credit/

The history of Sewell Mining Town is the absolute business.  It was in the year 1904, Braden Copper Company, decided to put in business and set up an industrial company in Sewell. This approach was to exploit copper mining and export to various lands. And within a few years by 1915, almost 14000 more population and housing came into existence.  As soon as the company started thriving many more families and settlements started happening in a large number.  However as soon as the mining purpose winded up, the families abundant the place. Now the place is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The authenticity of Sewell Mining town

Sewell Town Chile
Sewell Town Chile: Image Credit/

The originality or the authenticity of the mining town is not only accurate but 100 percent verified.  The architecture, mining dates and housing settlements are the core proof of the authenticity of the place. The most appropriate proof is the inclined hill that formed after years of mining.  Also, there are houses that render authenticity along with the attributes like industries, sewers and public spaces. There are also sign of drinking water facilities, electricity system to support the proof.

The design of the town and materials used are quite that of the new era. And the company that exported the copper mining is one of the biggest assets of the place.

Protection and Management of the Sewell Mining Town

Chile Sewell Town
Chile Sewell Town: Image Credit/

A place when inscribed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site attains national and international attention.  However, the Sewell Mining Town is under the guidance and protection of the National Copper Corporation of Chile.  The initial requirement and details are looked at by them.  The Sewell foundation takes a keen interest in developing research and preserving the area that works as a museum these days.  Without any hesitation, the town was declared as the National Monument.

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A detailed plan was carried out to execute and plan the promotion of the place. This plan was called Management Plan rendered from 2006 to 2010. Sewell town also comes under the Outstanding Universal Value, which allows it to carry and implement the overall welfare.  A rigorous plan was implemented to protect the place from harsh climate conditions. Some of the spots are still undergoing mining and thus tourists are asked to be a bit careful during the visit.

Chile as a tourist place

Sewell Night View
Sewell Night View: Image Credit/

We have already got to know about Chile as a perfect holiday destination. But have we figured out why and when Chile becomes a hotspot for tourism?  There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are quite popular. Among which there are some wonderful landscapes, some hidden gems and architecture like never before.  Also, the place has some best national parks to its credit. Chile also carries the reputation of best and the safest place to visit. Hence several solo travelers come to Chile for vacation and exploration.  Sewell Mining Town is one of the main attractions of Chile without any doubt.  Tourists love to visit this intriguingly beautiful place and explore the century-old industrial aspects of this place.

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Sewell Mining Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which allows the reputation of a well-preserved place. It is a perfect place for one day tour. Tourist explores and learns the mining history of the place. One can stay till evening to explore more and learn the techniques used for copper mining. So, Next time when you visit Chile, do not forget to visit Sewell Mining Town.


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