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Rapa Nui National Park – A Indigenous WHS Of Chile


Have you heard about Rapa Nui National Park? An anciently old heritage site with quite a vicious history? Well if not, stick to this blog to know more!

Rapa Nui National Park is full of surprise and power-packed. This is one indigenous park for sustainable tourism and travel. It is situated on the Easter Island of the Chile region. Rapa Nui park is a protected forest area with exotic wildlife and a tourist hub. And today in India imagine we will be looking at some of the impressive facets of this beautiful indigenous UNESCO World Heritage site.

About Rapa Nui National Park

Easter Island Statutes
Easter Island Statutes: Image Credit/the

As we know Rapa Nui National Park is situated on the Easter Island of the peninsula region. It is also a place with protected wildlife and suitable culture. This Polynesian place is said to be established in 300 AD. And this place is also well known for the powerful tradition that has originated from a strong culture. This place also has sculptures and shrines erected in the 10th and 16th centuries. And this is one of the main attractions when it comes to tourists across the world. It is said that the Rapanui people from the indigenous tribe destroyed their civilization and ended up practicing cannibalism to a great extent.

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And in the end, a worse disease spread across the land killing many people than only 100 or few people were left at the end of the century then. However, the sculptures and the ruins are still preserved in the place along with Rapa Nui Park.

History of Rapa Nui National Park

WHS Rapa Nui National Park
WHS Rapa Nui National Park: Image Credit/

The history of Rapa Nui National Park is a bit complicated yet fascinating. Around 300 AD the place was thriving and prosperous. With architecture, culture and tradition the Rapa Nui people cultivated the land to a very great extent. However, the discovery of diamonds erupted greediness and soon people started exhausting the resources. Soon there was a shortfall of food, trees and other natural resources. This not only led to fights and wars but great extent practice of cannibalism. This is what history has to say.

But now the place is full of preserved potential. Right from the Rapa Nui Park to the sculptures and shrines that were erected in the past are protected and preserved under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. And the need to protect such places thrives to great extent.

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Protecting the Indigenous Culture

Easter Island
Easter Island: Image Credit/

Rapa Nui National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means the place has been protected and preserved under the law. And this national protected area comes under two government protection. The first is the National Forest Service of Chile for protecting the endangered part of the forest. And the second one is the National Monument Council that looks into all the monuments persevered in the area. There are also museums and other houses that provide basic research on the overall situation of the monument. Sometimes State intervention is also done when the local community lacks system management.

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Maintaining the visitor is one of the main issues. The more visitors the more change of repair work and regular touch-ups. All these essential requirements are taken care of by the World Heritage Site.

The authenticity of the National Park

rapa nui easter island
Rapa Nui Easter island: India Imagine/

The authenticity of the place is of high regard. The date and the encryption of the time are quite relevant. Later in the 19th century with the intervention of the government and local community, a proper study was referred to get proper knowledge of the place and situation.

The place also has undergone vigorous scientific analysis and predominantly data. The Rapa National Park has also been one of the authentic places that the locals have known for generations. When and why the people of Easter land belonging here abundant the place is still unknown.

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Rapa Nui National Park as a tourist place

Visit Rapa Nui National Park
Visit Rapa Nui National Park: Image Credit/

Rapa Nui National Park is very much loved by the people looking to learn about different cultures. Also, this national park is an amalgamation of art and nature. On one hand, when the government is protecting the forest, they also protect the sculpture and shrines from 300 AD. People often visit the place to get raw knowledge on the local and their apposite living. And the statues lined up against the greenery of Easter place are one of the major attractions of the place. Apart from the WHS, this place is also well known among world tourism and suitable tourist places.

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When tourism is considered people either look for a luxurious extravagant place or some exotic beaches. People rarely visit Indigenous and sustainable places that lie across some other realm altogether. However, that is exactly what we are doing here, putting you to some of the fabulous UNSECO places that you have never known or heard of before. Rapa Nui National Park is one such UNESCO World Heritage Site that is worth a visit.

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