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Ancient City of Ping Yao – An Aesthetic Looking WHS In China


Old historical cities are overwhelmingly seeking interest in very people who see them for the first time. For most of them, it will be love at first sight that will last forever. The Ancient City of Ping Yao is indisputable one of the most beautiful ancient cities of China. And that is exactly why it is our topic of interest today.
China is full of places that will surprise you more than you would imagine. Most of them are historical, cultural and full of traditional values to emerge in. And the Ancient City of Ping Yao is a fine example of a well-preserved traditional city of China. A 14th-century marvel that also got listed in World Heritage Sites.

About Ancient City of Ping Yao

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The Ancient City of Ping Yao is a well-preserved World Heritage Site that is historically and culturally important to Chinese history. The architecture of the place is quite amazing and has evolved over a period of time. This 14th-century city now gives you a prominent vibe from the 19th century thanks to the evolving architecture. The urban and town planning of the last five centuries have had a great effect on the making of the city.
The entire city premises are categories into three main parts. The first is the city landscape itself, the other is the fortification wall of Ping Yao and the last is the temples situated within the city. Apart from that, the city has everything that people need to have. Right from aesthetic streets, shops, temples and art dwellings every that would attract a traveler.

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History of the Ancient City of Ping Yao

Ping Yao China
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The city was first founded in the 14th century but underwent five centuries of urban planning till the 20th century. In between the five centuries, there is an exemplary artwork created throughout the streets of Ping Yao. The art was either in the form of architecture or the entire city designed the way so. There are nearly 4000 shops in the streets to lure travelers and locals alike.
The city retains the traditional beauty that it inherits from the ancient Han dynasty. It also has features that represent the cultural socio and economic part of the city. Also, the extraordinary architecture exhibits the real face of the Chinese tradition. And to make it better the Ancient City of Ping Yao has also stayed as the financial city till now.

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Protection and management of the Ancient City of Ping Yao

Pingyao Tour
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The Ancient City of Ping Yao is inscribed into World Heritage Site. And by now all you readers would have pretty much figured out that places with WHS tags are always of National and International importance. And the Ancient City of Ping Yao also enjoys the same level of protection and management credit. The Law of the People’s Republic of China 1982 is responsible for the place to keep a tab on management part. This also takes care of the cultural relics. Also, the law helps in building up urban planning for the future. It is mandatory to preserve the beautiful architecture and the streets to keep it preserved and authentic. Tourism over a period of time has been affecting the authenticity of the place, but everything has been taken care of by the Management Committee of World Cultural Heritage.

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The authenticity of the place

Ancient Ping Yao
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The Ancient City of Ping Yao is much authentic with dates, months and years inscribed accurately and precisely. The place has been authenticated under the Outstanding Universal Value. And through years and centuries of hard work and management has put the place into best possible safeguard. The temples of Ping Yao are preserved and authenticated, with the best of protection and management.
Also, the city is the traditional cultural and social dwelling of the city in the best possible way. the use of technology has however has created a big gap in the economic condition. However, the authenticity of the place is less touched to a great extent.

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The Ancient City of Ping Yao as tourism

Pingyao Architecture
Pingyao Architecture: Image Credit/

China is full of places that will surprise you for good. With huge architectural eminence and World Heritage Sites, the place is full of man-made marvels. They represent the culture of the place and the tradition they impart from ages. China has some extravagant cities and old towns that are medieval as well as ultra-modern. They look beautifully elegant and replicate the face of real Chinese tradition. And by this time we have known they are the perfect example of preserved and maintained place so far.
The Ancient City of Ping Yao is one such place in China that will lure you as a traveler. People who visit China love to visit the place no matter what. The travelers are attracted to the beautiful culture and offbeat places.

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China seems to be a place perfect for vacation. And also one of the best places to be with family and friends. If that’s not your game you can be here to learn the art and culture if the place, for you will never have enough time to do that though! This place has everything that wanderlust could ask for.

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