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Fiji – Perfect Honeymoon Destination For Couples To Find Love


Pre-plan your honeymoon in Fiji for isolated and seclusive quality time with your sweetheart. The place is all in one, from the exquisite modern luxury combined with breath-taking landscapes, beaches that make Fiji an ideal honeymoon destination. There are varieties to-stay places like villas to homestay from which you can opt from various the better options. Perhaps, to begin with, you would be interested to know the reasons that make Fiji a perfect honeymoon destination. Know it here in India Imagine.

Overview about Fiji

Fiji is the island country located in Melanesian, Part of Oceania. This place is the most loved place for honeymoon trips. The white-sand beaches, blue water and lush green landscapes with tiny waterfalls makes the place one of the magnificent views. The temperature here is pleasant throughout the year. Making it feasible for travellers to come here at any point in time.

Let us pick up some best-known places for honeymoon travel in Fiji.

Fiji Museum

Location: Cakobau Road, Suva, Fiji

This museum is a perfect blend of sightseeing, cultural inhibitions and adventures. All you need is to check in with ticket from the counter at the gate. There are many things that feast your eyes and mind alike.

Fiji Museum
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The highlight is an enormous Ratu Finau that is Fiji’s last double-hulled kayak famed to be over 13 meters long along with attractions like in the primary lobby incorporate war clubs.

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Location: Kings Road, Nasinu, Fiji

Walking along the forest park lane that is covered by lush green lavish rainforest will be an experience for life. Colo-I-Suva is a 2.5 sq km in total and a great walk for the wanderlust in you.

Colo I Suva

Hovering with plants and the little animals this place is always favorite among the tourists all over the country. Walkthrough the walking trails that covers 6 km of the area, that is shady and cool.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple

Location: Queens Rd, Nadi, Fiji

A Hindu temple amidst the land of Fiji is quite a sight. The temple is constructed in Dravidian techniques or architectural format, that can be seen exclusively only in India.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple
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The wooden carving of deities was brought back from India and seems to have touched the soul to steer it right! So, when you come to Fiji, make it a point to visit this holy place. Do take care to dress appropriately, to keep up respect.

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Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Location: Viti Levu, Fiji

Near the famous Sigatoka River, lay the beautiful sand dunes windblown and rough. The place is well known for serenity and peace. The sand dunes are spread across 5 km long,

Sigatoka Sand Dunes
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up to 1 km wide, around 20 m high, and ascending to around 60m at the western end due to which they were made a national stop in 1989. Most people visit the place for spending desirable quality time.

Tavuni Hill Fort

Location: Fiji

Want to know the best honeymoon in Fiji? Then you must know about Tavuni Hill Fort. Fiji is known for majestic forts yet Tavuni Hill Fort is considered the best among the others.

Tavuni Hill Fort
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It was built in the eighteenth century, this majestic do hold a right place with historical significance. The sight of the fort is eye-catchy and looks magnificent.

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Snake God Cave

Location: Korovou, Fiji

Don’t fall for the name, the place is just heaven on earth. Blissful serene, surrounded by six sparkling Stalactites of rock like caves that are hidden maze. It is said that during the ancestral war, the town would rather go down as a group and look for protection in its

Snake God Cave
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pitch-dark maze. Located at a distance of 23-kms towards the west of Korovou at Wailotua town, the Snake God Cave is one of the biggest attractions of the town.

Accommodations that would take your breath away.

A perfect place to stay is one of the most important things while on a honeymoon trip. When choosing room to stay, you not only look for better room facilities but also a fantastic view to look upon. Some of them are mentioned below that ensures the best ever view and romance in the air.

Tokoriki Island Resort : The most reckoned resort built that would give you memories for life with freestanding beachfront villas.

Kora Sun Resort & Spa: The most beautiful resort with onsite pools, waterslide, and spa with pristine rainforest background.

Kora Sun Resort
Couple enjoying the water activities in Kora Sub Resort / Image credit:

Vomo Island Resort: This place is perfect for the honeymooners. Perfect space to escape where you’ll be spoilt for choice amidst absolute serenity. There are a lot more resorts to make choices from.

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Apart from appealing beauty and enthralling surrounds, there are some other factors that go hand in hand to be the best place for tourists.

While visiting Fiji you would come across people who are happy. It isn’t just a thought, strategically 93% Fijian lead a happy life. Well, that actually should make the place a must-visit in the first place. So, it is but obvious the people of Fiji are known for their warm hospitality. The tourist has always experienced the best support and warm welcome.
So, there is nothing to think twice, just pack your bags and fly towards Fiji to experience the best days of your life.

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