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Mysterious Facts About The Crooked Forest of Poland


The Crooked Forest of Poland (referred to locally as Krzywy Las) is where you will find around 400 pine trees are abnormally shaped with full 90-degree bends at their bases that curve towards the north. From its base, the trees bend into a “C” shape, it follows the same curve up to nine feet sideways before bending back to a straight shape. They grow to be around 50 feet tall and are all healthy in spite of the unnatural bends at their bases.

While a lot of different bizarre trees elsewhere have been known to create bends or other unusual shapes, the trees in the Crooked Forest of Poland are unique. The main fact about their bends is that it is not at all heredity and the pattern is seen only in some covered area.

History Associated With Crooked Forest of Poland

The story of these trees is as mysterious as they look in reality. It’s evaluated that the trees were planted in the mid-1930s, and also discovered that the misshaping happened when the trees were only 5-7 years of age. At the time, the area was a piece of Germany, yet history would before long toss a cover over what precisely occurred.

As war broke out over Europe, numerous lives and stories were lost, including the origins of the Crooked Forest. One hypothesis of might have happened is that a Nazi tank run over the youthful trees, twisting them 90 degrees. This bodes well outwardly since by far most of the trees are twisted a similar way (North), however, it loses the reality when we look at the surrounding trees.

History Associated With Crooked Forest of Poland
Image credit: Finally lost

The twisted trees are surrounded by several ordinary trees, so there is no way a tank could have run over a little area while not affecting other trees. Moreover, if the trees were bowed so drastically by the tanks, then they wouldn’t even survive such experience. But still, this theory can’t be overlooked.

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Theories Related Crooked Forest of Poland

The ghostly looking trees of Krzywy Las have started a wide range of speculations with respect to how they came to be like this. One of the speculations is that there is some sort of one of a kind gravitational force in this specific region that made the trees become outward towards the North rather than straight up.

In any case, that hypothesis doesn’t hold up to investigation, given that gravity pulls things downwards and not bend them. Besides, there are different groups of pine trees and trees in the region of the Crooked Forest that is not bent, and one could say that gravitational force does have some effect on only those special trees!!

Theories Related Crooked Forest of Poland
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Another hypothesis about Krzywy Las is that heavy snowfall bend the trees as they were growing, making them develop in this manner. But still as mentioned above the theory could not be said to be true as to why is it only applicable to some trees in the area, while others did not have any kind of effect on them.

One of the most extraordinary theories is that the trees were squashed by an alien shuttle, like crop circles. Crop circles themselves were also considered to be made by the farmers, so how can this theory holds any proof. So its best to leave the crop circles to the alien experts.

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Reality vs Theory

The doubtless theory is that the trees were deliberately adjusted to deliver a normally bent material for furniture or structures. The procedure takes a very long time to perfect, yet has been reported in the past.

In England, early shipbuilders prized English Oak for use as ‘compass timber’, or the bent bits of a boats’ frame. These pieces could be made of a few straight joined together, and for littler boats, wood steam twisted into any shape, yet timber that has normally developed into a specific shape is a lot stronger. The oaks in England’s numerous heavyweight works were ideal for this, and before the finish of the seventeenth century, huge numbers of them had been chopped down for this utilization.

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This theory also stands well considering the timestamp. Up until the 1930s, Art Nouveau was extremely popular, and its bended and uncommon structures could be the motivation for the Crooked Forest trees. The town surrounding the forest was under war at that time, so the original curator would have fled or died.

Another less convincing theory is that the trees were left stranded when the fashion of curved trees was shifted. The straight trees fashion came again into existence in German rule in the late 1930s. The Bauhaus ( German school for Arts) influenced the change of tree art to be straight again.

To Summarize

Although this is not a perfect answer still the alteration to the trees has been carried out by the farmers. The farmers at those time did know about the technique for tree bending and that would be the perfect answer for this. But that revolution was started by the Englishmen and during that time Poland was invaded by the Germans who had different techniques for such alterations. So, in general, it is the best possible answer to think of right now.

The locals who were residing in Gryfino, Poland which was the surrounding area of crooked forest abandoned the place during wartime and no one knows what happened with those locals. So this mystery of what might have really happened there has really vanished with their took off. In general, it is still a mystery of what really happened in the crooked forest but there are many general theories about this which have been mentioned above. Now it’s up to you to decide which fact is best fitted for these forests.

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