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Tower of London : Haunted Destination To Visit


All through the ages, individuals have trusted that ghosts existed. Some belives such places are practically sacred. Others feel that these entities are evil and should get rid of them sooner. There are numerous acclaimed places world over which are rumored to be haunted with their past resident’s ghost’s and are of incredible interest to ghost seekers. One such spot is “The Tower of London”.

History of Tower of London

This tower is a historical place in central London. Normans laid its initial foundation in 1066. The main tower of the castle in the White Tower was built by William the Conqueror in 1078. So this old castle has witnessed many generations of humankind and holds many dark secrets inside it. This tower holds historical importance and is one of the most visited destinations in London. This castle has a separate room for the crown jewels. The jewel house is built inside this castle where all the royal jewels and other royal accessories are kept guarded.

But still, there is a darker side that surrounds this castle. It is believed that during the 16th century the tower acted as the place where the prisoner was kept and even tortured. The highest part of the castle, the white tower also holds a dungeon inside it, where royal prisoner, as well as normal prisoner, were kept.

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The Tower of London has been host to numerous beheading execution and murders. The basic sentence that applied during those times was the prisoner to be beheaded. Even the royal prisoner who was kept for the charge of the uprising were also given the same punishment. So many persons have been accounted to seen ghosts without head roaming around in the castle area.

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Most Dreadful Incidents in Tower Of London

  • The ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn is seen by many visiting the Tower of London. She was the wife of the dictator King Henry VIII. The queen was executed on the order of the king. It is said that the counselors had some envy with the queen and they misguided the king against his wife with the blames of guiding information to other kingdoms. So the king ordered her wife’s head to be cut, and she was executed. The gatekeepers claim that they have seen the queen ghost with other ghosts doing a parade. The parades go up to the Chapel Royal of St. Subside where she was buried.
  • King Henry was a dictator and considered as one of the worst kings in English history. He made another execution, this time in fear of power. Countess of Salisbury was gaining popularity in the royal court. But the King feared that her fame could overthrow his political power. So he declared her as the convicted who passed the information to other kingdoms and ordered for her immediate execution. She was the 70-year-old lady with the intention of power, she ran for her life, but the executioner caught her and beheaded her. It is that at that exact point where she was killed her ghost is seen while showing the scene of execution.
  • Another ghost named Sir Walter Raleigh is said to haunt the tower. But this ghost has some special place for his rest. It is said that he resides in his living quarters inside the tower premises and the room has been kept in a similar condition as it was during the execution. James I. executed him. His ghost resembles the picture which hangs on the bloody tower part of the castle.
  • Another sad execution story was of Lady Jane Gray, who was a princess. Her father the King got worried about losing control over the kingdom. She was married, and her husband was destined to be the next ruler. So he ordered the execution of his daughter. She was killed on 12 February 1554, and her husband was soon after kept in the cells and later executed. The guards have year after year saw the white-dressed ghost of this lady at the stroke of midnight on 12 February.
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  • Another incident is the vanishing of the two princes in the year 1483. Edward V and Richard who were 12 and 9 years old respectively went missing and were not found. It was believed that they were killed. The body was discovered nearly 200 years after when the labors were digging the tunnel. They found a chest with the remains of those two boys and their clothes. They were then buried according to the royal rituals. Many security guards had seen the two boys passing the bloody tower and going downstairs holding hands and wearing the same outfits which the prince was wearing at night when they vanished.

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To Summarize

The thing here is, do ghosts or spirits exist? The scientist doesn’t believe in the devil but their existence has always created its fuss among many researchers. Many ghost-busters have visited the Tower of London, and they have admitted the presence of the ghost there. But many people don’t believe in spirit. It is said that the scene from the execution is repeated again and again at that exact place in the tower. Many people have claimed to see it with their very own eyes. So what if the ghost exists. Till we have clarification for these events, the mystery will continue.

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