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Check Out The Top London Tourist Spots


London happens to be one of the top tourist destinations. It is because of the sheer variety and history associated with the place. You can come and enjoy every kind of art, architecture and much more. With a vibrant visual arts scene in the London theatres. You will also find unexpectedly phenomenal cultural attractions that make London tourist spots unique from the rest of the world.

Change of guard at the Buckingham palace

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Change of Guard at The Buckingham Palace/Image Credit:

It is the residence of the royal family and one of the iconic London tourist spots. It’s the place where tourists line up to see the change of guard every day irrespective of the season. The entire event is a grand display of pomp with precision marching and music. You could guess whether the queen’s at the residence by checking the flagpole atop the building. If it’s flying day and night she’s at home. Special occasions call for a wave from the central balcony. If the queen is away at her summer palace, the visitors get to peek at the staterooms and the queen’s gallery, as well as the royal mews.

Tower Bridge and Tower of London

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The London Bridge Over The Thames River/Image Credit:

It gets considered one of the world heritage sites because of the rich history. The place has gone on from being a prison. It now has gruesome exhibits of the executions that had taken place during those times.  At some point in time became a treasure vault and now housing a private zoo. The London Tower has gotten the status of a top London tourist spot. It is a massive white tower that offers a remarkable display of royal armaments and armor. You could also check out the crown jewels. The tower bridge over the Thames is one of the best-known landmarks.

The British museum

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The Inside The British Museum/Image Credit:

Here you could find the finest collection of antiquities worldwide,  which they took away during colonial rule over several continents. You could spend some time at the bookshop located on-site that an expansive array of books. It contains diverse titles in the collection of books. The bookshop has an ancient history, archeology, art history, and much more to fascinate a reader’s curiosity. As a traveler, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to know about the best London tourist spots. It’s a good place to pick up some games or souvenirs. You could get a replica of the sculptures present in the museum to the jewelry. you will not miss out on this museum when you check out the

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The Parliament and the Big Ben

Most people would associate Big Ben with London, which has become synonymous with the place. Big Ben provides the time signal for the BBC and considered one of the most visited London tourist spots. The 318 ft tower housing this massive clock is an iconic building the which then stretches out to the House of the British Parliament.

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The Parliament And The Big Ben/Image Credit:

It used to be the Westminister palace which later became the seat of democracy and well-known London tourist spots. There are tours of the parliament where you can be fortunate to see real-time debates and discussions by various political leaders from the Whitehall, also known as the parliament square.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

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The Victoria and Albert Museum/Credit Cover:

This museum seems a part of the Natural History Museum, known for 5000 years of collected art and artifacts spread over 145 galleries. The entire exhibit seems categorized for the convenience of the visitors and you can check out the collections of ceramics and glass, textiles and costumes, silver and jewelry, ironwork, sculptures, prints and photos. To check out the whole museum spread over 13 acres may take more than a couple of hours. Hence you may have to predetermine which of the sections you would get interested in looking at when at the museum. The museum has a large footfall as it happens to be one of the most visited London tourist spots.

Tate Britain and Tate Modern

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Tate Britain and Tate Modern/Image Credit:

Before getting categorized as two entities, it got known as the Tate Gallery.  both the Tates make up for being one of the best known London tourist spots. If you very much into art, all your dreams of seeing the world’s most important art collection can come true, which has become a permanent destination for all things that relate to Britain’s historical paintings. The Tate Modern has taken up to hold the mantle high for the modern art collections. You could take time out to check both collections and admire how you get to appreciate various definitions in art through different eras.

The Westminister Abbey

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The Westminister Abbey/Image Credit:

The Westminster Abbey was originally the Collegiate Church of St. Peter. This London tourist spot has a special place for royalty as most sovereigns of the country were not only coronated here but also put to rest in this very place. In the recent past, it has become a chosen destination for royal weddings. The architecture is commendable with a Gothic nave that is one of the highest, being 102 ft. it has the highest footfall of tourists every year who gt to see the 600 memorials that include Shakespeare, Dickens, Chaucer and many more.

Churchill’s war rooms

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Churchill’s War Rooms/Image Credit:

One of the most historic sites is where former prime minister Winston Churchill directed all his military campaigns. It was the nerve center of major decisions that changed history in several ways, especially during the second world war. It was the time when the Nazis had a stronger holding on the situation, and Churchill had to make some tough decisions in defense of the homeland. Those who are fascinated with war stories are drawn to this London tourist spot. After this, you could check out the Imperial war museum to have more depth of fascinating collections of all the infrastructure and equipment used to fight the war.

The Hyde park

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Strolling in Hyde Park/Image Credit:

It is one of the biggest open spaces in London, covering over 350 acres with a man-made lake wherein you either go for a swim or boat ride. There is a special speaker’s corner where people who are talkative and love debating wherein you can indulge in free speech can lead to heckling and cheerful banter. This London tourist spot also has a landmark wherein the Duke of wellington made his home after the Waterloo victory known as the Apsley house. It seems now converted into a museum that has a magnificent collection of paintings.

The London Eye

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Sunset View From The London Eye/Image Credit:

This beautiful giant Ferris wheel-like structure got built to commemorate the millennium. It is now the largest observation wheel found in Europe. You could now get a spectacular view of the city from 443 feet above the Thames river. It may take half an hour to reach the top and get your turn to check out other London tourist spots from above. You could even hire private capsules to get to check out the picturesque view. There is also a cable car system that helps get across the Thames to go through Greenwich and the Royal Victoria Dock.

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Tourists have wonderful choices to pick on their sightseeing trip from all the London tourist spots such as royal palaces, museums, cathedrals to parks. Even a whole week of checking out places will not satiate your thirst to know more about London and all that it has to offer.

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