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World’s Most Mysterious Place: The Bermuda Triangle


The undefined region of the western part of North Atlantic Oceans roughly referred to as The Bermuda Triangle, associated with the Devil’s Triangle. Scientists and experts conducted extensive study and research regarding the Bermuda Triangle. They calculated the total area of the ocean, which is affected by the Bermuda Triangle effect and which is roughly 500,000 square miles. There are infinite numbers of ships, aircraft that disappeared abruptly in the middle of Bermuda – Puerto Rico – Florida. Many government agencies and private organizations who studied this mysterious place say that some paranormal activities are happening over there. Even some believed that extraterrestrial exercise is happening in that particular area.

Many scientists believe that there is no such abnormal activity over there. The real reason is that there is a giant wave of around 100 to 110 feet. Due to which many ships and boats got stuck, which results in a crash. Even in this day & age, many people believe in mysterious forces; some say that it is the same force that captures the human being for experiments.

The Bermuda Triangle: Therios & assumptions

Every environmental theorist, historians, and scientists have a different feeling, opinion, and theory related to the Bermuda Triangle. There are some famous theories and facts about it. People believed that when Columbus traveled for his first excursion to search the new places, he saw a meteor(as he quoted) dropped with extreme force into the ocean. With this massive amount of impact, the humungous volume of light showed up. And even after a few weeks, that strange light was still. He also communicated that compass reading was not correct at that time. Because of that giant hit, the geography of that area happens has been changed.

The Bermuda Triangle: Therios & assumptions
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In 1909 a famous world-wide sailor named Joshua Slocum suddenly disappeared; experts say that he was sailing from The Devil’s Triangle. Still, the body of Joshua Slocum was not found; it is believed that he has been dead. And even after that, this sort of incident is going on. Another major event that shooked the entire world was the diminishing of the USS Cyclops. In the year 1918, America’s colossal cargo ship named USS Cyclops was able to carry around 300 people and 10,000 tons and tons of cargo.

According to historians in March, the cargo ship was traveling through Bermuda Triangle, and suddenly it got hit with a wave or some large-sized stone that is still unclear. The most shocking thing was that the cargo ship never sent the distress signal to its base or its head-quarters. The ship was fully capable of sending and receiving the message. But the reason is still unclear why the ship doesn’t address the signal for help. After this incident, there were long debates and massive search operations for the lost boat, but the outcome was nothing helpful.

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Lost of Planes at Bermuda Triangle

Researchers and survey teams were sure that there was some element underneath the ocean due to which cargo ships and boats were sinking. But In 1945, all these assumptions broked, everyone listened to the news that a navy plane that was carrying almost 15 to 16 men disappeared. Aircraft was not going for distribution of items; it was practicing and conducting a drill of the bombing. The situation became worse when the radio and compass were not functioning correctly. After some time, when the mission control was not able to contact the plane.

Lost of Planes at Bermuda Triangle
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Then the government agreed to send a rescue plane that had 15 members, but they were also not able to establish contact with them. They were ordered to reach that particular site and start the search operation once again. But after some time that plane also went missing. Seeing this, the government launched an intensive search in that particular area, but there was no sign of life. In the year 1948, aircraft Douglas dc-3 also became disappeared, which was on the set course from San Juan to Miami. A total of 30 people were traveling from that plane. Though it was going from The Devil’s Triangle location, it also vanished. After that, there was no information regarding the aircraft.

Counter Theories

The Bermuda Triangle is such a place where the situation is peculiar and mysterious to tell. Some people belives in facts and some belives in other stories. People started to believe that there is some evil power in that particular region. Some say there are a bunch of aliens, or they are making their base under-water. In the newspaper, some articles got published which told due to some sea monster these accidents are happening. Even the scientist believes that there is some vast foundation of rock, etc.

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Some beliefs in the gravity field and reverse gravity field due to which such conflicts are happening. Even some proven theories suggest some magnetic disputes are reasons for this. The scientist team was also working on the theory of methane gas eruption from the ground level of the ocean. Despite all these numbers and arguments, a group of Australian scientists revealed a theory explaining all these issues. According to scientists, the genuine reason is nothing but human error, also presented the facts that no alien activities recorded. They studied the geographical structure of The Bermuda Triangle, so according to them, the total triangular area is not the middle of the ocean. But then also no one found abnormal rock or methane gas sources there.

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Several experts have come with different theories and documentation that there may be some religious aspects. The United States geographic team analyzed and investigated the entire Bermuda Triangle range. Special teams and equipment were called from the whole globe so that they can combine their skills and tools to find out the missing planes and can end this scenario of disappearance. As we all know that there are potent storms and hurricanes in the triangular region, even this can also be one reason for this natural explanation. Still, scientists are skeptical. Even after such significant search operations and studies, there is not a single theory that explains the fundamentals of this mysterious place.

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