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Ram Setu: India’s 5000 years Old Mystery Unfolds


Ram Setu is famous as Adam’s Bridge. This bridge is spread from Pamban Island (now famous as Rameshwaram) to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. It is an ancient monument that was built by the army of vanara (intelligent warrior monkey). It is one of the most religious structures for all Hindu communities. The bridge is 48 km long according to the records. On the 15th century, people could pass this bridge on foot. A cyclone came in that region, and the bridge was destroyed, and some parts of the bridge were undergone in the water.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Ram traveled through this bridge to Sri Lanka to get back his wife from the evil Raavan. All the events are described in the holy epic book Ramayan. The bridge is a heritage place for Hindu’s. For the entire world, this is a more than 5000-year-old mystery that is still unsolved. Lately, NASA showed some satellite images that tell us the clear vision of the bridge under the ocean surface. Photographs show that it connects India to Sri Lanka through seven small islands. Hindus believe that these are not islands. It was all once a complete bridge in a zig-zag form, some of its parts went under-water due to tsunamis and cyclones.

Hindu’s pure faith and belief towards Ram Setu

For all people who belong to the Hindu community across the world, Ramayan is a sacred and holy scripture written in Sanskrit. And according to the proven record’s Sanskrit is the first language developed on the planet earth. According to the Ramayan and other historical mentions, the bridge and the entire story mentioned by Valmiki, who wrote the holy book. In that book, it is very-well mentioned how and by whom the bridge was constructed.

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It was constructed and led by Naal and Nila. They were said to be the construction engineer of Lord Ram’s army. They both designed it, and all the Vanara helped them to construct the bridge. Lord Ram is the most worshiped god in India and by the whole Hindu religion. One of the most epic and big festivals in India is celebrated when Lors Ram returned to their home town after defeating Raavan.

On that same day, Diwali has been celebrated across the country. The faith of Hindus for Lord Ram can be measured by the population of the community in this country. Here you will find the most significant numbers of temples and people visiting all the shrines & Ram Setu regularly. This conveys that people have utter belief and faith in Lord Ram.

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Mystery theory and truth about Ram Setu

For several periods, one of the most addressed and discussed matters all around the globe is the truth and existence of Ram Setu. There are numerous mysterious and conflicts regarding it. Some believe that it is 1.7 million years old, and some say that it is 5000 years old. Several theories and speculations are done to get the exact age of the bridge, but every team always has different opinions. Even in India, a handful of people believe that it is not a human-made structure because in that era the technology was available.

What GUI & ASI Believe?

But according to the GUI (Geological Survey Of India) and ASI (Archeological Survey Of India) survey conducted on the bridge tells us that the bridge is not a natural structure. The complete built was developed to travel from India to Sri-Lanka. They all believed that at that time, the technology was not available, but somehow, the engineers of that period were able to pull it off.

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There are some theories that the stones used in making that bridge were limestone. The tendency of that particular stone is that it floats on water. Some activists believe that the holy book Ramayan is fake and is written after the bridge was constructed. Scientists from India, Sri-Lanka and, America conducted extensive research. They took some samples and tested out in the laboratory, and the result came out was shocking. Through the carbon-dating method, the stone or rocks was around 7000 years, and sand was 4000 years old.

All the activists and social-workers were eagerly waiting for the result of carbon-dating, and as it was declared, it caught people with off-guard. The rocks were much older than bridge and sand were also around 4000 to 5000 years old. This news shocked the entire country and the world. No one was able to believe that someone can develop this sort of technology. The base of the Hindu religion was even stronger after the fact told.

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Facts & Updates about Ram Setu and Ramayan

In some of the experiments, was conducted by local communities under the guidance of the government. It was told that the Ram Setu was organized with the help of lime and sharp nail due to which the effectiveness and stability are still intact. All these facts and details are mentioned in Ramayan, and even scientists of this age are proving them. Nowadays, buildings and bridges are made with new technologies, but still, they are not so reliable against nature. But how come this 5000-year-old structure is still unimpaired. Thus to find this out, people started to analyze and read all the varieties of the Ramayan book written in other languages. Through which we get to know the answer.

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Some Proverbs

It is said that all is manageable because of Nala and Nila intelligence and ability to understand the geography of the ocean and structure of the army. They analysed that the entire army contains vanara (warrior monkeys), and when they walk or jump, they put minimum pressure on the ground. And when humans walk, they put the entire burden on the ground to balance. Thus through calculating this, they developed a structure that is achievable to make. So they firstly drown maximum numbers of boats, and when it settled in the ocean, they started to make it fix with sand. Both the architect somehow managed to sink the ship and settle down the sand on it.

They have calculated the number of Vanaras and humans; that’s why they created it with stones and sand. In Ramayan, there is a conversation between Lord Ram and Nala and Nila that tells us that the bridge is accurate for our army, but if the Ravana army marched on this bridge, it would completely sink. This tells us how intelligently they constructed the bridge.

How stones were attached and what makes them float?

For many years we all believed that floating rocks on the water is a kind of miracle of Lord Ram. After many types of research and discussions with ancients guru’s, today we know about its construction and management. Analyses show that the stones were 7000 years old. In the past, these stones are connected with the mixture of lime with some herbal medication that made the bond even more stronger. With this bond, Nala and Nila again attached stones with sharp nails and spikes that result in the sturdiness of the rocks.

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As we know that limestone tends to float on water due to the CaCo3 sheath thickness, this allows them to float on water. The stone can be seen in Rameswaram. It is kept there for people; due to tsunami, some rocks were scattered from the bridge and came here from then the government has preserved it.

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It was found after many types of research that it is a human-made structure, was built many years ago. Till 15th century Ram Setu was walk-able. And even till now, the space beneath the Ram Setu is very shallow and not navigable. Stones have a mixture of sand and stones due to which transition of cargo ships and boats are not possible. Therefore people see it as a religious aspect. The government is trying to conserve it properly so that it can be saved for the coming generations.

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