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A Visit To The Land Of The Midnight Sun – Finland


Finland is a perfect travel destination in all aspects. Ranked as one of the safest countries in the world Finland is the most sought place for tourism. This European country is surrounded by Russia, Norway and Sweden to call its neighbour.

It is often asked why people love to travel to Finland? The answer is simple, the vast diversity and different places and things to do attract people all over the globe. There is a combination of history, nature, outdoor activities and wilderness to make the place a perfect travel location.

Lets chalk out 10 best things that you can explore in Finland, here at India Imagine 

Explore the Archipelago National Parks of Finland.

Archipelago National Park Finland
Archipelago National Park Finland / Image credit:

Archipelago National park is located in Turku. What makes the park apart from others? Well, the park is an amalgamation of Swedish, Russian and Finnish heritage. Tourists are attracted to the sea line that flows by the sides of the lush green National Park.

Helsinki – The Capital City

Helsinki - Finland
Helsinki – Finland / Image credit:

Helsinki is the capital city as well as the main point of tourist entry. The city is spread with landmarks, landscapes, museums, architectural galleries, lakes, wildlife and some wonderful hubs to winter sport. North to the Helsinki and close to the Arctic circle is the home of beautiful and mesmerizing Northern lights. Also, travellers mostly look for accommodation at Helsinki as the city offers some best stay-in options and great food!

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Northern lights – Hypotically beautiful

Northern lights - Finland
Northern lights – Finland / Image credit:

People across the country come to Finland merely to get a glimpse of memorizing Northern Lights. The best time to get an excellent experience is between the month of September and March when they are witnessed frequently. Many wonder the reason behind such variant colours on the sky, but few know they are just simmering glow of particles from the Sun while crossing through the atmosphere to reach earth.

Meet the Santa Claus

We all grew up believing in Santa Claus and wait for December in a perception that he may show up with gifts. But do you know where does Santa Belong to? Yes, Santa Claus comes from this beautiful place we know here, Finland. And if Santa has never shown up at your door, it’s time for you to go look for him. You can meet Santa Claus in person all around the year.

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Winter connect and snowboarding in Levi

Levi Finland
Levi, Finland / Image credit:

Finland winters are beautiful and fun-filled. The most popular ski resort here is Levi which also hosts the famous Alpine World Cup Race every year. There is also a snowboard park in the resort which is usually filled with fun-loving people. With stunning 43 slopes and more than 120 miles long trials, tourists take home lifetime skiing experience.

Explore Olavinlinna Castle

Olavinlinna Castle, Finland
Olavinlinna Castle, Finland / Image credit:

Back in the 15th century, the giant Olavinlinna Castle was built on the landmark area of Finland. The Castle was beautifully carved on a rock surrounded by crystal clear lake waters. It would be better to hire a local guide to take a tour of the castle as the errand may take hours and you don’t want yourself lost in the giant maze.

Visit the Strange Rock

Kummakivi Finland
Kummakivi, Finland / Image credit:

If you are in Ruokolathi then you definitely visit Kummakivi which means “Strange Rock”. A giant rock is sitting in the middle of the forest almost balancing an atop of small rock is quite strange in itself, completely justifying the name. Local claims that the rock sitting there can be traced 8000 years back to make it more than “Strange”.

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Wildlife in Finland

The flora and fauna of Finland have some extraordinary stories to tell. There are some exotic, more than 150 different species of animals and 1000 different types of plants. The Helsinki Zoo located on Korkeasaari island with a vast 50 acres of land with wildlife.

Market Square shopping

Market Square is located in the capital city Helsinki is also the main center for major shopping goals. With a fabulous view of the Baltic sea by its side, the market square is undoubtedly the most popular in entire northern Europe.

Market Place, Finland
Market Place, Finland / Image credit:

There is a wide range of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and bread available in the market. A few good artifacts and handmade designs shops are across the street. Don’t forget to pick up few gifts to take back home.

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Sleep under the stary sky inside an ice igloo

Ice Igloo, Finland
Ice Igloo, Finland / Image credit:

Finland offers tourists a wide range of accommodation varying from exotic, commercial, feasible and comfortable with amenities. But if you ask me how about sleeping under the stary sky far away from cities in the crazy wilderness? Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is the dream come true place for you. The resort has some beautiful glass igloo so that you can directly glaze into the sky and count stars. Just feel like some science fiction right there, make sure you try!

Food for thought

Finland people love their food. The local cuisine and seasonal food are not just a delicious plate but a rare view of exotic ingredients put together with utter perfection. Taste a plate of angelic root served with reindeer heart dipped in a pine needle sauce which is finger-licking good!

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Finland looks as if it doesn’t belong on earth. With Northern lights glancing upon the sky, landscapes that come out right from Tolkien’s book and snow mountains that we all go crazy for. Finland is a place worth your time, energy and money. Get ready for once in a lifetime experience!

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