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Explore The Best Weekend Getaway Of Himachal Pradesh – Bir Billing


Himachal Pradesh is a Northern Indian state known for its beauty and serenity. The valleys, mist-filled hills, and the vast landscapes have attracted travelers who try to escape from their sedentary lifestyle. A few years back when I visited Himachal Pradesh, I was mesmerized by the breathtaking views, mainly consisting of mountains and green valleys. People were seen enjoying and indulging in various activities like paragliding and cycling.

However, I was not familiar with one of the beautiful villages in Joginder Nagar valley called Bir. Later I came to know what I missed, the heavenly experience that was stored in the tiny beautiful village of Bir.

So, let’s discuss exclusively Bir, here at India Imagine so that you don’t miss out on the place!

Beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges, and lakes of Bir

The mountainside of the Bir Billing valley has a different story to tell. They are intriguingly beautiful and extremely intimidating. People come here all over India to experience the best paragliding in their life. Several natural lakes across the Valley runs down streaming through the areas.

Bir Billing Landscape
Bir Billing Landscape / Image credit:

The view of the entire Bir natural beauty is no less than a paradise. The very first step you put on the land, you are reassured with relaxation, great background views for photos and experience that would pull you here every vacation.

Experience Paragliding like never before at Bir Billing.

Do you know Bir Billing is known as India’s capital for paragliding? Well, its because people mostly come here across the country to experience the best paragliding experience ever. Imagine flying like a bird through the valleys above the green mountains and bluish lakes. Gilding care free forgetting all the ushers of your life for a few minutes. You deserve it!
Well to make the experience an extraordinary one, there are professional and expert gliders are available to be with you through your flight. Don’t miss the opportunity, book your slot before your visit!

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Trek through the ranges of Bir Billing

Bir-Billing trekking / Image credit:

From Bir to Barot lays a widely spread trekking trails for those who are looking for some footwork and adventure. If you are looking for more trekking experience, consider going a bit away from Bir, probably to Chota and Bada Bangal, Mcleodganj which are most sought places for trekking among the professionals and amateurs as well. Consider safety aspects thoroughly before you look into the places. Gear up with professional and quality amenities to avoid unnecessary situations.

Cycling through the Bir Ranges for an adrenaline rush.

Hire a bike or cycle that is suitable for riding through the elevated landscapes of Bir. This will not only help you reach more places but will also get you close to places that are untouched and undiscovered. Watch the places closely riding through the valleys and slopes, and get thrilled throughout the entire trip.

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Visit the people and get to know the culture

Bir has some Tibet refugee settlement, hence, the place has some wonderful Buddhist Monastery. Paplung Sherabling Monastery is one such Monastery which is also the largest in Bir. You can easily ride a bike to get to Bhattu where the Monastery is located. Palyul Chökhorling Monastery or Nyingma Monastery both are situated right on the main road and are famous landmarks likely to be missed out. This colorful Monastery is a must-visit place in Bir.

Visit the tea factory and enjoy the toy train ride.

Bir Billing Tea
Bir Billing Tea / Image credit:

If you are in hilltops, you should unleash the inner child in you. I bet you will when you see a toy train in front of you. Get a ride through the mountains and stop and the tea factories that would come across to collect some aromatic tea to take back home.

In a tiny village of Bir, I wonder there are such amazing things to indulge in. Thus makes the place a perfect weekend getaway. If you are planning to stay long, consider staying at the homestay to enjoy the warmth of the local people and hot traditional mountain food to fall in love for. There is no better place than Bir to bust your stress. I am packing my bag, hope you do the same!

Bon Voyage!

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