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Ultimate Trip to Spiti Valley – A Majestic Desert Valley in Himachal Pradesh


Almost every location of Himachal is blessed with stunning valleys and meadow forest covered with snowfall. Apart from the major attractions of Himachal Pradesh such as Shimla, Dharmashala, Kasol, Kullu Manali, Mcleodganj, Dalhousie, Pamalpur, and many more, there is Spiti Valley which drew the attention of many vacationers and adventure seekers. But do you why it is considered as an influential tourist attraction of India?

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Unfold Every Secret of Spiti Valley

Surrounded by snow-crowned mountains, Ladakh, Tibet and Kullu; Spiti Valley tucked at the elevation of 12,500 ft above the sea level wrapped in the blanket of mother nature. This valley is the heavenly gateway for those seeking aloofness in the bliss of nature. Spiti lures thousands of people every year towards its captivating appeal and untouched ambience. This majestic cold desert valley in Himachal Pradesh is replete with pine forests, green meadows, beautiful monasteries and inhabited villages that will leave you totally awe-stuck. It is a religious and cultural centre for Buddhists, and many Buddhist monasteries are scattered throughout the valley.

Spiti Valley is a treat to the eyes with the mighty Himalayas, the passes between them, the pristine lakes and the clear blue sky above them.

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Learn Tibetan Culture at Key Monastery

There are five main Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Spiti Valley which are Key, Komic, Dhankar, Kungri and Tabo. Among all, Key Monestry is the most stunning one. Surrounded by beautiful snow-capped Himalayas and glaciers, the monastery is visited by thousands of devotees and tourists from all over the world who come here to seek tranquillity and inner peace.

Key Monastery
Key Monastery /Image credit:

Key or Ki Monastery shelters around 300 Lamas and act as a fully operational religious training ground run by the Gelug community of Tibetan Buddhist Monk. The legendary monastery will leave you spellbound with its breathtaking architecture. The monastery’s pristine location, with beautiful snow-covered villages and long winding roads, will give you an unforgettable experience.

Explore Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is spread over an area of 675 m² and located amid the serene location of Lahaul and Spiti Valley. This national park is a sight of sheer beauty and it is mainly influenced by typical Buddhist Tibetan culture. This ancient and enchanting national park is a cold desert, replete with a variety of natural landscape features. Pin Valley is surrounded by the beautiful and green valley of Kullu district and bare and brown mountains which become a beauty during the season of snowfall.

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Pin Valley National Park / Image Credit:

It is known that the high altitude of the park and the near extreme temperatures lead to the sparsity of vegetation and forms a natural habitat for many endangered animals like the snow leopard and Siberian Fox. Along with an exotic variety of flora and fauna, one can also find various medicinal plants at the location, some of which have been declared endangered.

Chandratal Lake – Paradise for Photographers

Chandratal lake is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Spiti Valley located near Kunzun pass. The name is taken from the shape of the crescent moon-line. It’s a place where you can sit for hours and enjoy the scenery. It is located at 4,300 m in the Himalayan lap and is characterized by lush green meadows and a backdrop of snow-covered mountains, making it perfect for camping with a breathtaking view.

Chandratal Lake / Image Credit:

A big highlight of this lake is that during the day it changes its colour, transforming it into an emerald green as the day ends. The dazzling landscape marvel is the paradise of a photographer.

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Kunzum Pass – A Breathtaking Sight to Behold

Kunzum Pass is a beautiful mountain pass in the Kunzum Range of the Himalayas inhabited at an altitude of 4590m. Most exciting features of this pass are its 15 twisty turns along the journey. These turns present a beautiful view of the roads and acts as a connecting link between the Lahaul Valley and the Spiti Valley. Therefore it is one of the most travelled mountain passes as bikers and adventure enthusiasts go to experience the thrill of the turns.

Kunzum pass / Image Credit:

If you are bikers or photography freak then believe us Kunzum Pass is heaven for you!! During your bike ride to you will notice delightful glaciers, snow-covered peaks and beautiful picturesque views of the valley. Apart from this, this Pass also houses a temple dedicated to the goddess Kunzum Devi, so you can pay a visit to this temple.

Enjoy the Panoramic Views of Suraj Tal

Suraj Tal is also known as Surya Taal, it is a sacred lake surrounded by majestic valleys and magnificent mountains. It lies underneath the Bara-lacha-la pass in the valley of Lahaul & Spiti. It is believed to derive from the Chandrabhaga tributary of Bhaga. This magnificent lake is entitled to be the 21st highest lake in the world and the 3rd highest in India.

Suraj Tal / Image Credit:

It is also known as Sun God’s lake and it is believed that by taking a dip in this holy pool, you will cleanse yourself from all sins. During winters this lake’s beauty fully enhances as the surrounding mountains are covered by layers of snow, and it seems no less than a heavenly abode.

Experience Tranquillity at Dhankar Lake

Dhankar Lake is a peaceful and beautiful retreat for all the traveller visiting Spiti Valley. If you want to rejuvenate your soul and mind — away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can see snow-covered mountains in the distance, while in the lush valley cattle are grazing.

Dhankar Lake / Image Credit:

Due to the magnificent temples and monasteries, the landscape of this area offers diversity with a touch of ancient history.

Voyage Untouched Villages in Spiti Valley

A trip to Spiti wouldn’t be complete without exploring its untouched villages which looks extremely sumptuous inhabited at high altitude environment. There are a number of villages in the Spiti Valley that are of interest:

  • Kibber: Kibber Village is well known as the world’s highest village with a motorable road and electricity, it’s located not far from Kaza at 4,270m above sea level. It’s popular with travellers and has a few laid-back guest houses.
  • Komic: Asia’s highest village with Spiti’s highest monastery at an altitude of 4,587m.
  • Langza: This village is located at the 4,400m and is known for its fossils, is a small village with a huge and colourful statue of Lord Buddha presiding over it.
  • Demul: It is a lively and alluring village, with a captivating vista at 4,360 m about sea level. It’s an excellent place to spend a day or two at a homestay. It’s also becoming Spiti’s model sustainable village, with solar power and waste management.
  • Lhalung is located at a height of 3,660 m above sea level, is rich in diverse flora including Seabuckthorn trees.
  • Dhankar is the largest and most remarkable village, that was once the capital of Spiti. Attractions include the Dhankhar monastery, ruined fort, lake, and awe-inspiring views.

Apart from them, you can also pay a visit to Hikkim village which has the world’s highest post office and Giu village in Spiti Valley which famous for having 500-year-old mummy.

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Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley

Spiti is a cold desert valley and is thus experiencing extreme cold temperatures throughout seasons. But summer is certainly a little fun as the temperature rises slowly up to 0-15 degrees Celsius during Summer. Spiti’s winters are extremely spine-chilling and this season, people are avoiding visiting this wonderland. Monsoon is also frequented by heavy rainfall and landslides, so people refrain from visiting Spiti during the monsoon period.

Useful Tip:
People who have an issue will altitude, or have altitude sickness you guys must avoid this destination. You should allow a couple of days to acclimatize before heading up to the higher villages in Spiti. 

Bottom Line

Concluding here but travellers, you must choose to go on a nature trail here to encounter rare avian species and jaw-dropping beauty of nature. Not only you can witness scenic beauty but can also participate in adventurous activities like hiking, rappelling and camping here. So if you’re planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh then it is must for you to hop on to enjoy some screen shooting in the arms of nature at the wonderland of Spiti Valley.

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