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Trip to Tirthan Valley: Best Kept Secret of Himachal Pradesh


The most magnificent and gorgeous place to visit in Himachal Pradesh, India is Tirthan Valley. Your trip to Tirthan Valley which is situated at the height of 1600 m above the sea level will definitely give you all sort of pleasure and you will feel closer to mother nature.Β At the same time, this offbeat getaway will give you adventurous memories for a lifetime.

This destination is perfect for people who love trekking, fishing, wildlife watching, and those who want to discover themselves in the core of mother nature. So, trekkers and nature lovers if you like to uncover terrains then pack your bags and discover this pictorial Valley.

The name of Tirthan Valley originated from the name of Tirthan river which crosses through this valley. This river originates from the cold glacial fountains of Hanskund, a snow-capped peak in the Great Himalayan National Park.

Due to the outburst of coronavirus, we know you cannot travel anywhere but mark this destination on top of your to-do travel list. Have some glimpses of Tirthan Valley at India imagine via our blog!πŸ˜‰

Check some of the popular attractions while exploring the Tirthan Valley.

Crossing Tirthan River: A Riverside Retreat

It is quite adventurous for anyone to cross the Tirthan River within the valley. People who are seeking out some adrenaline rush in the quiet valley can try this adventure where they have to slide from one side of the roaring river flowing below to another point with a safety harness.

Cross Tirthan River by a trolley bridge or zipline adventure, Via:

Adventure enthusiasts can feel the cold splashes of the river during their crossing. The Tirthan River crosses some of the finest forests of Western Himalayas before meeting the Beas River at Larji point, then head Sai Ropa. From Sai Ropa, reach your next destination Jalori Pass Via Shoja. Before visiting Jalori Pass trek through the lush forest of Great Himalayan National Park.

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Trek Great Himalayan National Park

If you love the thrilling adventure of camping and trekking through the lush green forest then head towards the Great Himalayan National Park which is a blessing for nature lovers and daredevils. Thus this site is quite prominent among tourists and the reason behind this amazing scenic location is the meeting of four valleys i.e Tirthan, Jiwa Nal, Sainj and Parvati. From dense green forests to blossoming flowers and gushing river, it provides various trekking paths to trekkers.

Great Himalayan National Park,
Great Himalayan National Park, Via:

It will provide satisfaction to your desire for wildlife, camping at high mountainous regions surrounded by nature, fishing, birdwatching and photography. Established in 1984, this national Park gives shelter to more than 375 species of wildlife, 31 species of mammals and 181 species of birds. The Great Himalayan National park will definitely give you a wonderful experience for a lifetime.

Explore Jalori Pass

After trekking Great Himalayan National Park move straight towards Jalori Pass which is located around 5km from Shoja, a small village filled with panoramic sight. Jalori mountain pass is situated at a height of 3120 m above the sea level on the peak of the northern Himalayas. Jalori pass will give you majestic views of the great Himalayan mountains and enjoy a picnic with your close ones.

Jalori Pass, Shoja: Via:

It is probably one of the least explored passes of Himachal and is truly an undiscovered beauty in every way. You can visit the pass either by road or by trekking to the top. After covering Jalori Pass other prominent tourist attractions which you can visit Serolsar Lake and Budhi Naagin temple.

Adore the Serenity of Serlosar Lake

At a distance of 5km from Jalori pass, you can visit Serlosar Lake and get lured by its scenic beauty which is another major attraction in Tirthan Valley. This breathtaking lake will definitely enchant you with crystal clear and oak trees surrounding it. Apart from its serene & beauty, Serlosar Lake is also popular for its temple devoted to Goddess Budhi Nagin- the mother of the hundreds Nag Devtas. If myths to be believed, the sons of this Budhi Nagin serves as a guardian of this destination.

Serlosar lake, Via:

The glittering water of the lake exhibits the blue of the sky and the green of the pine forest. The trek to the Lake begins just behind the temple at Jalori pass top. In the summer season, there are camping options available for tourists to stay and small restaurants to provide amenities to travellers and hikers.

Shringa Rishi Temple

For understanding the culture, rituals, history and traditions of Himachal Pradesh you must visit the Shringa Rish temple which is the ruling god of Banjar valley. From this traditional temple, you can observe the amazing scenes of the Tirthan valley.

Shringa Rishi Temple, Via:

It is located in the same way as Chehni Kothi, which is the 1500-year-old tallest structure mounted with stone slabs and wooden beams popular for standing free in the entire region of Western Himalayas. The interiors of Shringa Rishi temple is are entirely made of wooden carvings that depict the 24 different births of God.

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Discover Hidden Water Falls

During your trekking tour, you will get discover some hidden but quite popular waterfalls in Tirthan valley. Stay for some time and relax near these waterfalls and enjoy the moment in the heavenly ambience of the surroundings.

  • Gaidar Waterfall: It is a beautiful waterfall that is hardly known and hidden deep in the forests but it is stunningly beautiful. The trekking route of this waterfall starts from Gaidhar Village.
  • Chhoie Waterfall or Sai Ropa Waterfall: Reaching this beautiful Chhoie waterfall is one of the easiest and most common hikes which takes almost 50 minutes to walk from Tirthan valley.

Uncover Hidden Villages

Follow the lazy roads through the forests and stroll into tiny villas of Jibhi, Ghiyagi, Nagini, Gushaini, Banjar, Sai Ropa and Shoja Village. All of these small villages popular camping and tourist destinations in themselves. With scenic views of mountains and green farms, you will witness different shade of landscape that will surely reboot your soul. Local residents of these villages are also popular for their work of wood carvings which is used for decorating mostly all temples of the Kullu and Tirthan Valley. Spend some nights in these villages, and learns about the traditions nads culture of Himachali people.

Stay at Tirthan Valley Villages, Via:

You can also try some activities such as fishing which is quite popular near the Tirthan river, cross the river via Zipline or flying Fox adventure, Rock climbing and birdwatching at the Great Himalayan National Park.

Leave that hustle-bustle life behind and visit this offbeat tourist location to spend a few days at leisure in nature’s lap.Β 

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