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Manali – A Mesmerizing Himalayan Resort Town of India


Manali is a beautiful resort town nestled in the Himalayan valley under the Kulu District of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. This place comes on the top of the honeymooner’s list and is quite popular among backpackers. Famous for its snowcapped mountains and spellbound nature, Manali is extra ordinary. The Manali Tourism industry works day and night to preserve the beauty and integrity of the place. Even though it was a tourist attraction for ages, the authentic Manali Tourism exploded at the start of the 20th century. Manali has a beautiful transcending crest and landscapes that allow tourists to enjoy the best ride ever.

Let’s get to know a few places and things that you could enjoy when you are in Manali!

Places to visit in Manali

Manali is a place with beautiful places, snowcapped mountains and bewitching landscapes. The culture and traditions also pave the ways to be part of some historical spots in Manali. Tourist goes gaga over the places and their versatility. Let’s check a few places that will give a better experience than ever before in Manali.

  1. Museum
  2. Shri Hari Ashram
  3. Manali Wild Life Sanctuary
  4. Arjun Gufa
  5. Manikaran Gurudwara
  6. Tibetan Monastery
  7. Nagar Castle
  8. Gauri Shankar Temples
  9. Manali Gompa
  10. Shawl Factory

1. Museum

Museum Manali
Museum Manali: Image Credit/

Museums in Manali are full of mysteries. They give you the best of your knowledge at a glance. The cultural and historical prospects of the place can be evaluated and experienced here. There are few extraordinary collections of artefacts and rare crafts exhibited. Right from wooden carvings and weapons from the pages of history and household objects from early ages are displayed in the Museum. The Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art is one of the most visited places in Manali. Hence if you are looking forward to knowing more about the place you visit? Then Manali Museums will give an insight into the culture and tradition.

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2. Shri Hari Ashram

People staying long in Manali always love to visit the Shri Hari Ashram and practice yoga at a root level. Orange roof and people reflecting their inner strength through yoga practice is a view worth cherishing while you are in Manali. Also, when it comes to Manali tourism, yoga is considered the best outdoor activity in Manali. Hence take a pitch in and grab your yoga mat to spend some fantastic morning. After which, you can have some herb tea to go very well with the early morning routine.

3. Manali Wild Life Sanctuary

Wild Life Sanctuary
Wild Life Sanctuary: Image Credit/

Tourists visit Manali Wild Life Sanctuary without fail during their trip. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Manali. Nature is breathtaking, with snowcapped mountains and pine trees breezing in the cold wind. Just imagination gives us such an urge to visit the place, imagine the excitement the tourist must have been facing. The Manali Wild Life Sanctuary has some beautiful flora and fauna to its credit. And apart from that, there are varieties of wildlife booming in that area. Icing to the cake is the colourful birds that spring in and out in the sanctuary that will leave you spellbound. Hence you too list the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary in your places to visit in the Manali list.

4. Arjun Gufa

Arjun Gufa
Arjun Gufa: Image Credit/

If you are looking for some off-beat Manali tourism places, you are at the right place! Arjun Gufa is from another world altogether. It is believed that in this cave or Gufa did, Arjun, one of the Pandava brothers, meditated. Apart from the historical part, the place is well known for its ambience. The exotic view and the wild-looking surrounding give it an aesthetic look. People sit inside the cave and experience silence and serenity like never before.

5. Manikaran Gurudwara

Manikaran Gurudwara
Manikaran Gurudwara: Image Credit/

Manali tourism is well known as nature’s gift and resort town, but tourists love the religious side of the place as well. The Manikaran Gurudwara is the most visited place in Manali. Tourists considered this place as the epitome of peacefulness and serenity. This place is located not more than 45 kilometres from the Kulu district. Either hire a cab or take a bus to reach the place.

Manali Tourism also boosts the famous hot springs that the place has to its credit. Tourists can take a bath in this water to soothe and heal inside and out! Hence, you, too, should not miss the chance to get the blessings.

6. Tibetan Monastery

Tibetan Monastery
Tibetan Monastery: Image credit/

We have already said Manali surprises you in terms of religious aspects. Gurudwara gave us a good vibe, and now it is our turn to know the beautiful Tibetan Monastery. In Manali, there are two beautiful Buddhist monasteries. That gives you an insight into the Buddhist culture and tradition. The monastery’s interior is a peaceful place that makes you much happier and more surreal. And you come out after the explorations; local shopkeepers welcome you with some fabulous handmade crafts and goodies. You can purchase some colourful handicrafts and take them home as a souvenir or also try gifting them to your family and friends back home.

7. Naggar Castle

Naggar Castle
Naggar Castle: Image Credit/

Not mandatory to visit as a tourist, but it is one of the best things to do in Manali for art lovers. Naggar Castle is a hotel that is well known for its art and painting exhibited inside. It is a paradise for art lovers and people who acquire art and painting knowledge. The Castle can be visited seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm. This place is located in the Naggar Castle Road, which makes it an authentic landmark of Manali.

8. Gauri Shankar Temples

Temples are one of the best places to visit in Manali, without any say. Like the Gurudwara and the monastery, the temple here has a prominent place in the tourist and locals’ hearts. The Gauri Shankar Temple is one of the oldest and most visited temples in Manali. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and people from various parts of the region and outside come here to take the blessings. The temple is also an architectural exploration with age-old Shikara style architecture. There are particular timings dedicated to the rituals.

9. Manali Gompa

Manali Gompa
Manali Gompa: Image Credit/

Yet another place with great architectural and religious importance adding value to Manali Tourism. This place is prominent for Buddhist culture. With wall paintings and artifacts preserved, this place serves as the best evening out for tourists. People love to explore h place during the evening as the sunset during these hours is just mesmerizing from this place. The Manali Gompa is an example of Pagoda-Style architecture. You can visit the place from the early morning, 7 am to 7 in the evening. Hire a cab for hustle-free exploration and sightseeing.

10. Shawl Factory

Shawl Factory
Shawl Factory: Image Credit/

The Shawls and woolen blankets from Manali are famous all over the country. How about visiting the factory and seeing it all yourself? Well, then you are just welcomed to the beautiful Shawl factory of Manali. Visit the shawl factory to witness the work behind the comfortable and cozy shawls that comes to you every winter. It is a fantastic experience to watch the artisans work their skills to make the beautiful colorful shawls.
According to the tourists, we have almost covered the best places to visit in Manali and the most popular one. And that’s nothing but the best outdoor activities in Manali. Now it’s time to jump into something more fun and adventurous.

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Outdoor Activities in Manali

Outdoor activity Manali
Outdoor activity Manali: Image Credit/

Manali is famous for outdoor activities and outdoor explorations. With mountains, snowcapped hills, amazing landscapes, pine and apple trees and river streaming across brings you to nostalgic surroundings. With such pleasant surroundings and millions of things to do in Manali, The place has become a hotspot among honeymooners and solo travelers. Now let’s check out some best outdoor activities in Manali.

  1. Waterfalls
  2. Adventure Sports
  3. Hot water springs
  4. Rohtang Pass
  5. Zorbing
  6. Bhrigu Lake
  7. Manu Market
  8. River Rafting
  9. Skiing at Solang Nullah
  10. Apple Orchids
  11. Riverside café
  12. Winter festival

1. Waterfalls

Waterfalls kulu
Waterfalls kulu: Image Credit/

Manali is a place that can be called nature’s gift. Each month and season brings in different activities for the tourists. One such best outdoor activity in Manali is to explore the waterfalls. A few surreal and beautiful falls, Jogini and the Zana falls, are the most visited ones. The locals, however, prefer the Rahala Falls for sightseeing and picnic purposes. Hence if you are a new tourist in Manali, try to visit all the waterfalls to pick up your favorite one. Whichever maybe your favorite, the refreshing experience will all be the same!

2. Adventure Sports

adventure sport
adventure sport: Image Credit/

Manali may be famous for many things, but the adventurous sport that pulls tourists here is nothing like that of any part of the country. There are many things to do in Manali that will leave you spellbound. Tourist indulges in several activities like trekking, kayaking and paragliding, as these are the best things to do in Manali. If you are lucky enough to visit the place during snowfalls, consider taking a cycling trip through the snowy mountains and snowcapped hills. Also, try Skiing and snowboarding, for which you need to take permission or prior booking to enjoy the activities. A few best places for outdoor activities in Manali are Bhrigu Lake, Beas Kund and Deo Tibba Base Camp.

3. Hot water springs

hot springs
hot springs: Image Credit/

The locals here believe that the hot springs in Manali have some healing power. Many tourists now feel the same. And hence the Hot water spring becomes one of the best things to do in Manali. Visit the hot spring and take a dip into the water and heal yourself inner and outer healing. It is believed that minerals have some healing power in them. This spot is situated in the Vashisht village and without any doubt, the place is flooded without tourists from all around the world. The timing is between 7 in the morning to 10 in the night.

4. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass: Image Credit/

Are you an adventure junkie? Well, then you better not miss the ride through the Rohtang Pass? With snow on both sides of the road and mesmerizing hilltop view, you won’t miss the experience for a lifetime. Get your bike or hire a bike to explore the valley! June to November is when tourists come here to enjoy the ride.

5. Zorbing

Zorbing: Image Credit/

Have you heard of Zorbing? It is an adventure and a fun activity that helps you leave your childhood once again. And that makes Zorbing famous among adults and well children alike. The Solang Vally is renowned for these outdoor activities in Manali. Apart from Solang Valley, many places give you a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the Zorbing experience. Hence don’t forget to go ahead and pull out the kid in you while enjoying a unique activity in life.

6. Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake
Bhrigu Lake: Image Credit/

As a tourist, you may have visited and explored many lakes in different parts of the country. But I bet you have seen nothing like Bhrigu Lake, which is bewitching in itself. The Manali Tourism has promoted this lake to a great extent to keep tourism active in this place. However, there is no need for any further promotions as exploring the Bhrigu lake is a beautiful, fascinating thing to do, Manali which tourists know very well! Tourists trek to the lake and enjoy the hilltop view and snow-drenched pathways.

7. Manu Market


Manu Market is famous among travelers across the country. This market has a variety of handmade clothes and handicrafts that lures in shoppers. People buy souvenirs way back home from the trip for a significantly cheaper rate.

The vicinity around the Manu market is flooded with small cafes and eateries that serve delicious tea and coffee with snacks for combination. You can also opt to buy some fabulous woolen clothes to take home for future winters seasons. And if you are wondering what else you could probably shop from the market, Tibetan jewelry, books, handloom are some that usually, people prefer.

8. River Rafting


River rafting is one outdoor activity in Manali that people love to the core. It is adventurous fun and surely will let your adrenaline rush be at its peak. One of the most famous and best places to visit in Manali for river rafting is the Beas River. The best month to enjoy this significant water sport is between April and June! Manali tourism allows tourists to enjoy the best of experience when it comes to river rafting; hence, professionals are hired to guide and keep tourists safe and sound.

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9. Skiing at Solang Nullah

Skiing at Solang Nullah
Skiing at Solang Nullah: Image Credit/

Along with river rafting, Skiing is also one of the best outdoor activities in Manali. It is also most popular among the younger generation. Solang Nullah is perfect for Skiing and enjoying the surplus snowy landscapes. You Manali tourism allot safety equipment for surfing and skiing purposes for adventure enthusiasts. The best time to visit Solang Nullah is between December to February, when the snow is at its best. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the mesmerizing beauty of life!

10. Apple Orchids

Apple Orchids
Apple Orchids: Image Credit/

You are in Himachal Pradesh, which means you will be around wonderful apple orchids. It may look right from the Bollywood flicks when you errand through the orchids filled with red and pink exotic apples. Taste a few and experience the world-class sweetness like never before.

The Orchids on the hilltop are more beautiful in the Kulu valleys. And hence they are one of the best places in Manali when it comes to exploring nature. Also, this gives you a feel of nature’s unconditional love and affection.

11. Riverside café

Manali is also famous for its tea! Not only because of its unique taste but also for the cold weather and hot tea combination. The mountain tea is renowned for its spice and flavor but what makes it more remarkable is the ambiance and the surroundings. The River café is one such place where tourist gathers to experience an enchanting view with hit sips of coffee and tea! If you are near Beas River, you should also visit this excellent café and enjoy your cup of tea. Yes, it is not only tea, but several delicious meals are available in the café!

12. Winter festival

Winter festival
Winter festival: Image Credit/

Attending winter festivals in Manali is one of the best things to do in Manali. This festival is best for people who love to get an insight into the culture and tradition. The winter festivals are also a New Year celebration of the region. The local people welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm and tasty exotic mountain food. If you are visiting Manali in January, don’t miss the winter carnival festival of Manali. A local band will perform at the festival, which is the best thing to watch. Also, there will be music and folk dance to get the real cultural experience of the world.

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Manali best place for a honeymoon?

While you are in Himachal Pradesh, people often compare the best of the Shimla or Manali? We know Manali is famous among solo backpackers, family vacations, and honeymooners. Honeymooners considered this place to be a paradise. However, the place is the best for the couple looking for a romantic resort stay and some adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities. Along with daring activities, the stay in this place is quite popular among newlywed couples. From the homestay to the highly luxurious resorts and hotels, Manali is all about imagining your best dreams.

Every year during December and January, you can see couples crowding into the place for touring this season with snowfalls and snowcapped mountains.

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Quick Vacation – Paces to visit Manali in 3 days

paragliding: Image Credit/

Manali is one of the best weekend gateways famous among local people and people living nearby the place. Often young people and families come in for a short vacation or trip. Weekend trips or three-day trips are quite popular among travelers. And if you are wondering if it is possible to cover all parts of the place? Then the good news is that there are places to visit Manali in 3 days.

Tourists can cover major nature and waterfalls on the first day such as Jogini falls and other scenic beauties. On the second day, you can cover most of the temples and historical places around. That may include the famous bathe in the hot spring. On the third day, you can go around experience a few watersports that may not require prior booking.

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How to reach Manali without any hustles

You can reach Manali either by air, train or by road. The nearest airport in Manali is almost 50 kilometers in distance. However, road travel is easier as Manali is connected to almost all well-known tourist destinations by road. Hence travel by road is the best possible way to reach Manali without any hustles. And also if you opt for state-run buses it will be much cheaper than you can imagine.

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Manali is full of surprise! True heaven in every sense. Perfect vacation spot, a fabulous place for a honeymoon, adventure destination for all the youngsters. If you visit this place once I bet you will visit it again and again. The beauty of Manali has been written several times, sung more often and explored by travelers to historians. If you want to experience heaven on earth – Visit Manali!

Frequently Asked Questions About Manali

Is Manali a good tourist destination?
Yes! Manali is a perfect tourist destination. It places with beautiful places, snowcapped mountains and bewitching landscapes.

What is the Area Geography of Manali?
Manali is located at 32.2 N, 77.1897 E, about 548 km (341 mi) north of New Delhi.

Why is Manali so famous?
Manali is famous among solo travelers who are looking for adventure and thrill and also among the honeymooners looking for heavenly surroundings.

What is the Best Time to visit Manali?
The best time to visit Manali is between October and May when the weather is surreal and pleasant. However there is a huge surge in tourism during December to February, when there are snowfalls and sports activities like Skiing are on demand.

How to reach Manali?
You can reach Manali either by air, train or by road.

Is Manali best for outdoor activities?
Yes! Manali has the best outdoor activities like paragliding, parachute riding, Skiing and bike rides through the snowcapped mountains.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Manali.
Plan your visiting month to avoid climate issues. Take weather-appropriate clothes and gear for your outdoor activities.

What languages are spoken in Manali?
Hindi is the main spoken language. But local people speak English as well.

How safe to Visit Manali?
Manali is a well-known tourist destination and one of the safest places to visit in India.

Are there any historical places in Manali?
There are quite a few historical places; however, you can visit the museums to explore the culture and tradition of the place.

What are the authentic foods of Manali?
You can enjoy all kinds of cuisines in Manali, particularly the North Indian Dishes.

Can I get cheaper accommodation in Manali?
Accommodations like homestays are cheaper compared to resorts and hotels.

Is Manali a good honeymoon destination?
Yes! Manali is without any doubt popular among honeymooners and couples. The ambiance, surroundings, snowcapped mountains and luxurious stay pave the way to it.

Important Phone Numbers to have while visiting Manali:

  • Tourist Information Centre, Manali- 01902-252175, 252325, 252325
  • Civil Hospital Manali – 01902-253385
  • Ambulance – 108
  • Women Helpline – 1091
  • Deputy Commissioner- 01902-222727

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