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Nainital Hill station – The Lake District of India


How much tired we are from our regular lifestyle. We always wanted to take a break from this computer-based life and our less human interactive life. We are aware of the fact that peace of mind and wanderlust would be achieved when we will be in the depth of nature. We should believe that we travel not to abstain from life but for life not to refuse us. If you are in search of this happiness and calmness, then you should visit Nainital Hill Station, a perfect destination for you where you will explore yourself.

Nainital Hill Station is one of the most prevailing and subtle hill station situated in the Kumaon Piedmont of the outer Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Nainital is the expanded version of Naini Tal which means Naini lake. Nainital Hill Station, with a touch of Himalayan aura, makes a special place in the hearts of travelers. This hill station seduces not only domestic travelers but also tourists from foreign countries — Nainital Hill Station glare like a shimmering jewel in the Himalayan region. Nainital looks like an eye-shaped lake structure in the valley. Nainital has emerged as the most fairy-tail, adventurous and lustrous place for nature lovers.

History of Nainital Hill Station

After the Anglo-Nepalese war, Kumaon hill comes under British domination. P. Barron founded Nainital Hill Station in 1841, P Barron was a sugar trader who fabricated the first Pilgrim Lodge. A landslide occurred in September 1882, which was more prominent from the year 1866 and 1877. In this landslide, around 160 people engulfed in the land. After two days again heavy rainfall started which continued till 48 hrs. This rainfall brought a stream of the waterfall from mountain hills. Due to this, the Naina Devi temple and British Assembly rooms were devastated completely. Few places recreated after the landslide known as “the flat” and the devasted temple erected once again.

Landslide of Nainital Hill Station

Later in the 19th century, many schools for boys and girls which are European by nature found at Nainital. It is believed that Nainital Hill Station has importance in Hindu Mythology as 64 Shakti Peeths thus, it has its significance. It is also thought that Shivji performed Tandav in this place.

Places to Visit at Nainital Hill Station

Nainital is elevated at the height of 6,837 ft above sea level. People of Nainital states that Nainital is divided into two parts, the first one is Tallital, and the other is Mallital. Both are opposite two each other. If one place has rainy days than the next to have sunny days. Let us see the physical tourist map of Nainital Hill Station.

Nainital-map, Via: Central Hotel

1. Naini Peak in Nainital Hill Station

This place is 6 km away from Nainital and elevated at the height of 2,611 m. Also known as China Peak, which is the highest peak of Nainital. This place is famous for trekking, those who don’t like trekking can book a pony for reaching on the top.

The mesmerizing view of Nainital from Naini Peak, Via:

After reaching the topmost point, one can enjoy the magnificent beauty of Himalayan ranges covered with snow, the Api Peak and the Bunder Punch Glaciers along with the Nari Peak in Nepal. One can also see the incredibly beautiful bowl-shaped town of Nainital from the peak.

2. Naini Lake

This lake is a fresh body lake filled with natural beauty. This lake looks like a kidney and one of the most famous destinations of boating for travelers in the Kumaon region. This place has an enduring atmosphere; one can walk here in the evening with ducks all around. It has a variety of birds present there and a beautiful butterfly museum.

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3. Snow Top on Nainital Hill station

Snow hill point in Nainital situated at the height of 2,270m above sea level. It offers a picturesque view of tremendously massive Himalayan Mountain wrapped up with milky snow layers.

Snow View Point
Snow View Point

One can view the panoramic view of Nanda Devi, Trishula and Nanda Not which are the most famous peaks of India.

4. Tiffin Top at Nainital Hill station

This place is a well-known spot of Nainital located in the Ayarpatta hills of Himachal Pradesh. Tiffin Top is also known as Dorothy’s seat. Full view of the town and nearby hills can be seen from there.

Tiffin Top, Nainital

The tranquil and peaceful environment makes it irresistible for photographers.

5. Naina Devi Temple

The divine lady, Naina Devi, worshipped in Nainital as the ‘Daughter of Kumaon. Every year in September, a large scale fair is organized for the worship of Naina Devi. All the rituals of kanyadaan are carried out.

6. Raj Bhavan Government House

It was initially constructed as the home for the Governor of the North-Western Provinces at the time of the British Rule. In 1899, is known the line of the Buckingham Palace of the United Kingdom. Official governer house.

Raj Bhawan, Nainital

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7. Eco Cave Garden

Eco Garden is a set of six small caves structured in the shape of various animals present in the Mallital area of Nanital Hill Station.

Eco Cave Garden, Nainital

This place is renowned for interconnected caves, hanging gardens and fountains with light music.

8. G. B. Pant High Altitude Zoo

Govind Ballanbh Pant High school is the only zoo of Nainital&utarakhand which was established in the year 1984.

G B Pant High Altitude Zoo

From Nainital Bus station it is 2 km away elevated 2,100 m above sea level thus provide a better view of the town. This zoo is a place for various endangered species.

9. Sattal Lake

It is a forested lake with some recreation and birding. Sal lake is a cluster of 7 freshwater lakes situated in the lower ranges of Himalayas.

10. Mall Road at Nainital Hill station

This street is the most loving zone of Nainital. It’s one side that has fully crowed with resorts and hotels, and another side has handloom and handicraft shops for tourists. Few shops are present there from the time of the British era.

Mall Road, Nainital

Modes Of Reaching Nainital Hill Station:

You can visit Nainital from March to June. The rainy season is the best time to visit Nainital. Winter season is loved by married couples to enjoy the lush green area of Nainital. You can visit by any means of transportation.

By Airways:

Pantnagar is the nearest airport from Nainital which is 65 km away from it. Indra Gandhi International airport is another nearby airport which connects significant cities with Nainital.

By Railways:

At a distance of 34 km, Kathogodam is situated, which is the nearest railway station for Nainital. Numerous train connect Nainital with Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and significant nearby cities. From New Delhi take Ranikhet Express, by which you can travel overnight and will reach Kathgodam in the morning.

By Roadways:

From Nainital, two major airports are present at the distance of 80km hardly from there you will take 2 hrs road drive for Nainital. The government provides many bus facilities to Nainital.

Hotel Arrangements In Nainital

There are many small budget hotels present in nearby areas. You can either find out online or from the tour guide regarding hotels and restaurants according to your budget. Some of the low range of hotels are described below for your comfort

Hotel Name Distance from Nainital Starting Price(INR)*
Treebo Trip Lorent Manor Anexx 2.5 km 1,000 -1,300
Avlokan Nainital 5.5 km 1,250
The Earl’s Court 2.5 km 4,700 – 6,400
H K legacy 0.3 km 700 – 1000
Hotel Dynasty Resort 4.3 km 2,100 – 3,000
The Earl’s Court, Nainital

The prices may vary due to availability of the room and your requirements and facilities. Please may check before bookings.

At last, we can say that Nainital will give you an extraordinary experience of Nature. You will feel free from all your tension and anxiety after visiting Nainital.

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