World Travel Amazing Adventurous Things To Do In New Zealand

Amazing Adventurous Things To Do In New Zealand


New Zealand is a dream destination for coastline lovers and for adventure lovers. This small country is power packed with adrenaline packed adventures and equally supported with scenic nature beauty. From ski to surf, go for hiking at the glaciers   and at the end of the day go boating between the caves . For all who are planning to visit New Zealand please go through the given list for getting some idea about how and which places and sports should be at your most priority.

Bungy Jump in Queenstown

A Bungy Jump is the most loved activity to do in New Zealand. It was invented by AJ Hackett in Queenstown.There are many to choose from. The original Bridge Jump, The Ledge Bungy and the terrifying Nevis Bungy located 134 meter over the middle of a gorge!. if you are visiting here then this is one the one foremost adventure sports to be done.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound was awarded the World’s Top tourist Destination in the year 2008.Even the person named Rudyard Kipling named it as the 8th wornder of the world. This is one the countries most famous travel destinations.The cruise ride in Milford sound is a essential part of any travelers visiting New Zealand. Its fiords demonstrates some of the highest cliffs of the world and is a remembering ride of one’s life.

Raft Class 5 Rapid

The class 5 Rapid Rafting is one of the wildest adventure one can experience here in New Zealand. The river rafting has always attracted a lot of adventure lovers here in this country. but the whitewater Rafting and that too Class 5 is one of the most breathtaking and intense water rafting experience. It is just two hours from Christchurch.There are even small rapids which can be done without any experts view in progress with just having 3 – 6 meters of high ledges.

Fox Glacier

Everyone loves to have a walk on or near the Glacier. The Fox Glacier is one of the effortless and quickest Glaciers to walk.Here it is very easy to complete one of the wishlist’s in your life and that too effortlessly. Here they provide you with a rain jacket as there could be a leaky water fountain anywhere and this should protect you from being over exposed to water and to go with it a waterproof pants is also provided.Anyone who is alright and does not have an intense breathing problem can do as it is situated at an relatively low elevation.


Those who are afraid of heights should atleast try paragliding once in their lifetime. It will surely help to relax your height fear and will let you enjoy the nature hidden beauty from 200 feet above ground. The skyline Gondola is just 5 minutes from the Central Queenstown and here you find some of the best paragliders waiting to take the risk with you for an epic ride of your life. The ride may last for only 15 minutes or so but the experience can’t be described in words. It is something that you should experience yourself .

Moeraki Boulders

Boulders are formed due to natural phenomenon in a million of years by sediments slowing turning into the form of boulders through soil erosion, wave actions and landslides. Moeraki Boulders are found along the Koekohe Beach on Otago Coast of New Zealand. They are located between Moeraki and Hampden On the South Island Of New Zealand.

Kaikoura Whale’s

Whale watching for any tourist is a fascinating and intriguing experience in the life. In New Zealand because there are many beaches and you can whale watch anywhere so it is most common that you can watch it at many more places. But in Kaikoura the different kinds of species of whale that you can watch here is something you can’t find elsewhere and they even refund you 80% of your money if you don’t spot a single whale. The whale here migrate through waters and hence making the chances of seeing them more from any other places.

Apple Rock

This is ancient and one of the most interesting place to visit. The Apple Rock has been here since 120 millions year and there are different theories of it getting split into two. According to the legends the rock was split into two when gods were fighting. Scientist theory goes like when the ice age was there the water got into rock expanding it and then breaking it into two. But whatever be the reason if you are visiting New Zealand and then it is a must watch and it might help you get your own unique theory about what might have happened.

Gorge Swing

The adventure lovers like to hangout in Gorge Swing.I you are into bungy jumping then this might also attract you. To swing by the rope and that too between the cliffs should really be a adventurous ride for you. It is not a direct fall but a swing that is about 300 meter in arc which will make you agitated and more pumped up. If you have never tried it then should go for it.

Glow Worms

Glowworms are small insects that emit bio luminescent.They are found in many caves in New Zealand. The insects never leave the cave as they are survive in dark. But they have a light of their own which makes them attract more insects that come into the cave and gets caught in there threads which they make as a trap for insects.

Pancake Rocks

Pancake rocks are the part of Paparoa National Park. They are accessible by the walk right in the center of Punakaiki. These Pancake Rocks are awesome place to visit. These are limestone formation that has been made in around 1000 years. During the wave time you can see the sea waters coming out through the holes in the walls

Tongariro Crossing

The Tongariro Crossing is considered one of the best day hikes in the entire world. It was make you go through some huge valleys, volcanic lakes and even some huge mountains slopes. This places is so beautiful , it has also been used in some film sets . The Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson’s Mount Doom was this place from New Zealand.


This is active volcanic lake present in New Zealand. This place temperature rises rapidly sometimes when the acid in the lake is on boil.The tourist here can have a go for bubbling mud, volcanic caters and Hot grounds .There is a defined path from which the peoples have to walk past here for their safety and get the look for this natural beauty. This was one of the 20 most surreal places in the World.

Dolphins In Bay of Islands

Have to swim along side Dolphins is one of the most memorable moments of your life. They are the most friendly marine fish you can swim with, and even they smile and make some beautiful noises too. In Bay Of islands you could have the opportunity to swim with the bottle-nose dolphins.Here the waters are warmer so not wet suit are provided and it is also refreshing.

So here we have listed some of the most adventurous places in New Zealand . So if you find these places interesting then go and have a look for yourself. These places are highly recommended and really it will be an intriguing experience.

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