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9 Most Unbelievable & Bizarre Landscapes on Earth


Everyone has enough heard of seven wonders of the world and popular places to visit across the globe. There is no such destination left on this planet that is untouched by travel enthusiasts. Thus everybody has been super-saturated after seeing images of the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest. But there are many lesser-known sites that are equally incredible and should be explored once in your lifetime. By seeing these bizarre landscapes you will be shocked and mesmerized at the same time and definitely utter wow from your mouth!!

There are many locations on Earth where images can not do justice to natural beauty. We have found 9 of the world’s most unique landscapes – you won’t believe they exist Check them out –

1. Beautiful Marble Caves – Chile, Bizarre Landscapes

The Marble Caves are one of the best-hidden gems located in the Patagonia region of Chile. They are formed on a peninsula of solid marble in a glacial lake that crosses the Chile-Argentina border by 6,000 years of wave erosion of calcium carbonate. The smooth, flowing blues of the cave walls represent the azure waters of the lake, which differ in strength and colour, depending on the water level and the time of year.

Beautiful Marble Caves - Chile, Bizarre Landscapes
Marble Caves, Chile, Via: Pinterest

These beautiful caves are situated in the middle of Lake General Carrera and can only be reached by boat or kayak. These marvel caves are the best to witness sunrise and sunset when the light reaches these caves.

2. The Hand in the Desert of Atacama, Bizarre landscapes

The Atacama, which stretches 600 miles from Peru’s southern border to northern Chile, is described by geologists as an absolute desert. It is filled with sterilised, bone-dry stretches where rain was never recorded for as long as the weather was measured by humans. As a result, much of the barren land is fully vegetation-free. The Atacama Desert in Chile is home to Mano de Desierto which is known as the hand in the desert.

Bizarre landscapes
The Hand of Atacama Desert, Via:

The sculpture stands at 11 metres tall and is surrounded by miles of desert. This amazing and surreal Hand in the Desert is created by Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal in the early 1980s. They are said to represent the hands of mother nature that embrace South America.

3. Chocolate Hills of Bohol – Philippines

Bohol Chocolate Hills seems to be a famous tourist attraction that continues to draw attention to its unique and scenic features. But why these 1,268 impressive conical hills are named as Chocolate hills. The reason behind this unique name is that in the regular season they are covered with green grass but in the dry season, these hills dry up and turn brown in colour.

Chocolate Hills-Bohol
Chocolate Hills-Bohol, Via:

There are more than a thousand hills spread over 50 km in the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan in Bohol. It is hard to believe, that this magnificent site is not a man-made, but it is all-natural and this remarkable landscape is unique in the Philippines.

4. Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia, Bizarre Landscapes

Salar de Uyuni is about 4,000 square miles long and is Bolivia’s largest salt field. It has a spoken desert-like cast landscape with a dry prehistoric lake, lots of beautiful rock formations and islands loaded with cactus. According to investigators, forty thousand years ago, the region was a large river that dried up and left a huge deposit of minerals.

Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia, Bizarre Landscapes
Incredible View of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Via:

When it rains, the surface is effectively turned into a giant mirror. During the dry season, its huge pattern of geometric salt fascinates the many travellers, which seems to go beyond the horizon. This destination is great for explorers and adventure buffs.

5. McMurdo Dry Valley – Antarctica

McMurdo Dry Valley is also known as the Forsen desert of Antarctica and it is the largest ice-free region in Antarctica. This frozen dessert rugged terrain looks likes as if it belongs on Pluto rather than our planet. This valley is stretched around 9,300 square miles and was carved by glaciers that long ago removed, leaving in their wake a broken layer of boulders, gravel and pebbles, all of which have been worn down by the harsh weather and sorted by the strong winds.

McMurdo Valley, Antarctica, Via:

Most of the continent is covered by thick ice, but this is a surprising exception. The mountains of Shelter and the dry winds of the continent preserve the frigid desert that defies all expectations.

6. Incredible Red Beach – China

The first world which came into your mind after hearing beach is sand, but this Red beach does not hold any sand. However, the Red Beach in China is simply red and not coated in the sand at all. This beach of china is located in Panjin Shi and this marvel is caused by a type of red plant called Sueda. This plant begins to grow during April and May, then stays green during the summer, but begins to turn rich red in the autumn.

Red Beach, China
Red Beach, China, Via:

Red Beach is situated in the largest wetland and weed marsh in the world. In addition, it houses more than 260 species of birds and 399 species of wild animals. While most of the Red Beach is closed to the public, there is still a small portion that acts as a tourist destination.

7. Wadi Rum Desert – Jordan, Bizarre Landscapes

Wadi Rum is a surreal desert which spread over 285.7 square miles of Jordan, offering narrow canyons, bridges, sandstone bays, high cliffs and stunning views along sand dunes. It’s one of the most popular locations for tourists to stay in Jordan. It is so bright and red that it closely resembles the surface of Mars, often being depicted as the planet in several Hollywood movies such as Transformer, The Martian etc.

Wadi Rum Desert - Jordan, Bizarre Landscapes
Wadi Rum Desert, Via:

Travellers love to stay overnight in Wadi Rum under the big blue sky, gazing at the shooting stars, and the sudden shift in the colours of the skies is a completely uncommon sight for them.

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8. Wai-o-Tapu Wonderland – New Zealand

Wai-o-tapu is New Zealand’s most colourful geothermal attraction. An area in which the landscape has been sculptured by geothermal activity and where unique volcanic features can be viewed from well-defined tracks.

Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, New Zealand
Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, New Zealand, Via:

Unique features of this wonderland such as naturally coloured springs, extensive sights bubbling mud, steaming ground, huge volcanic craters and terrace formation attract many travellers to visit this surreal destination.

9. The Richat Structure- Mauritania

The Eye of the Sahara, also known as the Richat Structure which resembles a huge bull’s eye and it is believed that this incredible and mysterious geological system that exists before the presence of human life on the earth. The Richat Structure in Mauritania is a gigantic circular twist pattern which is around 30 miles in the diameter of West African desert.

Image credit: NASA

When astronauts first observed the Richat Structure in the 1960s, it was believed to be a crater left behind by an extensive meteor, because of the evenness of its curves. Many geologists think it started to shape when the Pangea Supercontinent begins to collapse. You can read more here about it- Mysterious and Thrilling Secrets of Richat Structure in Mauritania.

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