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8 Reasons to Add Franz Josef Land to Your Travel Bucket List


Franz Josef Land is a packet full of snow adventures, one of the icy country which is situated at the Russian Artic Circle with 900 kilometers coverage area. It is one of the world’s famous enclaves in the northern hemisphere of the earth.

If you’re looking to make an impression on a high elevated snowfield then Franz Josef Land is one of destination adventure. Enjoy discovering the blue ice caverns of the silky glaciers or hike on a wild glacial mountain.

Remote Wilderness, Franz Josef Land
Remote Wilderness, Franz Josef Land / Image credit:

The Franz Josef Land is the place where you can find infinite reasons to explore with lots of adventurous activities. So let’s checkout the top 8 best things to do in Franz Josef Land.

1. Helicopter Flight on Franz Josef Glacier

A 20 minute helicopter tour above the ice falls and snow fields is the foremost activity once you reach Franz Josef land. This helicopter ride will take you to another level of amusement when you closely see the cold scene crossing through the icy curves. Here West Coast icy masses are preferably more breathtaking from above.

The main attraction with a helicopter trip you can view is Westland Tai Poutini National Park. The area is fully covered with dense forest with a beautiful snow-covered look.

Franz Josef Helicopter Ride
Franz Josef Helicopter Ride / Image credit:

You will easily get professional helicopter pilots which will take you to famous destinations in the Franz Josef Land. You not only enjoy the cold scenes but also capture amazing photographs and videos in an open sky. I must say, one can start their trip with this amazing helicopter ride in Franz Josef Land.

2. Hiking at Franz Josef Terminal Face

In Franz Josef Land you will be keen on discovering more about glaciers, widely varied vegetation and the historical backdrop of the region. One of the quickest moving icy masses in the world is a Fox Glacier over here, but experiencing it closely is a bit risky sometimes.

Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers
Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers / Image credit:

The local instructors namely Eco Valley Tours and the Franz Josef Glacier Guides help tourists to make them through Franz Josef Glacier valley. Hence, it is far better not to take a risk and take guidance from a trip advisor before heading towards  Franz Josef Terminal Face.

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3. Sky diving

Feel the most noteworthy mountains in New Zealand through skydive adventure. The main hub for skydiving lies between the two mountains namely the Aoraki and Mount Cook. This is New Zealand’s most elevated skydive place with a height of 20,000ft. One can find multiple height options here ranging from  9,000ft to 20,000ft which was featured on  Red Bull’s Most Insane Skydives.

Skydive at Mount Cook Tandem with the height of 9,000 to 15,000 Feet
Skydive at Mount Cook Tandem with the height of 9,000to 15,000 Feet / Image credit:

The places between the mountains and sea show the 360° view that incorporates rainforests, water bodies and glaciers. This unique spot comes under the UNESCO world legacy region for its rich greenery with hidden scenic beauty.

4. Kayaking at Lake Mapourika

Lake Mapourika is situated on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The distance of this lake is 9 kilometers away from Franz Josef Glacier. On the lustrous Mapourika lake enjoy paddling through the Southern Alps and icy masses.

Lake Mapourika Glacier Country Kayaks
Lake Mapourika Glacier Country Kayaks / Image credit:

Enjoy the magnificence of this lake with a kayak or up paddleboard with professional kayak guides. You can capture the experience with stunning photographs here. Apart from this, you can also enjoy a warm indoor lodge region, comprised of a back deck, which makes this place incredible for nature photography.

5. Ōkārito Lagoon

Ōkārito is one of the attractive spots for nature lovers and for those that are ornithologically connected. From 25 kilometers away from Franz Josef Township the Ōkārito Lagoons are present. During spring and summer, the early morning is the best time to see a variety of birds like  White Herons, Royal Spoonbills, etc.

Okarito lagoon boat tours wildlife photography
Okarito lagoon boat tours wildlife photography / Image credit:

This place is the best scope for boating through river channels and for sightseeing. This region is also suited for Kayaking activity because of the tremendous shallow region of water and salt marshes.

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6. Quad biking in Glacier Valley

Since Franz Josef Land is tucked under the superb Southern Alps with glorious Glaciers offering numbers of adventures for the tourist. With the help of ATV quad bicycles, you can explore a huge glacial mass encompassing pinnacles, riverbeds and cross rainforests. There is a board a 2-seater ATV that will guide through solid cutting glacial masses.

Across country quad bike rides Franz Josef
Across country quad bike rides Franz Josef / Image credit:

Throughout your trekking journey, you will get to see dynamite ice falls from both Fox and Franz Josef ice glaciers. And this can make the most thrilling experience for any snow lover to capture amazing photographs at this point.

7. Glacier Hot Pools

The Franz Josef Land is also famous for its Glacier Hot Pools that are a natural paradise. In the lap of the West Coast, these hot pools comprise of rich rainforest which makes the ideal spot for relaxation.

Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools
Franz Josef Glacier Hot Pools / Image credit:

All these pools are loaded with warmed waters somewhere in the range of 36°C and 40°C. One can experience the full body massage at private pools. One of the extraordinary methods to relax from travel pressure, whether you are trekking or swimming, these spring-water hot pools are warmed by the Earth and rising out of the normal. The couples can enjoy the warmth in this hot water pool and that gives another excitement to their trip. So Don’t miss the opportunity to book your hot water pool resort while planning a trip to Franz Josef Land.

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8. Kiwi Bird at Wildlife Centre

Kiwi is a New Zealand’s national bird. There are few spots in the country where kiwi can be seen. New Zealand is rich in birdlife preservation. The  Ōkārito Forest that is close to Franz Josef is the home of Rowi. According to nature specialists, just 400 kiwis are left on the earth, Rowi kiwi is one of them. At Ōkārito, the West Coast Wildlife Center is working on Rowi Kiwi conservation.

Kiwi Bird in New Zealand
Kiwi Bird in New Zealand / Image credit:

Apart from this, you can also experience the birdlife varieties like wrens, tomtits and fantails. Get a chance to recognize the wood pigeon (Keru) at Tui and the South Island Robin.

Icy masses are one of nature’s most stunning exhibitions. If you are looking for remote areas on the earth so the Franz Josef Land will give you the ultimate experience with glacial touch.

Cruise to Franz Josef Land
Cruise to Franz Josef Land / Image credit:

The fantastic natural view and unique wildlife will make your trip unforgettable. The beauty of the Arctic circle lies at the Franz Josef Land. If you want to experience one of the poles of the earth, so I suggest you add  Franz Josef Land to your adventure list.

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