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Discover 10 Best Travel Destinations of Algeria


Algeria is officially known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria. It is the largest country in Africa and has a diverse landscape. There are many beautiful places and a lot to offer to travelers, which they are not aware of. Algeria has many enchanting urban cities with winding streets and stunning architecture. Mediterranean coast, vibrant scenes and roman remains to match anyplace on the planet.

Saharan region is popular in where the never-ending sand and mysterious rocks attract many travelers. Most Algerians welcome vacationers with warm invites and are glad to impart their lifestyle to tourists coming to their nation. One crucial thing about Algeria is that it is famous all over the world for cherries and dates. Tourists are traditionally greeted with dates and milk.

Let’s uncover more about the history, culture, people and popular destinations of Algeria.

1. Algiers, Travel Destinations of Algeria

Algier is the capital and the largest city in Algeria. This city is famous for its fabulous architecture, which was founded by Ottoman. The ancient Casbah, French-built streets, elegant apartments and Villas are worth watching. Also, explore Dar Hassan Pacha, which was once the city’s most decadent mansion.

Algiers, Travel Destinations of Algeria
Historical Ketchaoua Mosque in Algier, Via:

Casbah is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Casbah particularly includes the Ketchaoua mosque, mosque el Djedid, the Casbah Palace and mosque El Kébir. Other top sights which you should visit in Algiers are Grande Poste, National Museum of Antiques, Bardo Museum of prehistory and ethnography and Jardin d’ Essai.

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2. Oran, Travel Destinations of Algeria

Algeria’s most important city in terms of cultural, industrial and commercial importance. Oran is a beautiful coastal city with a lot of hidden history. The construction of this city is inspired by the seaside resort of France. Witness the French colonial era of architecture on its streets and monuments.

Oran, Travel Destinations of Algeria
Majestic Views of Oran from the Fort of Santa Cruz, Via:

You can enjoy the coastal view of Oran, magnificent cliffs and harbours. Top sights to visit in Oran include the Fort of Santa Cruz, Bey’s palace, Medina Jdida, the Ahmed Zabana National Museum, Pasha’s Mosque and Plage Madagh.

3. Constantine

Constantine is a natural wonder and a stunning destination for tourists. You can feel the touch of fantasy here in this city as the majority of buildings can only be reached by crossing the Cid bridge across a large canyon known as Oued Rhumel. This bridge is retained from the time of Romans.

Cid bridge across a large canyon -Oued Rhumel, Via:

The major sights of attractions in Constantine are Sidi M’Cid Bridge, Tiddis, Palace of Ahmed Bay, National Museum of Cirta, the Mosque of Emir Abdelkader and the oldest mosque of the city- the Grand Mosque.

4. Annaba

Annaba is a major tourist hub in Algeria. This city is an excellent natural port of freshwater and the most fertile land, according to a study done by Phoenicians around 300 years ago. The ancient Roman City of Hippo Regius, surrounded by Olive trees on one side and sea located on the other side, the famous museum of Annaba and Basilica de Saint Augustine, are top attractions in Annaba.

Saint Augustine Basilica- Annaba, Via: Pinterest

The green main street and La Cours set the romantic atmosphere in the whole city. This city is a perfect blend of tourism and industry, as the largest steel complex is located here. Annaba is surrounded by mountains that are ideal for hiking and mountain climbing.

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5. Timgad, Travel Destinations of Algeria

Timgad is one of the best Roman locales in presence. The ruins of Timgad stretched nearly to the extent the eye can see over a plain. The ruins are a little enormous at first but reward those that take the time to explore every row and road.

Timgad, Travel Destinations of Algeria
Ancient Roman Ruins Of Timgad, Via:

Due to its sustainable climate, it is considered by the UNESCO World Heritage site. Apart from the ruins of roman, you can explore the Arch of Trajan, Archeological Museum of Timgad and go trekking at Djebel Bou Arif mountain peak.

6. Djemila, Travel Destinations of Algeria

Djemila is a popular mountain village in Algeria. The breathtaking ruins of Djemila are the remaining parts of the antiquated Roman town of Cuicul. Tucked into the strikingly lovely petite Kabylie slopes, Djemila is one of the absolute best articulations of the gathering of Roman power and African beauty.

Djemila, Travel Destinations of Algeria
Roman town of cuicul- Djemila, Via:

Djémila, with its forum, temples, basilicas, triumphal arches and architectural houses, is among the top tourist spots in Algeria. Aside from the Roman Ruins of Djemila, the Arch of Caracalla, Museum of Djemila and Christian Quarters are worth seeing.

7. Ghardaia

Ghardaia is situated in a long valley on the edge of the Sahara desert. It is a cluster of 5 of five towns namely Ghardaia, Melika, Beni Isguen, Bou Noura and El-Atteuf. Ghardaia is almost a country on its own with its tradition, culture, religion and even the dress code.

Historical M’zab Monument- Ghardaia, Via: Pinterest

Explore the popular Sidi Brahmin Mosque built in the 12th century and Mzab Valley. You can visit the Palmier restaurant which is the best and most established in Ghardaia to relish the best traditional food of Algeria.

8. Tamanrasset

Tamanrasset is a modern and attractive town in Algeria. Tam has everything you might expect from a modern city, including several shops, restaurants, banks and travel amenities. The city is an excellent base for exploring the Ahaggar National Park while retaining the comforts of a well-equipped town.

Beautiful views of Tamanrasset-Sahara, Via: Pinterest

You can also explore the Atakor Volcanic field. Its red houses and magnificent rugged scenery make Tamanrasset a tourist spot during the cooler months.

9. Tlemcen, Travel Destinations of Algeria

Tlemcen is among the most beautiful towns situated in the northwest of Algeria. Also known as the Pomaria by the Romans in the 4th century. To witness the beauty of the stunning Moorish building, you must visit Tlemcen.

Tlemcen, Travel Destinations of Algeria
Ruins of Mansourah- Tlemcen, Via:

Top attractions of Tlemcen include the Great Mosque, the Eiffel Bridge and waterfalls in the nearby National Park of Tlemcen. The Moorish atmosphere, the red old city walls, beautiful minarets and big palaces make Tlemcen a popular tourist destination.

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10. Hoggar Mountains

Ahaggar or Hoggar Mountains are the highland regions in the central Sahara situated in southern Algeria. The Hoggar Mountains experiences hot summers with a cold winter climate.

Travelers Exploring Hoggar Mountains, Via:

These mountains are a major location for biodiversity, including the number of relict species. You can also visit the highest peak of Algeria, Tahat mountains. The Hoggar Mountain range consists mainly of jagged volcanic rock, and rainfall in the area is occasional.

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