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Hassan II Mosque of Morocco – A Royal Monument Built on Atlantic Ocean


Morocco is a well-known country in North Africa which is known for its surplus travel and historical landmarks. Morocco is widely famous for its Roman sites present in Meknes, for the most stunning blue painted town- Chefchaouen, for watching glorious sunset in Sahara Dessert, Marakkesh which is recently designated as the cultural capital of Africa and for Casablanca which is the most visited travel destination of Morocco. The culture and lifestyle of Morocco will leave you spellbound as it is rarely explored and felt anywhere. But apart from all these cultural attractions, one more landmark makes Morocco very popular throughout the world and that is Hassan II Mosque which is located in Casablanca.

Know the reason behind its popularity, history and architectural facts in our blog. 

Let’s Discuss Casablanca First –

Casablanca is a port town and industrial centre of Morocco, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most toured travel city of the nation and the reason you know very well that is the Hassan II mosque. Aside from this, this city is also acknowledged for high-class restaurants and lively nightlife scenes.

Interior view of King palace of Casablanca
Interior view of King palace of Casablanca, Via:

The impressive buildings of the city are an amalgam of the French-colonial design and the traditional Moroccan style. You can also discover traditional Islamic architecture at King Palace at Casablanca.

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The Hassan II Mosque

The grand Hassan II mosque is renowned as the tallest minaret in the world as well in Morocco with a height of 210m atop the Atlantic shoreline in Casablanca since 1993. It is the most lavish epitome of modernity in Morocco. It is the 7th biggest mosque in the world with a capacity of holding 25,000 devotees at a time. The mosque looks mesmerising mainly during the time of sunset and tempts many photographers towards it every year. All the marble, wood carvings, and mosaics will take photographers breath away.

Beautiful view of Hassan II Mosque and Atlantic Ocean
Wonderful view of Mosque and the Atlantic Ocean, Via:

The Hassan II Mosque Museum

This Museum is attached to the Hassan II Mosque office. Visiting this museum is free of cost and it contains inclusive information of the mosaics and wood carvings used in construction and decoration of the mosque.

Historical Brief of the Hassan II Mosque

The Hassan II Mosque the most splendid monument of Morocco and it was constructed during the monarchy of King Hassan II. The Hassan II Mosque is one of only two mosques in the Casablanca which is open to non-Muslims. King Hassan II proposed in a sermon on July 9th, 1980 to establish a mosque on the water because God’s throne was situated on the water.

King Hassan II
King Hassan II, Via:

So the followers who go there to pray and to admire the maker on grounds of the mosque, they can witness God’s sky and ocean at the same time. The architect intentionally has done this to recall the poetry of ‘Quran’ which states that the royalty of Allah was built on water. This is the reason why this majestic royal monument of Allah is located on the Atlantic Ocean, which can be seen through the glass floor inside.

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Architectural Facts of the Hassan II Mosque

As stated above, this mosque was built under the rule of and directions of King Hassan II. This mosque is designed on the site of the ancient community swimming pool and its construction began on July 12, 1986. The museum is stretched in a large area around 20,000m². Thus this mosque can accommodate 25,000 worshippers and the nearby outdoor courtyards provide space for further 80,000 people. The size and intricate designing of the prayer hall are quite mesmerising.

Inner View of Hassan II Mosque
Inner View of Hassan II Mosque, Via:

The religious and cultural complex of this Mosque includes a prayer hall, a Koranic school, a library and a museum. Interior walls of the mosque are handcrafted with smooth marble, and the glass floor provides travellers and devotees to get a glimpse of the seabed in the main hall.

Around 10,000 artisans united to construct this mosque, skillfully carved intricate patterns and designs in aromatic cedar wood from the Middle Atlas and pink granite from Agadir.

Intricate Patterns Carved on Exterior Wall of Hassan-II Mosque
Intricate Patterns Carved on Exterior Wall of Hassan-II Mosque, Via:

As a result, a modern and extensive tribute to the former King of Morocco is given in the form of Hassan II mosque which is a perfect blend of traditional Moorish architecture and 20th-century innovation.

Considering the gates of this mosques, they were made from brass and titanium and the ablution (washroom) fountains in the basement are shaped similar to lotus flowers and they were carved from local marble.

Ablution Room of the Mosque, Via:

Other Facts:

  • The Mosque not was designed by French Architect Michel Pinseau who had lived in Morocco and built by French engineering company Bouygues.
  • The minaret of the mosque has 60 stories and 210 meters tall and highlights a laser at the top which point towards Mecca.
  • The centrally heated prayer hall floor is partly made of glass and worshippers can see down into the water below!
  • The roof is also retractable so that it can be opened for devotees to see the stars at night!
  • The mosque can endure earthquakes and also contains a sliding roof and a heated floor.

Concluding here but remember, whether you travel whole Casablanca or not, visiting the Hassan II Mosque is must for everyone!!

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