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Must Visit Places At Mesmerizing Cape Town


We all carry a traveler’s bug in us. And what makes that big lay satisfied is some wonderful places that we are gifted with. Cape Town on the southwest coast of South Africa is undeniably one such place to plan our trip. The place is enchantingly beautiful and intriguingly fascinating. Didn’t get me? Well, let’s get into the streets of Cape Town and set it right! Cape town is surrounded by beautiful hills, flat top mountains, islands and prisons that held a great curiosity to capture your mind.

We will be looking into some best places that lure tourists and locals alike.

V&A Waterfront

V&A Waterfront
V&A Waterfront / Image credit:

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is also known as V & A is one of the major tourist attractions of Cape Town. It is a harbour built across an area of nearly 123 hectares area. The place is residential as well as commercial property to the place. Alongside the giant Atlantic Ocean, the Waterfront is one of the most sought crowd pullers. And by crowd-puller I mean, 23 million visitors a year.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
Table Mountain Aerial Cableway / Image credit:

If you are into some exciting and fun, then you better get a trip on the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. It is a cable, a circular one giving you a view of exactly 360 across the city. A very well planned and constructed. Tourists get into this cable tour solely to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the city from the sky.

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Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park
Table Mountain National Park / Image credit:

Cape Town is known for the famous Table Mountains. Table Mountain National Park is worth visiting a place. It is basically maintained to build up a protected area for nature and the environment for years. It is mostly preserved and maintained by the South African National Park. Within this Park is the Table Mountain and the Cape of good hope is situated. No wonder this place is listed among the World Heritage Sites.

The Nelson Mandela Gateway

A Museum that exhibits the history, decorum and life of political prisoners. This gateway is particularly famous as it explicits the life of Nelson Mandela. This Gateway led to Robben island where the political hero was kept prisoner for 18 long years. Hence the museum is all about life and learns of his life in prison. Also, people gather here to reclaim their love for the country and pay tribute to the nation’s hero.

Robben Island Museum

From the coast of Bloubergstrand, nearly 6 kilometers there lay a small island called Robben Island. It is a place the locals are emotionally attached to. The place gives a better perspective of the historic past, not only of Cape town but an entire nation. Well, it is the island where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his life in prison for the freedom movement. Robben island is an Oval shaped island that once was a prison to many. But after Nelson Mandela, it becomes a place that no one ever will forget!

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Two Oceans Aquarium

We have already discussed the V & A Waterfront. The two ocean aquarium is situated here. This giant aquarium is filled with exotic fish and other water bodies. And it is not at all surprising as the aquarium touches the Atlantic ocean and exotic water bodies. This place is a perfect one to be with your kids as it widens their creativity. It will fascinate them when they see a ragged-tooth shark staring at them.

Greenmarket square

Greenmarket square
Greenmarket square / Image credit:

Africa is a place with major historical and political implications. The green market square is situated in the year 1696. Now the place is a well-known market square that mainly attracts visitors by selling the best of the African souvenirs and crafts. Tourists are attracted to this place as it allows them to collect the best possible souvenirs to take back home and keep memory out of it.

Mojo market

Mojo market place
Mojo market place / Image credit:

Yet another market place but vastly different from the above one. Mojo market is mostly for fun and excitement. There are a lot of food stalls and eateries for food lovers. The place had some best night pubs for beers and music and some wine houses for the best red and white wines.

Cape town has many more places, like Maclear’s Beacon, Good hope, and beaches to its credit. However, the place is best known for the prison where once Mandela spent his dark days to lit up the light for an entire country!

Bon Voyage!!

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