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Mysterious and Thrilling Secrets of Richat Structure in Mauritania


Resembling an enormous bull’s eye, the Eye of the Sahara, also known as Richat Structure is an immense and puzzling geologic arrangement that exits before the human came into existence on earth.

For centuries, the Eye of the Sahara has been hidden away from the plain sight of humans and this bulls-eye in the sand was confirmed by the astronauts. Many of the geologists believe that it started to form when the super-continent Pangea started to fall apart.

The In-depth Research of Richat Structure

Even after its was discovered, there have been questions surrounding around this whole structure and the researchers are still trying to find the answers. Situated in the western Sahara Desert in Mauritania, it is said that the Richat Structure is considered as a heaven for astronauts.

When the Gemini IV mission of a four-day circle around Earth was taking place in 1965, the space explorers were solicited to take photographs from Earth’s terrain. They were especially approached to pay special attention to the details of “any enormous round highlights which may be the foundations of effect structures,” as indicated by the content going with a lot of photos distributed from the mission.

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Craters are of geographical significance enlightened us with the theories regarding the historical backdrop of the Earth. Additionally, they came up with the proof of how frequently space rocks have collided with our planet which assisted the researchers in estimating what’s yet to come. In the beginning, researchers thought that the Eye of the Sahara was an impact crater. In any case, they didn’t discover enough evidence to drive their speculation on the right track. Current speculations recommend a considerably more entangled story behind this amazingly formed structure. The primary ring structure of the Eye is considered to be the past layers of the earth which were once the lofty dome

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Enlightening Theories about Richat Structure

Researchers still have inquiries concerning the Eye of the Sahara and the more they delve deeper into it, the more answers they find. After doing the case study, two Canadian geologists managed to find an answer about its beginnings. They believe that the Eye’s formation started 100 million years ago, even before the existence of life on Earth. The super-continent Pangaea was torn separated by plate tectonics and when it broke the water of the Atlantic Ocean began to flow in the region. Liquid rocks were pushed up towards the surface however didn’t make it the whole distance, making a vault of rock layers, similar to a huge pimple.

This additionally made separation points orbiting the Eye and its intersections. The liquid rock additionally broke up limestone close to the center of the eye, which fallen to shape an extraordinary sort of rock called Breccia.

Enlightening Theories about Richat Structure
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After the phenomena, the Eye had a violent eruption which cleared the bubble shape structure, and erosion wrapped up the work to make the Eye we know today. The rings are made of various sorts of rocks that disintegrate at various speeds. The circle close to the center point of the Eye is volcanic rock made during that blast. The newbie astronauts are surprised by the Eye because such an extensive amount the Sahara Desert is a whole ocean of sand. The Eye is one of only a handful couple of breaks in the monotony, and now it’s turned into a key milestone for the researchers.

The Unique Structure

Researchers gathered to the Eye to study its unique geographical Richat Structure which introduces a rich store of molten rocks like rhyolite, kimberlite, gabbros, and carbonatite. Three settled rings look like a slope which plunges outwards from the Richat structure. Towards the center of the land structure, a limestone-dolomite rack encases a siliceous, lens structure Breccia that is infiltrated by different layers of basalt, kimberlite and volcanic rocks. The Richat Structure likewise has terrific thermal modifications to water particles as a feature of the structure.

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Threats for Human life

Due to climate change, desertification has increased which could lead the sand dunes to move towards the rocky bed and hence the structure will be covered with sand in future. The Richat Structure is of little risk from any pollution activity since it is situated amidst deserted natural surroundings. Scarcely no human colony or individuals roam around this structure because no one lives near this crater. The extreme temperature of the place and the high wind pressure don’t support human settlements in the territory however some iron mines exist in the close by areas.

To Summarize

Even after great researches, only a few people could believe that the Eye of the Sahara is the remnant of the city of Atlantis, which Plato described as concentric rings of water and land. The geographical history of the structure uncovers many intriguing facts. Some even believe that this structure was formed when an alien ship landed here. They believe that the aliens were the first to invade earth and made many modifications to nature and ecosystems on the Earth. But still, the alien theory could not be neglected as long time in history their presence on earth has been explained. So even after multiple theories and explained philosophies, this structure still remains a mystery!

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