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Ultimate Backpacking Guide to Rwanda for Gorilla Trekking


Among all the African nations one thing is entirely common and that is its plethora of wildlife with beautiful natural spectacles. When it comes to Rwanda, an exceptional nation of Eastern Africa that differs from other nations. Here travellers can behold the beauty of mother nature while experiencing Gorilla Trekking. Rwanda is totally a destination for wildlife lovers and adventure enthusiasts as they can go safari in Akagera National Park.

Cultural lovers can know about Rwanda’s traditions and attend exhibitions held at Rwanda’s Ethnographic Museum. The 1994 Rwandan genocide left the country in ruins, but from there, it has made remarkable progress in recent decades. This nation became very peaceful, offers a friendly atmosphere and amazing destination with plenty to see and do.

India Imagine readers let’s uncover what Rwanda has to offer –

Ultimate Places to Visit in Rwanda

Meet Gorillas at Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park is without a doubt the most common activity in Rwanda and this can be done at Volcanoes National Park. It is not only a great place to see gorillas, but it’s also a place to learn the Rwandan culture at Gorilla Guardian Village which lies between your route. Here you can see the country’s beloved mountain gorillas which are critically endangered. Travellers and adventure seekers are required to go gorilla trekking in the mountains, which may extend your travel budget.

Volcanoes National Park - Rwanda
Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda / Image Credit:

Approximate 7 to 8 hrs will be utilised in this trekking experience which involves treks through the mystical bamboo forests, muddy areas and wild meadows. The best highlight of this trek is that you can interact with Gorillas, observe them while eating and how do they care for their babies. You can stay at Bisate lodges before starting your trekking.

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Visit Gorilla Guardian Village

During your trek to Volcano National Park, you have to take the stoppage at Gorilla Guardian Village. This non-profit cultural village of Rwanda is governed by reformed poachers. Sightseers can get an amazing opportunity to try their hand at the most prominent arts activities of Rwanda.

Gorilla Guardians Village Rwanda / Image Credit:

Plus here try to understand the heritage, history and tribal traditions of local inhabitants. It’s worth staying for the whole dance recitals. To the beat of rhythmic drumming, the traditional dancers are dressed in long straw wigs and skirts to entertain people.

Lake Kivu – Known For Undulating Landscape

Rwanda’s pristine Lake Kivu makes this country not only a hiking destination but a beach spot as well. It is the biggest lake of Rwanda stretched around 2,700 km² like an emerald-green oasis, It is surrounded by misty mountains which tempts visitors. It is actually a series of Great Lakes that appears pastoral. Rwandans call their home ‘the country of a thousand hills because of its undulating landscape.

Lake Kivu, Rwanda
Lake Kivu, Rwanda / Image Credit:

The lakeside towns of Gisenyi and Kibuye offer plenty of kayaking opportunities, from casual to lakeside rentals to trips with Kingfisher Journeys. Take it all in from Rubavu which is a resort town on Lake Kivu’s northern tip and spend your day while enjoying boating, kayaking up the coast and unwind yourself under the soaking sun at the resort.

Kigali – Gateway to the Gorillas

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda. Many travellers take a halt at Kigali before starting their gorilla trekking as it is considered as the gateway of the journey towards Gorilla.

Kigali Streets
Kigali Streets / Image Credit:

But this destination is much more renowned for its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, market life and leisure activities. So, it is recommended to all the sightseers to spend a few days here either in the starting or at the end of your vacation or trekking. Experience the dynamic ambience and enjoy shopping at Kimironko Market, the largest market of Kigali.

Check out Kigali’s creative scene at Inema Arts Center, visit the Conventional Centre and watch the art and other creative stuff.

Kigali Conventional Centre / Image Credit:

Make your way to the Rwanda Art Museum that displays some of the finest contemporary pieces from Rwanda. Savour an authentic Rwandan cup of joe at Question Coffee Cafe. For all the leisure activities one must visit Kigali.

Enjoy Game Drive at Akagera National Park

Akagera National park is Rwanda’s only Big Five game park and no trip is complete without visiting this park. The cheapest park of East Africa and one of the largest protected wetlands of central Africa. It houses all of the Big Five animals, along with an abundance of birds and antelope, popular among travellers for bird watching, camping and self-drive safaris.

Akagera National Park Game drive / Image Credit:

Akagera and its biodiversity have made an incredible source of tourism for the Rwandans. If travellers are lucky enough then they can spot witness Rhinos or Lions. However, Zebras, Giraffes, Elephants, Hippos and Nile Crocodiles can be easily spotted on a self-drive safari adventure. Also, climate changes dramatically from savannah plains to wetlands and lakes making the landscape is just as breathtaking.

Take a Walk of Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe Forest National Park is central Africa’s largest mountain rainforest. It gives an amazing natural trail experience to all nature lovers. It is like going back in time as the trees, greenery and even the animals look almost prehistoric. This has plenty of activities, the best of which include canopy walks, waterfall hikes and chimpanzee treks.

Nyungwe Forest National Park
Nyungwe Forest National Park / Image Credit:

Here at Nyungwe Forest National Park, travellers can meet chimpanzees and enjoy bird-watching via canopy walk. Families of chimpanzees and many other primate species call this park home. This spectacular rainforest is a must-see in Rwanda.

Watch Beautiful Sunsets in Kibuye

Almost every night on Lake Kivu, spectacular orange, pink and red streaks light up the sky. By the Kibuye lakeshore, grab a beer with few friends, sit on the grass and behold Rwanda’s most pleasurable view. See the night fishermen head out shortly before sunset, singing traditional fishing songs and lighting gas lamps as they make their way to the lake’s centre.

Kibuye Rwanda
Kibuye Rwanda / Image Credit:

Apart from this, visit Musanze which is known as Rwanda’s adventure capital. It is home to twin lakes, gorilla trekking and plenty of volcano hikes.

This national is totally dedicated to adventure seekers, nature lovers and wildlife photographers. Yes, not a location for beach lovers and couples. If you want to spend an offbeat time leaving your worries of hustled life behind then you must visit Rwanda for sure.

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