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Explore Busan: The Hidden Gem of South Korea


This time it’s not Train to Busan, it’s Trip to Busan!!

Many of you have learned about Busan only by the Korea Movie “Train To Busan” but still its underrated and hidden for sightseers. Presently Busan is considered as a popular seaport in the Pan-Asia and South Korea. The city offers one of the most unexpected tourism experiences and romantic settings to spend quality time with loved ones.

Be it city’s ancient temples, nature reserves, untouched wonders, exotic white sandy beaches or international film festival of Busan. Busan has kept a lot of thing for every kind of travellers. Thus, every year it welcomes the crowd from worldwide.

At Busan, experience a unique aura, amazing hospitality, ethnic and cultural diversity, taste intriguing cuisine, stroll along beautiful coasts while enjoying tequilas at a cafe admiring the gorgeous view as the city.

Let’s take a look at its attractive spots and other things to plan during your itinerary- 

Connect With Nature at Samnak Ecological Park

Located in Sasang-gu, Samnak Ecological Park is popular among people looking to glimpse beautiful cherry blossoms flowering and walkways through the ponds. It is the biggest riverside parks situated along the Nakdonggang Riverbank. In spring the cherry blossoms make their appearance, summer brings with it lotuses and sunflowers. This ecological park creates an amazing background with pristine natural allure and humming of migratory birds.

Cherry Blossom at Samnak Ecological Park / Image Credit:

The park is equipped with wetlands, bird feeding spot, grassy fields, meadows, biking & walking trails, campsite, relaxing zone, and other visitor amenities. There is a marsh trail which is lined with shrubs and meadow trees where you can enjoy walking. For someone who loves nature, a visit to this park is highly recommended.

Visit the Greatest Shrine – Beomeosa Temple

One of South Korea’s and Busan main shrines is Beomeosa Temple. It is situated high up on the eastern edge of Mount Geumjeongsa, a far away from the bustle of Busan skyline. It also consists of the Daeungjeon Hall temple which resembles the architecture style from the Joseon Dynasty.

Beomeo-sa Temple Busan / Image Credit:

There is also a three-story pagoda from the 9th century known as Iljoomoon Gate. The ambience at Beomeosa Temple is so tranquil that attracts many tourists looking for a city break.

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Feel Spiritual at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is a spectacular Buddhist temple situated on north-eastern region of Busan. Constructed in 1376, this temple resembles a dragon and built on a waterfront cliff on the seaside in Korea. Travellers can appreciate the vistas of the gleaming sea and lovely cliffs.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Busan / Image Credit:

This temple houses numerous paintings, statues, and pictures of prominent Buddhas. You have to climb around 108 staircases to catch the extraordinary seascape that made this temple well-known worldwide.

Stroll at Shoreline of Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach tops the list among the exotic beaches of Busan. Located at the fringe of the city, this beach is best for chilling, unwinding yourself from city life and soaking up under the sunshine. Indeed, it is one of the best places to visit in Busan on weekends and enjoy a serene time with your friends and family.

Haeundae Beach / Image Credit:

Here, you will encounter many street art performers, visit bars and enjoy outdoor seating stretched across the beach. You can plan a picnic with your families and friends and enjoy playing volleyball and rugby. Satisfy your taste buds by trying the delicious and fresh seafood while enjoying a mesmerizing view of the sunset.

Uncover the Japanese Ruins of Busan

In the late 16th century, Japanese Samurai lords constructed several castles in Busan when they plan to defeat Joseon Korea and Ming China in the late 16th century. These Japanese Ruins of Busan are one of them. There is a 400-year-old Japanese castle ruin which is can located southeast of Korea and showcase samurai invasion of Korea.

Japanese Ruis at Busan / Image Credit:

Surrounded by a tranquil green garden, this castle mostly contains ivy, root-tangled walls and grassy baileys. Once upon a time, these ruins were the site of some of the brutal wars between the forces of Korea, China and Japan.

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Marine Lovers Must Visit Sea Life Aquarium of Busan

Sea Life is a gigantic aquarium of Busan which nearly has 250 species and up to 35,000 aquatic animals thus it is a paradise for marine lovers. Visitors can see through transparent windows or marine tunnels to admire this marine life. Visiting this destination is a must if you want to enjoy with your family or if you’re travelling with kids.

Sea Life Aquarium Busan / Image Credit:

This Aquarium includes about 40 attractions including Penguins, Piranha, Otters and Sea Jellies. Include this in your list of places to visit in Busan for a closer look at the marine life.

Enjoy a Coastal Walk at Taejongdae Park

How about wandering along the coastline with your bae in a refreshing ambience of Busan? This feeling can be experienced at Taejongadae which is now considered as the most romantic location of Busan. The historical Taejongdae is situated in the southernmost tip of Yeongdo-gu.

Taejongdae Park Busan / Image Credit:

Surround yourself with fresh vegetation and pine trees, walk off the rocky cliffs to this historic destination, go for a stroll along the coast, and grab a light seafood snack while visiting Taejongdae. There is also a nearby Taejong Temple which helps you to relax while exploring the surrounding areas.

Appreciate Art at Gamcheon Cultural Village

Established in 1918, Gamcheon Cultural Village is a dazzlingly embellished village that dominates other attractions of Busan. The reason behind the fame of this village is its Lego-shaped homes, wide-angled valleys and panoramic views of Busan. The mountain-side houses and maze-like alleys of Gamcheon Culture Village can make you feel as though you are worlds away from the busy Busan.

Gamcheon Cultural Village Busan / Image Credit:

The village also is known for promoting cultural and artistic exhibits and though it has been transformed into a cultural zone of Busan. You can take part in a stamp treasure hunt which it hosts every year and thus allows the tourist to explore more about this village and its twisted stairways, they hunt down souvenir stamps and in all the increase tourism of this village.

If you are planning your trip in winters, then you can attend the Annual Busan Christmas Tree Festival which runs around 40 days. A Christmas tree of height 18m in the middle of Busan is the main highlight of this festival. Concerts, performance and photography events take place during the festival which you can attend.

Busan Christmas Tree Festival / Image Credit:

Food to Savour at Busan

Busan’s local food emphasizes the city’s popular seafood and regional Korean cuisine. Pufferfish stew made with fresh fish, bean sprouts and is what local serves. But you should try freshly cooked fish, Dwaeji Gukbap which is the signature dish of Busan and Pajeon a Korean pancake is a must-try for every foodie. Eonyang-style bulgogi is also popular at some beaches of Busan.

Bottom Line

Without a second thought, we can say Busan is one of the most beautiful cities of South Korea and an excellent destination for one serene trip. We must say, for exploring more one should plan their itinerary to Busan in winter to make it more exciting! For a peaceful getaway, you can consider Busan.

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