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Explore Guam For a Hustle Free Beach Vacation


Micronesia is an Oceania subgroup made up of thousands of more than 600 islands in the western Pacific Ocean. This destination is popular among those travellers who are looking for eco-tourism along the beachside. Loaded with many water fun activities and historic battle ruins, Micronesia is a hidden beach paradise. Micronesia includes one most prominent holiday province and that is Guam. This island territory is a tropical destination for beach lovers and couples.

Let’s know more about Guam

Paradise For Beach Lovers – Guam

Guam is an American island territory in the pacific ocean and a hidden paradise for shore lovers. This Micronesian nation offers beautiful exotic white beaches, unusual wildlife and appealing culture and historical things related to world war 2nd. It’s no surprise that Guam’s beaches are so famous, with turquoise waters that complement the island’s golden waterfront.

Guam, Micronesia
Guam, Micronesia / Image Credit:

Even though southern Guam is known for its quaint villages and historic parks. Folks visit Guam to admire the huge marine life, mesmerising coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks that lie underneath the sea. The largest underwater world aquarium is also located here. Water sports such as jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing and paddleboarding offer plenty of fun on the surface of sunkissed beaches.

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Check out the unusual attraction with popular activities to perform at Guam.

Enjoy Sunbath at Tumon Bay

Guam’s thriving tourism industry is rooted here on Tumon Bay. Tumon is the most well-known among travellers for gorgeous beaches and serves as the country’s central landmark. It’s accompanied by a palm-lined promenade lined with extravagant beach resorts and hotels. The shore is lined with trendy restaurants and bars, creating a lively atmosphere for younger and couples that lasts till morning.

Enjoy Diving at Tumon bay Beach / Image Credit:

Tumon is a pleasant destination to soak up under the sun and to enjoy underwater diving and snorkelling. If not satisfied just engage yourself in your favourite water sport, despite the crowds. Get yourself involve fully on Tumon Bay and relax on its coastal beaches.

Feel the Love at Two Lovers Point, Guam

Ok after enjoying at the beaches of Tumon, engage yourself in learning the history and heritage of this destination which is associated with couples. Gaze up at the first archbishop of Guam from underneath the Archibishop Felixberto Flores statue near Guam premier outlets. Two Lovers Point is not only the location of Guam’s most folklore, but it’s also one of the top locations to take in the island’s natural beauty.

Enjoy Sunset from Two Lovers Point, Guam
Enjoy Sunset from Two Lovers Point, Guam / Image Credit:

You can’t leave Tumon without staying by Two Lovers Point, the clifftop viewpoint where Guam’s most popular legend was born. Many trolleys operate throughout the day between Tumon and the Two Lovers Point Park. So couples without wasting time head towards this location to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Learn History of Pacific War Museum

After visiting, lovers point and beach enjoyment at Tumon beach head towards the west of the bay. taking 20 mins rides you will reach the Pacific War Museum. Here travellers will acquire information about the military history of Guam. The military forces of Guam near the Pacific’s major maritime are attributed to this tiny island.

Pacific War Museum, Tumon, Guam / Image Credit:

Later it became a vital US military base from World War I time till the present day. The museum emphasizes mostly the US Marines who defeated the Japanese. Yes, it is offbeat for many travellers but you have an interest in military forces then take out time to visit.

Cherish Natural Allure at Ritidian Point

The island of Guam’s northernmost point is known as Ritidian Point. The US Fish and Wildlife Service owns the land and manages it as part of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge. The Guam Wildlife Sanctuary is bustling with native fauna. It’s tucked away on the country’s northernmost point.

Ritidian Point, Guam
Ritidian Point Guam / Image Credit:

This lush forest is home to tree snails, Mariana fruit bats, Geckos, Toads, Butterflies and wild Lizards. The park has three family-friendly nature trails and is good for exploring species that roam in this lush forest. After enjoying the nature trails and watching the wildlife relax in the crystal-clear waters of Ritidian Beach

Experience Underwater Adventure

Soothe your curious soul by experiencing underwater adventure. Divers looking for something new should plan a trip to Apra Harbor, where two ancient shipwrecks are literally next to each other. The SMS Cormoran, a German vessel sunk by the US Navy during WWI, is the largest. Almost 20 years later, during WWII, the US Navy downed a Japanese passenger-cargo ship in the same place by accident.

Underwater World Guam / Image Credit:

Many shipwrecks are right next to each other and are close enough to touch when you dive deep. Other great diving spots can be found all over the island, with an abundance of marine life and vibrant coral.

Feel Local Heritage at Chamorro Village Market

Visiting Chamorro Village is an excellent way to experience the ancient traditions and to meet the original inhabitants of Guam. This fabulous traditional village offers you a great insight into incredible Guam’s lifestyle, rich culture and delectable cuisines.

Savour traditional food at Chamorro Village Market, Guam
Savour traditional food at Chamorro Village Market, Guam / Image Credit:

Also, if you are fond of shopping, make sure you visit a popular market here where you can find a variety of traditional handicrafts that are created by skilled artisans of the village. Enjoy captivating cultural dance performances, engaging hospitality and water buffalo rides for memorable experiences.

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See Marine Animals at Fish Eye Marine Park

If you don’t want to go underwater diving or snorkelling then you must head towards the Fish Eye Marine Park. Here you can appreciate the marine life of Guam without getting your feet wet, sounds exciting right. The underwater tunnel has 24 panoramic windows that allow tourists to see the local marine life under the sea. It has a 1000-foot wooden boardwalk where you can watch marine animals and breathe in the fresh sea air.

Fish Eye Marine Park
Fish Eye Marine Park / Image Credit:

Tropical fish swim into the coral reefs below. The upper deck of the observatory offers a 360° view of the ocean, coral reefs, the outer barrier reef and Guam’s majestic mountains.

Hike the World’s Tallest Mountain – Lamlam

Lamlam, Guam’s highest point, rises 37,820 feet above the Mariana Trench, which is known for having the world’s greatest elevation change. Yes, it is the hiker’s favourite spot in Guam. Lamlam offers an adventurous 2-hour hike.

Lamlam Guam
Lamlam Guam / Image Credit:

Even the most inexperienced hiker will scale the Lamlam summit. So you must give it a try and you will feel proud after climbing the world’s highest peak.

Spend Cosy Time at Coco Palm Garden Beach

Let’s Coco Palm take your stress away with its peaceful ambience and fun-filled trips and activities. Discover the tropical beauty of Guam at Coco palm garden beach. This place offers complete privacy and tranquillity. Surrounded by a private beach and a beautiful natural environment, you will get a totally different experience like never before.

Coco Palm Garden Beach / Image Credit:

Hospitality and well-kept facilities will help you enjoy your time here with second to none white sand and blue sea. Also on this tropical beauty of Guam, enjoy other beach activities with bae like kayaking, fishing, snorkelling and beach volleyball

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Bottom Line

Guam has it all from land to water and even under the sea. Allow your inner child to run wild or bring the family to enjoy the nighttime or head down the Piti Bomb Holes. You can snorkel with the fishes, walk the ocean floor, or take a dive. So many things to do in Guam right!!

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