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Visit Guinea and Explore, Enjoy and Experience Like Never Before!


As for now, we have already looked intensively at the raw and untouched African lands. And it would be seemingly easy for you to decide which place will be on the top of your travel bucket list? If you haven’t listed out yet, wait a bit, as this write-up is about one of the amazing places that you would definitely love.

Guinea is a small African country known for its nature, wilderness and diversity. The place is very well known for its reserve and national parks. The flora and fauna are quite impressive and play a pivotal role in defining the ecosystem. Apart from that, the place has well-known landmarks and places that make it a perfect tourism spot. Conakry is the capital city of Guinea and also the most visited city. If you are for some serious shopping, let me tell you Guinea has the best of diamonds and gold.

Let’s get into more details and look at the best things that can be done while touring Guinea.

Grand Mosquée of Guinea

Grand Mosquée of Guinea
Grand Mosquée of Guinea: Image Credit/

Grand Mosquée is a grand mosque built in the year 1982. It is situated in the capital city of Conakry. The mosque is known for its architectural eminence and grand satire. This mosque has the capacity to accommodate more than 12000 devotees at the same time. Tourist is allured in every possible way, some people are attracted to the architectural style, and some are attracted to the landmarks around the vicinity. One can be there to known the culture of the place by adorning the beauty of the place. When you are in Guinea you are bound to visit this site as it is one of the major landmarks and tourist attractions in the capital city.

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Cathédrale Sainte-Marie

Cathédrale Sainte-Marie
Cathédrale Sainte-Marie: Image Credit/

The Cathédrale Sainte-Marie is yet another pilgrimage site or worship site in Guinea. It is one of the important places of the followers of Christianity. This marvelous red and yellow building is definitely an eye-catcher not only for the worshippers but also for the tourist coming from different parts of the country. This majestic structure was first built in the year 1928. It is also located in the capital city Conakry.

National Museum of Guinea

National Museum of Guinea
National Museum of Guinea: Image Credit/

The National Museum of Guinea also called the Sandervalia Museum is also a major attraction among the tourist. it is filled with artifacts that are from the colonial era. However, unlike other museums, it is not stuffed up but displays only that are traditional and in touch with the culture of the place. The interior of the museum is well maintained and the ambiance is predictably the best one. So, next time don’t miss to visit this museum if you have already visited Guinea!

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Botanical Garden of Conakry

Botanical Garden of Conakry
Botanical Garden of Conakry: Image Credit/

The Botanical garden is located in Conakry, the capital city of guinea. People who visit the Museum and the Mosque visit this place too, as the garden is close to both the famous landmarks. The Botanical Garden may not be the best one around the world, but it is best when it comes to Guinea. Nature here is subtle and earthier. People love to walk through the garden and enjoy the peace that is prevailed.

Mount Nimba – Most Strict Reserve

Mount Nimba – Most Strict Reserve
Mount Nimba – Most Strict Reserve: Image Credit/

Mount Nimba is considered one of the strict Reserves around the world. This mountain range stays on the border with Cote d’Ivoire, the neighboring country Liberia along with Guinea. It is densely covered with thick forest. With a surplus variety of flora and fauna, that also includes some species that are on the verge of existence. The place no wonder has its place on the UNESCO world heritage site. It is beautiful, vast and untouched by the outer world!

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Kora Players for the Traditional Entertainment

Kora Instrument
Kora Instrument: Image Credit/

The Kora is a traditional music instrument or harp. It is one of the best things that you could enjoy only in Guinea. It is part of their culture and tradition from the King’s era. This instrument is considered as King of all instruments in their culture as it needs impeccable discipline and handwork to mastery it. The tourist can book their tickets to watch the Kora players playing the instrument and enjoy the day on a musical note!

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Nightlife – A Traditional Affair

Nightlife: Image Credit/

The nightlife of guinea is absolutely nothing like any other country. Here, the nightlife is all about tradition and be in touch with the root of the place. People gather in the streets every night, they sing and play instruments and also dance to the tune, all a traditional one. The instrument used is either handmade/homemade. Also, try to go to the cinemas over there. It is an open-air affair and you will not regret it. So, for the tourist from the different place, it will be an experience worth remembering throughout their life. Try to record the entire event to share it with friends and family

Apart from that, there is usual nightlife happening on the different horizon. The Skylight and nightclubs attract youths and party lovers.

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Guinea may not be a tourism hub, but there are sufficient things for a tourist to enjoy, explore and experience for a wanderlust looking for an offbeat place. The place is a beauty with abundant preserved nature, musical with the kora players and a variety of other places to go errand. So, while you decide on Guinea let me get back to you with yet another fantastic place from Africa!
Bon Voyage!

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