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Exploring Osaka – A Prominent Travel Destination of Japan


Third-largest city of Japan, Osaka which has a unique identity in the tourism industry of Japan. This hottest city of Japan is renowned for list colorful streets, amazing and interesting cultural attractions, for delicious food and lively fun. It has become a contemporary destination for global visitors. So let’s join us in the virtual ride of exploring Osaka.

Take a quick tour and later explore all the aspects of this beautiful destination in Japan.

Quick Glimpses of Osaka Tourism

Some of Japan’s most fascinating cultural, revolutionary and historic attractions are located in Osaka. Whether it’s Bunraku National Theatre, Osaka Castle or Kita Osaka, they’re all famous in their ways. Most shopping malls, entertainment and nightlife locations are home to Minami Osaka. The landmark Umeda Sky Building with its 2 towers connected by a sky bridge has been gaining attention, most notably, a multitude of galleries and innovative architecture.

Tourist interest is also drawn to interesting locations like Tsutenkaku, Tenmangu Shrine and Shitenno-Ji Temple. To many visitors, Osaka will look like an endless dreamscape.

Let’s check out the most amazing attractions of Osaka and discover what makes this city so unique in Japan for travellers. 

1. Visit Charming Osaka Castle

Severed as the largest Castle in Japan, visiting Osaka Castle will surely worth your trip.  Constructed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the late 1500s, but the castle was destroyed after the fall of the Shogunate later reconstructed in 1931. The major highlights of this castle are the beautiful five-story, the main tower which is 42m tall and a great museum with exhibits history of the castle from the 16th and 17th centuries and the city.

Osaka Castle / Image Credit:

Otemon Gate with its wooden pillars is another historic aspect of this castle. Also, you can visit the Osaka Castle Park which houses the Hokoku Shrine dedicated to Hideyoshi. The castle park has become a popular place to stroll and relax in Osaka especially in winter. This shining jewel is the main tourist attractions of Osaka.

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2. Explore Vibrant Streets of Dotonburi

Another famous landmark after Osaka Castle is Dotonburi. It is the most well-known commercial district in Osaka and known for its colourful streets and nightlife. Many tourists come here at night, mainly for the food, to shop to click pictures with popular Glico Man, Dotonburi bridge and at flashing ad signboards.

Dotonburi Osaka / Image Credit:

The road of Dotonburi is packed full of restaurants, entertainment pubs and bars thus drew the attention of youngsters with bright neon lights. Don’t miss the famous LED Glico Man running across the world and Tombori Riverwalk which become a place for people visiting Dotonbori to enjoy a stroll or picnic.

3. Meet Marine Life at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

In Osaka, it’s worth visiting the Aquarium Kaiyukan. It is one of the largest and best aquariums in Japan. The aquarium includes abundant Pacific and Antarctic marine species and the Great Barrier Reef and Monterey Bay. It has more than 30,000 marine creatures that live in 15 different areas to take visitors across the diverse ecosystems found in the Pacific Rim.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan / Image Credit:

Various Japanese marine life, such as freshwater, native reptiles and mammals, are also included. The aquarium tank is built out of acrylic glass sheets and gives visitors the illusion that they and the displayed animals are also underwater. The hypnotic movements of peaches in and out of coral are calming.

4. Take Your Kids to Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is another great option for travellers with kids apart from the National Museum of Ethnology. This Studio is the best fun place for the little ones. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of the most famous attractions where you can enjoy the magical world of Hogwarts Castle, a replica of the one used in the movies.

Universal Studios Japan / Image Credit:

You can also take an exciting Jurassic Park adventure tour, World Water Show, Jaws and Spiderman tours. You must visit this theme park to enjoy fully after the hectic travel city tour.  Encounter Snoopy, Shrek, and Popeye, and many fun rides based on popular films.

Apart from this, take your kids to Kids Plaza Osaka which is the first museum of Japan dedicated to kids.

5. Snap Picture with Tempozan Ferris Wheel

This giant Ferris wheel in Tempozan Harbour Village is situated nearby. It is 112.5 m high and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete a complete turn. It consists of 60 cabins, each of which has accommodation for 8 people and is wheelchair-friendly.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel / Image Credit:

Tempozan Ferris Wheel is an entertaining way to obtain panoramic views over Osaka Bay and the surrounding areas, including eastern Ikoma Mountains, the Akashi Strait Pearl Bridge and Rokko Mountains, particularly of the Tempozan Harbor Village where it’s located. This massive Ferris wheel is one of the largest such attractions in Asia.

6. Feel Holiness at Shitennoji Temple

Shitennoji Temple is the oldest temple built in Japan. It is considered to be Osaka’s, spiritual heart. Prince Shotoku, who is credited with introducing Buddhism to Japan, constructed it in 593. The Main Gate, the five-story Buddhist Pagoda and the Main Golden Hall are the significant attraction of the vicinity of the temple.

Shitenno-Ji / Image Credit:

In large numbers, locals go to Shitennoji to pay homage to Prince Shotoku, who was the iconic figure. There’s also a sanctuary for turtles. But it is best to walk through the Japanese temple garden, with its groomed bushes, falling stream and beautiful waterfalls.

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7. Watch Tsutenkaku Tower From Downtown

Shinsekai is one of the busiest downtown areas of Osaka and there standing tall at 103m the Tsutenkaku Tower serving as the iconic symbol. The observation deck of Tsutenkaku offers panoramic views of the Osaka and when you look below the colourful streets of Shinsekai can be seen.

Tsutenkaku Tower / Image Credit:

Billiken-san, the God of Happiness, is a must-see, seated on the Golden Observation Deck of Tsutenkaku on the 5th floor. It is assumed that you would get good luck by rubbing his feet’s soles. On the 4th floor of Tsutenkaku, you can find the Light Observation Deck, and Tenbo Paradise is reserved for special occasions at the end.

Visit Kuchu Teien Observatory Deck, it will also give you same experience. It is situated on the 40th floor of the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka and also renowned as the Floating Garden Observatory.

Apart from all the mentioned destinations, you can also visit City Central Public Hall, Tenmangu Shrine, Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, Nanshuji Temple, Tennoji Zoo, Cup Noodles Museum etc.

Nightlife in Osaka

Osaka is known as a city of lovers of good food and good fun. Cosy nightclubs, from top-class cacti bars to grungy living houses to small, wall-flooring whiskey bars are to be discovered. For a more cultured evening in Osaka, consider visiting the Bunraku national marionette theatre or Osaka Nogaku.

Night Scene Osaka / Image Credit:

Live music, warm dance music and jazz are all offered at several venues. Go to the Shinsaibashi station area for the highest nightlife concentration. Enter a young and celebrated festival at Sam and Dave One a contemporary nightclub with hot lasers, neon lights and a massive dance floor.

Food Options In Osaka

Osaka has become the home to a blossoming tradition of food and cuisines of Japan. You can savour the depth of Japanese taste in various dishes. Its high-class traditional Japanese restaurants are Ryotei and Kappo. Don’t forget to savour delicious Pufferfish dishes and Udon hotpot.

Takoyaki Osaka / Image Credit:

Check out a variety of delights at streets of Osaka such as Takoyaki known as the heart of Osaka’s street snack and Japanese pancakes (Okonomikyaki), Kushikatsu, Box Sushi and Butman. You can enjoy all meal while strolling around the city streets.


Concluding here, but it is important to plan your trip wisely to ensure you experience the very best things that Osaka has to offer, whether it’s sampling world-famous cuisine or exploring historic castles.

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