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Plan Your Trip To The Land Straight From “Arabian Nights” – Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan is a country located in central Asia which is now a Soviet republic country. Tashkent is the capital and main center of many economical, political, and social sectors. Uzbekistan is listed in most unusual tourist destinations to pour into your bucket list, but certainly is one of the best places for out of box experience.

People are a little hesitant to opt Uzbekistan when it comes to selecting a destination for a vacation. However, the reality is quite different from what is been assumed.

Here, at India Imagine let’s break the misconception and chalk out what the land has to offer a travel enthusiast…

Uzbekistan endures beautiful mountains, rivers and landscapes for nature lovers and there are some fabulous mosques, magnificent mausoleums, and holy madrassas. The capital city has some beautiful modern architectural buildings that are worth a visit.

Places to visit and things to do while you stay at Uzbekistan


Tashkent being the capital city of Uzbekistan attracts the tourist population. The city has some extraordinary museums and mosques. Visit the famous Amir Timur Museum that displays an array of artifacts connecting to the 14th-century emperor. There are several monuments and ancient constructions that are not only magnificent but explicit an extraordinary architectural talent.

Tashkent City
Tashkent City / Image credit:

To name a few, Museum of Applied Arts, Mustaqillik Maydoni, the brick structured Ko’kaldosh Madrasasi are few examples. Tourists visit the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan to know and get acquainted with the history of the place. You can collect souvenirs and artifacts from the famous Chorsu Market, a historical market square.


Samarkand Uzbekistan
Samarkand Uzbekistan / Image credit:

Samarkand is a place towers Islamic Landmarks and monuments all over the city. The city is also the resting place of Timur. We all know the famous Silk Road which is connected with Samarkand. When visitors come across the place they are mesmerized by the beauty of the tall monumental mosques from the early 14th century. If you are in Samarkand you should not miss Afrasiyab Museum which is famous for archeological displays.


Bukhara Uzbekistan
Bukhara Uzbekistan / Image credit:

Bukhara signifies the history of Uzbekistan by preserving the best Mosques and Mausoleum all around the city. The place is a landmark Ancient Silk Road city, with 5th-century fortress Ark of Bukhara, standing witness. Mavzoley Samanidov, Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum, Sitori-i-Mokhi Khosa palace are standing examples of architectural epitome.


Khiva Uzbekistan
Khiva Uzbekistan / Image credit:

Khiva is a small city with big wonders. The city is filled with the best ancient architectural symbols. Be it palace, mosques, caravanserai, or minaret. Khiva is a desert so riding through the desert and bonfire under the clear sky are some perks that come along while visiting the place.


Nurata Kysylkum, Uzbekistan
Nurata Kysylkum, Uzbekistan / Image credit:

Nurota is a place for outdoor activities. Hiking is one of the common activities tourists indulge in while staying. This small town consists of hills, mountains and the best place to watch the sunrise. It is believed that Alexander the great spent a few years here, while on conquest with the Persian Empire.


Tourists visit Muynak to a glimpse of the lakes, oasis and to chill for a while,away from the giant monuments and buildings. The city has a captivating regional history that locals would presumably pour their hearts out. Also, the Aral Sea Museum is one of the main attractions there.

Charvak Reservoir

Charvak Reservoir,Uzbekistan
Charvak Reservoir,Uzbekistan / Image credit:

Completely away from the hustle-bustle of city and tombs is located the beautiful Charvak Reservoir. The Reservoir is bright and beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains. The place is well known for ecotourism and you can observe it there rampantly. One day stay is all you need to enjoy the small town.


Uzbekistan is not all about deserts, mountains and mosques. Zarafshan is a city in Uzbekistan where you can enjoy concerts and theatre. The city is quite developed with modernization yet remains historically rich.

Tingle your tastebuds

You are welcome to the richest cuisine in the world. While you are in Uzbekistan forget about dieting and be ready to put on some weight. Because in Uzbekistan you eat like a King. Mutton is the traditional food of the place.

Samsa Cuisine, Uzbekistan
Samsa Cuisine, Uzbekistan / Image credit:

There are more than hundreds of mutton recipes with variety. Just look at your plate filled with plov, tandir kabob, and the yummy lag’mon that would fill your tastebuds with flavors you never imagined. Just dig in…

People consider Uzbekistan unsafe, due to heavy police patrolling and routing. However, that’s completely a misconception. Instead, it has been proved that Uzbekistan is open-minded towards tourism and tourists alike. Several ongoing movie projects at Uzbekistan from all over the globe, including India, proves it further. Imagine standing on top of the fortress that has a history of 2000 or more years. Watch the monuments that are built with love and blessing. Uzbekistan is a place right from the fable ” Arabian nights “.

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