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Traveling Through The Streets of Taipei in Taiwan


When you have arrived for a vacay in Taipei, you will realize there is so much to see and the trip has just begun. It is a great island nation to visit with an amazing vibrant culture. As a traveler, you are amazed at how much you could squeeze in your first trip because you may have to go back again to catch with all the delights the city has in store for you.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a great tourist attraction and seemed built as an inspiration from the Tiantan in Beijing. The hall’s set in the central city park overlooking a garden. The four sides of the building have similarities with the Egyptian pyramids. White marble got used in construction with deep blue glass for the roofing for the sun’s light to penetrate to reflect the sky.  A beautiful garden with flowers representing the colors of the country’s flag is the highlight of the place. The structure got constructed to commemorate the spirit of freedom, equality and brotherhood.

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The place gets used for concerts with renowned musicians, such as the three tenors, school band performances get full houses. You can watch out for cheerleader performances and fairs. You can stick around the garden and enjoy the small hills and ponds, ornamental bridges, and waterfalls that form a part of the natural setting of flowers and plants, which adds to the attraction of the place.

Elephant mountain

It is known for its panoramic views, wherein tourists flock to enjoy the Taipei skyline. The sunrise and sunset are the best to get some amazing pics of this location. The hues of the sky and the surroundings bring life to picturesque images. The hike to the mountain takes a good half an hour, and you will find people of all ages on the climb with definitely three designated good spots for beautiful views of the place.

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You could pass through the resting stations and viewing stations on your hike with 500 stairs to get to the highest viewing point on the elephant mountain. You could click pictures of the city and those who Insta savvy get amazing pics to post from the ‘six giant rocks’ point. You can carefully climb the rocks to enjoy the views and get some awesome pics as well.

Bopiliao Old Street

The street existed even during the Qing dynasty in 1644 and existed through the centuries. The street has undergone massive changes, with different buildings appearing on the sides of the street. Now it’s got a place dedicated to Heritage and Culture. The center has invited world-renowned artists to help decorate the street with art crafts and creative wall paintings. The center aims to let people learn the history of the place. There are three sections made which include a story hall, education hall and medical hall.

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You will find the old photos of Bopilio street and nostalgic pictures of people traversing on the very streets in the story hall. The education hall contains the Chinese imperial examination system, models of Confucius temples, etc. Finally, in the medical hall, you can find the portraits of medical missionaries who visited the place and left their mark. You get a chance to check out various Chinese herbs that are on display at the herb store.

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It is one of the oldest hotels around with a long history. It is a 14 story building structured to look like a palace situated near Yangmin Mountain overlooking the Keelung River. Red columns and gilded tiles are classic examples of Chinese architecture embedded in the making of regal places for people worldwide to stay in style.

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The 500 guestrooms and cuisines from all over the world get served in luxury. It is a place wherein celebrities and dignitaries come by to get the feel of history and enjoy the classic structure, making an impressive pic that can be a part of a vacation portfolio.

Martyr’s shrine

You will find this shrine on the slopes of the Qing mountain, quite next to the Grand hotel, so when you are free, you could just pop to this place and marvel at the magnificent architectural style that’s similar to the Taihe Dian Imperial Palace in Beijing. This structure got constructed to symbolize the brave spirit of the martyrs.

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The calmness of the place is the reason that the shrine depicts the solemn atmosphere of the edifice. The plates of the soldiers who got martyred during the Sino-Japanese war and Chinese civil war got placed on the four walls of the main building. A huge number of brave hearts have found their place here and marks the testimony of their heroic act to protect their nation.

Shilin Night Market

Now for all those who love shopping. Shilin Night market is the right place for your retail therapy. You could find this buzzing place of activity with enthusiastic vendors and impatient buyers getting on to sell their wares that seems like chaos. But it actually is a lively business exchange with happy people coming home with some wonderful things and satisfied vendors with the days’ turnout.

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The bargaining is one of the highlights that draw several people to check all the stalls that hold every item for sale. Once on this street, you cannot help but try out some mouthwatering street food that gets your palette working with large fried chicken, pork dumplings, sausage, mushrooms and more.

National Palace Museum

You will be lucky to check out the Chinese imperial collection. The art holdings consist of the art objects and documents that belong to the Manchu dynasty. You could perhaps see a collection of Chinese art at is its best. Chinese painting gets considered one of the best in the world.

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The reason behind adulation is the intricacies of the masterpiece are a rarity in the art world. Many of the pieces happen to get used for ceremonial purposes. You can find them in bronze, ceramic, jade lacquerware, enamelware, decorative carvings, and thousands of other pieces that date back 4000 years.

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A lot to take in when you go checking out Taipei. There is so much more to see and learn about the place. Only a few prominent places have gotten mentioned. Taipei can get applauded for some of the world’s tallest highrises, to the museum’s vast collection of ancient items stored impeccably are worth mentioning. As a tourist, it’s a joy to find so much variety in one place as you make a move from the fun of all-night shopping to visiting a place of serenity in the Lung-shan temple.

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