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Visit Kuwait To Explore A Brilliant Cityscape


We are deciphering the second Muslim place as a tourist place this week. And today our place of honor is Kuwait, the most loved place. Even though Kuwait is a safe place for travelers but we need to look closely at the rules and regulations of the state as the state is known for its deep-rooted Islamic views.

Kuwait is situated near the Eastern Arabian with borders touching Iran and Saudi Arabia. Why is Kuwait famous among the Western Asian countries? Maybe the vast landscapes, hot dunes and the stunning night view of city lights. Whatever the reasons are you need to visit Kuwait at least once in your lifetime.
And to make it easy for you to take a decision we will be chalking out the topmost destinations here in India Imagine today.

Top destinations from Kuwait that you should visit:

Kuwait city

Kuwait City
Kuwait City / Image credit:

Kuwait city is well known for its cityscapes. A bright and vibrant one. There is a topmost destination that every tourist knows about. People visit the green island, an artificial man-made island with a whole lot of entertainment. It was first started in the year 1988 and soon topped the list of the topmost visited places in Kuwait. A perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family especially, kids. There are a fabulous waterpark area and picnicking area on the island.

Failaka Island

Failaka Island
Failaka Island / Image credit:

Failaka Island is another most visited place, and the reason is the beautiful heritage village amid it. This heritage village is spread across the place with a beautiful view filled with the local art and culture of the city. The Sheikh Abdullah Palace Museum is also one such amazing place to get a touch of the history and culture of Kuwait history. After visiting both the places you can probably head towards the small beach called Wanasa and end up the days’ tour.


Salimiya / Image credit:

Salimiya is a fun city. With Scientific Center and Boulevard, the city is different from the rest. The scientific center is a specialized 3d cinema that gives you the best chain experience. Boulevard is a park and garden where people come to relax and chill throughout the day. If you are interested in Calligraphy and Islamic art then visit the Tareq Rajat Museum. The other wonder that the place has to offer is the amazing mirror house. The floor is all made of mirrors and mosaic tiles. You walk on the floor and see your reflection on the floor.

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Al Jahra

Beautiful Weather View Al Jahra
Beautiful Weather View Al Jahra / Image credit:

Al Jabra is close to its culture and past. Tourists visit the place mostly to get a close experience of the history of the place. The Red palace is one such spot in the city. There are a few spots which are famous for outdoor camping and sightseeing. Mutla Ridge is a desert area that is quite famous for camping particularly during nights. The Jabra Pool’s Nature Reserve is a perfect spot for sightseeing and getting close to nature.

Al Khiran

Al Khiran Hybrid Mall
Al Khiran Hybrid Mall / Image credit:

Al Khiran is a small place with no particular crowd or several tourist spots. Then what makes the place on our list? The reef spot of the place is always a crowd puller. The scenic view of blue water, mesmerizing location to click some beautiful pictures are the credit of the place. People often come here at dawn and dusk to enjoy the silence and serenity..

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Visit Jabriya to know more about the contemporary art and culture of Kuwait city. There are a Botanical Garden and a royal palace that held conferences and functions. If you are with kids the Hawally park is the best one in the area. There are a few areas for shopping and food courts for some good street food.

Al Wafrah

Al Wafrah is a desert but with a beautiful farm called Farm Wafra. There are a small park and a garden situated amid the desert. If you are in the mood for a get-together with family or friends then it is the best place that you could look for. A simple place to spend some quality time.


People, particularly the young of the generation love to visit Andalous. And the reason seems to be quite obvious. There is a place in Andalous which has some famous Vintage cars and classic cars and limousines. This attracts young people a lot to this place. Also another spot, Shuwaikh Beach which includes a playground and sports arena. Also, visit the Salam palace which is a beautiful architectural epitome.

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Zahra / Image credit:

Zahra is yet another place that is good for a family trip. The Amusement Center, Infunity is a must-visit. After spending the morning time at the amusement park you can go ahead to visit the Mishref Palace and explore the centuries-old architectural eminence. You can then move ahead to Kidzania, a theme park for kids or just get mesmerized in Messialah Beach. However don’t forget to visit the Kuwait water towers as they are nothing like any conventional one, they are just modern and different. You need to click some fabulous pictures here.

Kuwait Bay

Kuwait Bay
Kuwait Bay / Image credit:

Again, Kuwait Bay is a combination of sandy beaches, harbors and nature. There are islands, small beaches and waterside parks to the city’s credit. It is always crowded with tourists and locals alike. People find it amazing to find a place that has every stored for them. Adventure and fun together!

Any Islamic country or state is worth a visit. Tourists enjoy the tranquility, amazing cityscape and best of the food ever. So when you plan a trip next year, probably Kuwait should be on the list. And till you decide it a Bon Voyage from me!

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