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You Must Visit These 10 Holiday Destinations of Turkey This Year


Few things you should keep in your mind, whenever you plan a holiday vacation such as best beaches, top travel attractions, culture and tradition of a destination and surrounding atmosphere of that place. Apart from India, it is difficult to find all the mentioned qualities in one country. But Turkey is different in all aspects. Holiday destinations of Turkey are a combination of pristine beaches, exotic destinations, vibrant culture, countless ancient sites and amazing food.

Lies on both sides of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Turkey has glorious landscapes, ultimate Mediterranean climate and rock-carved monasteries. Explore Ancient Roman Ruins of Turkey, famous monuments of Istanbul and bizarre visuals of Cappadocia. Turkey really has something for everyone.

Check out the list of 10 most exotic holiday destinations in Turkey before planning your tour.

1. Hagia Sophia – Holiday Destinations of Turkey

Hagia Sophia is also known as Aya Sofya, is renowned in the world as one of the most beautiful buildings. Situated in Istanbul, the Byzantine structure of Hagia Sophia was originally a church of holy wisdom, but later it is converted into a mosque when the Ottomans conquered the city of Istanbul in the 15th century.

Hagia Sophia - Holiday Destinations of Turkey
Mesmerizing View of Hagia Sophia, Via:

Then later in 1935, Hagia Sophia is transformed into a museum and now this ancient building is one of the top attractions for tourists in Turkey. The dome of Hagia Sophia is 106 feet in diameter and the largest enclosed space in the world.

2. Ephesus – Holiday Destinations of Turkey

Ephesus is the most famous archaeological attraction in Turkey. It is one of the most completed and still-standing Roman cities in the Mediterranean region. The entire town consists of enormous statues and marble-columned roads.

Ephesus - Holiday Destinations of Turkey
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The well-preserved Library of Celsus (125 AD), Roman streets, Church of the Virgin Mary (4th century) and ancient Great Theater (AD 41- AD 117) are the main attraction of Ephesus. Travellers can also explore the picturesque village of Selcuk Gymnasium of Vedius (2nd century AD).

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3. Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque or the Sultan Ahmed in Istanbul, is very admirable due to its bluish interior. Its six minarets, grey cascading and extensive architecture makes the Blue Mosque one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey. It was built between 609 and 1616.

Blue Mosque, Via:

Inside the mosque, the high ceiling is lined with the 20,000 blue tiles with different patterns that give the mosque a unique decoration. Blue Mosque is standing next to Byzantine Hippodrome in the center of Old Istanbul.

4. Antalya

Antalya offers plenty of things for every tourist visiting Turkey. This place has beaches, ancient archaeological sites and museums for history buffs. Antalya city is best known as being the Turkish Riviera and is the most beautiful part of the Mediterranean coastline.

Beautiful view of Antalya and red-roofed Ottoman Mansion, Via:

The red-roofed Ottoman-era mansions, the plethora of boutique hotel, Hadrian’s Gate, old harbour, Yivli Minare are the highlights of Antalya. The major attraction of Antalya is the Aspendos, the Roman theatre and the Antalya’s Museum and you must visit there.

5. Cappadocia – Holiday Destinations of Turkey

Cappadocia is always the top choice of travellers who are visiting or planning to visit Turkey. The enchanting panoramic views, ancient open-air museums and the Goreme Fairy Chimneys make Cappadocia the most loving tourist destination. The hot air balloons flying just above the Goreme fairyland makes a spellbinding view in Turkey. This place is a dream location for many photographers and romantic couples.

Cappadocia - Holiday Destinations of Turkey
Amazing view of Love Valley Cappadocia, Via:

Byzantine rocks era of ancient churches is a particular highlight of Cappadocia. Other best places to explore in Cappadocia include Zelve and Goreme open-air museum, Casuvin church, the twin valley of Soganli, Pasabag Valley and Hekibektas. These all mentioned attractions of Cappadocia are from the Roman Era.

6. Pamukkale

Quite popular as the cotton castle in the Turkish language, Pamukkale is a surreal landscape which is situated in western Turkey. The reason behind its popularity is the white terraces, made of travertine- a kind of high mineral content from offspring.

Pamukkale - Holiday Destinations of Turkey
Couple at hot springs Pamukkale, Via:

Aside from the hot springs, you can also explore Hierapolis, which is an ancient Greek city. The king of Pergamon built the rambling Ruins of Roman. We suggest you should visit this place at the time of dusk or dawn to witness the beauty of gleaming travertines.

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7. Ankara

Ankara is the most modern and capital city of Turkey and located in the center of the nation. It is famous for high tech commercial complexes, government buildings and foreign embassies. This city offers cultural and traditional artwork of Turkey, which everyone should know during their trip.

Ataturk Mausoleum- Ankara Via:

You can explore the famous museum of Anatolian civilisations and other museums. Ankara plays a vital role in the transportation hub, linking travellers to other major destinations in Turkey. If you are done with the travelling, then you can enjoy the Ballet and Opera performances at night.

8. Oludeniz

Turkey’s turquoise coast, Fethiye has many tourist attractions, but Oludeniz is the most famous beach of Fethiye as well as Turkey. The calm turquoise water, sheltered from the sea, with its white-sandy beach surrounded by dense pine forest, makes an amazing view of Oludeniz lagoon. This is the main reason why many tourists flock this beach.

Enjoy paragliding at Oludeniz, Via:

Due to many shades of turquoise, it remains one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean. Oludeniz is considered as one of the best places in the world for paragliding due to its unique panoramic views from Mount Baba Dag.

9. Bodrum

This city is the most vibrant place in Turkey. Crystal blue Mediterranean sea drags many visitors to Bodrum and yachting is big business here. Marina of Bodrum is a paradise for sea lovers and sailors. The famous Castle of Bodrum which was built by the Crusaders in the 15th century is one of the best-preserved monuments of the world.

Gumusluk- Bodrum, Via:

Other attractions of Bodrum include the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, the last remaining of King Mausolus- Myndos Gate and ancient Mausoleum. Bodrum peninsula is home to several beaches; the most famous one is Camel beach and Fink Beach. Enjoy sunbath at the time of summers.

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10. Mount Nemrut – Holiday Destinations of Turkey

Mount Nemrut is a high mountain located near the city of Adiyaman in southeastern Turkey. In 62 BC, on the peak of Mount Nemrut, King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene constructed a tomb bound by colossal statues of himself, two lions and different Greek and Persian divines. During the construction, the heads of figures have stumbled from the bodies and scattered all over the site.

Mount Nemrut - Holiday Destinations of Turkey
Via: BucketListly Blog

The expedition of Mount Nemrut gives an extraordinary perspective on the enclosed mountains. The major attraction is to watch the dawn from the eastern terrace, which gives the bodyless heads a mesmerizing orange shade.

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