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Explore Estonia – An Incredible land with Fairy Tales and Haunted Streets


The magnificent city named Estonia is situated in the northern part of Europe. This previous Soviet state overflows with safeguarded middle age urban communities, charming greeneries, hazy lowlands and traditional customs. Estonia resembles haunting fantasies with mythologies detected from less known places in Europe.

As long as you have faith in spirits or are essentially captivated by the city’s well-established legends, investigating these mysterious destinations is a splendid plan to dive further into this place.

Let’s head over to the hidden magical places in Estonia.

1. Explore the Nation’s Capital

Tallinn is one of the glad European capital with dazzling beauty. You will feel ludicrously photogenic and overflowing with mesmerizing sights which are antiquated by holy places and middle age streetscapes.

Tallinn / Image credit:

Tallinn is unquestionably the center point of Estonian tradition. It is loaded with exhibition halls and mysterious places that will assist you with learning the country’s rich history. Being a coastline country, you will get the chance to enjoy amazing beach life.

2. Tallinn’s Old Town

Tallinn is one of the world’s flawlessly conserved Hanseatic town centers and was home to vendors from Denmark and Germany in the thirteenth century. In 1997, Old Town with macadamize streets and holy churches came into the picture of  UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tallinn Old Town / Image credit:

Tallinn Town Hall comprises Gothic curves with an artistic composition of a Russian standard cathedral. The postcard-commendable view from the Patkuli platform and sightseeing here will take you back in Estonian history for sure.

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3. Magic Tuhala Witch’s Well

In northern Estonia, the town Tuhala is renowned for Witch’s well. Most of you had heard about magical well in childhood stories, but have you seen the witchy well. I am not scaring you.

Don’t worry but this is the point of fascination, once you head to the Tuhala Witch’s Well. These little water fountains appear occasionally. Is it wizardry or is it natural rainfall water? Most of the people over there don’t know. More than 3,000 years Tuhala have quite possibly the most novel regular marvels on the planet, The Witch’s Well.

Spirit of Halloween, The Well of witch
Spirit of Halloween, The Well of witch / Image credit:

Some guarantee to have seen consuming evil presences flying over their town, while others trust in the Estonian God Taara. The ideal describable characteristic wonder, Witche’s well-remaining parts a fascination of Estonia.

4. Underwater Prison

The Soviet’s old Underwater Prison in Ruumu is the most astounding spot taking all things together of Estonia. This neglected jail is currently a most loved spot for adventure admirers. If you visit Estonia during the summers, you need to have a look at this jail.

Diving into Estonia's Abandoned Underwater Prison, Estonia
Diving into Estonia’s Abandoned Underwater Prison, Estonia / Image credit:

At present, a portion of the previous jail can is visual ashore as parts of the design stick out from the completely clear lake waters. The spot has become a prime location for daredevil experiences.

5. Ruhunu Lighthouse

Since Estonia is an old sea country, coasts are specked with recorded lighthouses that keep on fixing world postings for the most breathtaking design. The ancient lighthouses in Estonia have remained steadfast and guided sailors of all countries since the sixteenth century.

A lighthouse with a red metal tube-shaped pinnacle built in the Le Havre plant in France was raised on Håubjärre Hill. The age of this tower is more than a hundred years and still is well standing.

Ruhnu Lighthouse
Ruhnu Lighthouse / Image credit:

The metal pinnacle is more than 100 years of age and still good to go. You will be amazed to know that this tower was planned by a famous engineer who contributed to the nitty-gritty project of the Eiffel Tower i.e. Gustave Eiffel.

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6. Tallinn’s Haunted Guest House

Rumors from far and wide suggest that the Devil got hitched in Tallinn. One renowned story recounts the narrative of a famed monster picking a lodging in the capital city Tallinn as his wedding area. The Devil’s wedding is said to have occurred at the lodging on Rataskaevu Street in the Old Town part of Tallinn about a hundred years prior.

Haunted Tallinn
Haunted Tallinn / Image credit:

From the streets, you can view the room and stands apart because it is the only one bricked shut from an external perspective with draperies painted within. The baffling leaseholder requested just protection for his liberal installment, who was shrouded and hard to see as per legends. While paying he guaranteed all he needed was to get the space for a perfect party bash. Devil’s wedding doesn’t sound mysterious and haunting,  but these streets panorama is as per Hollywood movie style.

7. Hill of Crosses

Over 200,000 wooden crosses raised on a little mountain in Lithuania where holy, The Hill of Crosses is present. Quite possibly the most popular crosses at the site is a sculpture of Jesus sitting under a rooftop. The sculpture is said to represent Jesus loving covertly and mirrors when religion was prohibited in Lithuania.

Hill of Crosses
Hill of Crosses / Image credit:

The Hill of Crosses is a shockingly excellent spot to visit. Little ways dot the path through the labyrinth of crosses. The quantity of crossroads keeps on developing day by day,  as tourists use to leave the crosses here in recognition for friends and family or in a solicitation for their hopes.

8. Scared Peko

Another mysterious and a bit haunting wooden statue tower will lead you to discover more about Estonia. It is said to be a scary hill where this sculpture of Peko stands at the top of Jumalamägi. It portrays Peko, an Estonian and Finnish lord of harvests. Peko is especially associated with beer, as he’s emphatically connected to grain and blending.

Scared Peko, Estonia
Scared Peko, Estonia / Image credit:

The minorities I.e Seto public living in Estonia use to celebrate Peko. During evening time people gather for this traditional festival concealed Peko sculptures in their grains storage facilities. Legend says the slope is the place where God came with a horsecart to ship the spirits of the dead to Heaven. Individuals visit the slope and the Peko symbol to receive blessings for themselves and their loved ones.

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9. Parnu Beach

Just 15 minutes away from downtown, you can feel the famous sandy Pärnu seashore. The seashore is referred to as the best seashore in Estonia. This beach is the perfect fun spot for spending vacations with family or friends. The couples can cherish the beach promenade any season.

Parnu Beach, Estonia
Parnu Beach, Estonia / Image credit:

It’s popular for its white sands and different attractions. Regardless of whether you like to play small golf or attempt some windsurfing, there’s consistently huge loads of thing to browse over here.

10. Kuressaare Episcopal Castle

Kuressaare Episcopal Castle is perhaps the most fascinating and best-conserved forts in Estonia. The mansion has the most exceptional structures in Northern Europe that worked during the 14th to 19th century.

Kuressaare Castle
Kuressaare Castle / Image credit:

There is a historical museum that portrays the story of Saaremaa and local people through perpetual presentations and voyaging shows. If the climate looks decent, you can opt for rowboats or bicycles for travel around the nearby castle.

Amazing Facts to know about Estonia

1. Wife carrying sport

From the 19th century, the historical wife-carrying sport was started by the legend of Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen, or “Ronkainen the Robber” in Estonia. Ronkainen the Robber with their gang came for stealing food and ladies from towns in their general vicinity tossing the ladies over their shoulders as they ran off.

Wife Carrying Sports, Estonia
Wife Carrying Sports, Estonia / Image credit:

If you are not married but still interested to participate in the championship, so you can take part as per the norms. According to the rules, one may convey his wife, his neighbor’s wife, or somebody he found comfortable running away. All you have to overcome the hurdles in the race with the lady on your shoulder.

2. Travel free of cost in Estonia

In the year 2018, Estonia has announced free transportation for specific regions like  Valga, Võru, Viljandi, Põlva, Järva, Jõgeva, Tartu, Ida-Viru, Hiiu, and Saare County. This move makes Estonia the extraordinary country on the planet to present free open vehicles nearly country-wide.

Estonia set to make public transport free
Estonia set to make public transport free / Image credit:

According to Estonia’s pastor of monetary issues Kadri Simson, a free vehicle will make it simpler for individuals with low and normal earnings to stay versatile.

Best an ideal opportunity to visit Estonia

Since Estonia is situated on the banks of the baltic sea, the month of August is the best time to visit here. The temperature at lakes and islands is quite soothing to enjoy beach life. Apart from this, winter has its very own enchanted appeal, however, with fantasy woodlands coated with icy bars.

What to do in Estonia
What to do in Estonia / Image credit:

In case if you’re searching for a magical mysterious place, then you should add Estonia to your priority list. There’s no chance of getting exhausted in this tremendous mixture of witchy land and  Cathedral sites. So what are you waiting for plan a trip to explore this bizarre land which is full of unheard mysteries. Estonia will completely blow your mind for sure.

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