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Explore The Venice of the North – Stockholm


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden with as many 14 islands in the European continent. Famous among the travelers for its insanely beautiful archaeological buildings and centuries-old Museum and Cathedrals. But the star of the place is the iconic city hall and the world’s first open-air museum. Do you know, the famous Stockholm syndrome was first originated from this city? Tourists across the globe come here for a family vacation, with friends or an amazing solo trip. Stockholm is worth visiting in every aspect, all you need is to pre-plan your budget for the trip as the city may cost you a bit!

At India Imagine, Let’s chalk out the top ten places in Stockholm to make your trip easier.

Stockholm is one of the safest cities not only in Europe but in the entire world making it in the top three particularly in tourist safety.

Vasa Museum

A 17th-century ship that was lying underneath the seabed for more than 300 years was ultimately recovered and preserved into a museum. It is no wonder one of the well preserved centuries-old warships to date.

Vasa Museum
Vasa Museum / Image credit:

There are some entry charges for an adult but for a person below the age of 18, it is completely free. Professional guides ensure a tour across the Vasa garden around the Museum. If you are hungry treat yourself with fika and cinnamon buns that are traditional and most sought among the travelers.

Place: Scandinavia
Timings: 10: 00 to 17: 00 daily


Skansen is the world’s oldest open-air museum that incorporates a zoo. A tour through the Skansen museum and you will get to know life before the industrial era in Sweden. Within the 75 acres of land, you will experience a 19th century Sweden and the livelihood of people at that point in time.

Baltic Sea Science Center, Skansen
Baltic Sea Science Center, Skansen / Image credit: VisbyStar / CC BY-SA (

It is really fun to watch people in 19th-century attire such as bakers, shoemakers etc…they also give you a live demo of the craftsmanship and work they traditionally indulge in. The zoo consists of several local animals like wolf, reindeer and moose. There is a weekend market where you can purchase some traditional products and handicrafts as souvenirs.
Annually there is an estimation of more than 1million visitors in the museum, don’t miss your chance.

Place: Djurgården
Timings: 10:00 to 17:00 including weekends

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The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Stockholm is undoubtedly the largest palace in Europe. There are 600 rooms with the amazingly stunning architecture of Italian Baroque. Once the main residence to the King himself, The Royal Palace is now is not just a museum but an amalgamation of five astounding museums.

Royalpalace, Stockholm
Royalpalace, Stockholm / Image credit: Brorsson / CC BY-SA (

Inside the palace are the masterpiece artifacts and things once used by the Royals themselves such as the Queen’s silver throne, royal costumes and Armours.

Place: Slottsbacken 1
Timings: 10:00 to 17:00

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace
Drottningholm Palace / Image credit: Pudelek / CC BY-SA (

Drottningholm Palace is the first tourist destination of Sweden that grabbed its place in the World UNESCO Heritage Sites. And which is worth the title as the palace is a well preserved 17th-century historical building of high regard. With salon, parks, palace theatre and a Chinese pavilion, the palace makes the best treat to the visitors coming here all day long.

Place: Drottningholm
Timings : 11: 30 to 15: 00

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Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall
Stockholm City Hall / Image credit:

One of the most iconic buildings in the world, as it is here the Nobel Prize Banquet organized every 10th of December. The city hall is the most visited place in the capital. With the mesmerizing architectural design and art, the city hall had captivated millions of hearts to date.

Place : Hantverkargatan
Timings: 8: 30 to 15: 00

Nobel Museum

Nobel Museum 
Nobel Museum / Image credit:

As the name depicts Nobel Museum is completely dedicated to the Nobel Prize Laureate and their work. Here, tourists can experience and explore the ideas and thoughts of the brilliant scientists and Nobel Laureate of more than 900 in the count! Visit the place to know more about the world’s most respected people!

Place: Heart of the city, Gamla Stan.
Timings: Monday remains closed, rest days 11:00 to 17:00

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Stortorget, Stockholm
Stortorget, Stockholm / Image credit: Julian Herzog / CC BY (

A small square in the city Gamla Stan, located in the heart of Stockholm. The beautiful and colorful brick houses are the main center of attraction. Visit the oldest square of Stockholm and click some fabulous pictures to freeze the memories.

Place: Gamla Stan
Timings: Any time

Island of Långholmen

Långholmen is famous beautiful sandy beaches that attract visitors. There are several walking and cycling trails surrounding the beach. The old prison building is located near the island beach. You can boat through the waters while you enjoy the sightseeing.

Place: Långholmen
Timings: All-day

Stockholm Public Library

Stockholm Public Library
Stockholm Public Library / Image credit:

Designed by the famous architect Gunnar Asplund and stands tall with pride. The library has books of various genres, taste and knowledge. People need to have a membership to pick up a book, however, tourists can take a tour inside the library.

Place : Sveavägen 73 Stockholm
Timings : 10: 00 am to 21:00

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ABBA The Museum

ABBA Museum
ABBA Museum / Image credit: Holger.Ellgaard / CC BY-SA (

ABBA Museum is an extraordinarily different Museum in Europe. ABBA is unique as it has no particular collection of art or artifacts, rather it is all about you. Inside the museum, you can sing, dress in pop band costume and be like a pop star for a day. The best part is that once to purchase a ticket you are eligible to visit the place for the next 15 days! So, make the best out of it.

Place: Djurgårdsvägen
Timings: Thursday to Sunday 11:30 to 4:30

Visiting Stockholm is worth a lifetime experience. Just plan your trip prior to the proper budget in mind to make the trip worth remembering.

Bon Voyage!

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