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Tour Sweden: A Country With Rich Heritage & Travel Destinations


I’m sure you already know some of the most popular things like Spotify, ABBA, Vikings, Minecraft or world-famous Youtuber PewDiePie and pop-rock duo – Roxette. What’s common in them is the Nordic country of Sweden. Now this Scandinavian nation located in Northern Europe needs no introduction. All these are the cultural aspects of Sweden but this nation has stored so much for everyone especially if you a traveller, you must visit Sweden.

A Small Travel Insight of Sweden

Sweden is a paradise for aspiring travellers, an enchanting country with beautiful scenery and rich heritage. Its scenic fishing villages to exotic towns, from thousands of coastal islands along with vast surreal forests and huge glaciated mountains. This nation offers best holiday destinations around the world with a perk of everlasting summer for tourists.

Also, there are fascinating hiking trails, traditional huts, cathedrals etc. in this incredible country. Sweden’s tourist attractions range from wealthy villas and ancient cities to vast gorgeous vistas in the Arctic with some popular Ice Hotels where you can stay. There is so much to explore that your holiday vacation with exhaust shortly but locations will not!!

Check out Sweden’s stunning locations which are a must-visit for refreshing holidays.

Stockholm: Venice of the North

World-class museums, theatres, galleries, and gorgeous parklands this what Stockholm is all about. Stockholm is a spectacular city to explore as it lies on several islands and peninsulas which are connected with numerous bridges. This Swedish Capital is known for medieval towns and aesthetically designed architectural palaces brimmed with modern art and culture. When you reach this city you will notice a blend of the different eras perfectly depicted on structures and heritage locations. The excellent underground railway system, the Tunnelbana takes you almost anywhere in the city.

Vasa Museum Stockholm / Image Credit:

Travel Attractions in Stockholm

  • Visit the House of Culture – Kulturhuset
  • Tour the island of Djurgarden featuring incredible views of the sea.
  • Explore the UNESCO-listed palace Drottningholm
  • Sing karaoke at the ABBA Museum
  • Visit Sweden’s most popular Vasa museum
  • Admire Gamla Stan the old town offering beautiful waterfront views with countless landmarks and attractions.

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Gothenburg: A Panoramic Canal City

Gothenburg is one of the most splendid cities to visit in Sweden. Situated along the Gota Alv River, Gothenburg lies near Stockholm which can be travelled easily by train. the awe-inspiring archipelago is a huge draw for visitors from around the world. Many canals that dot the city make it look similar to Amsterdam and Venice.

Gothenburg Sweden / Image Credit:

World-class cuisine, lavish canal-side restaurants and a beautiful coastline draw the attention of numerous foreign tourists. Between the neighbouring islands, the quiet and vibrant streets of the night make this town an unforgettable place to visit in Sweden.

Travel Attractions in Gothenburg

  • Enjoying cruising & boat tour through the canals.
  • Take a stroll at Slottsskogen; a leafy park and mini-zoo.
  • Lure by Gothenburg archipelago (Skargarden).
  • Plan an excursion to Gothenburg Museum of Art & Alvrummet.
  • Take your kids to Liseberg Amusement Park.
  • Savour seafood at one of the restaurants in the city.

Lapland: Picturesque Winter Wonderland

Lapland is the shelter to an abundance of wildlife, natural panorama and snowfall. In winters this place is a must-visit during your trip to Sweden especially if you want to experience the Northern Lights. Lapland is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts as you can enjoy, skiing, hiking and canoeing along with this the Swedish city is equally cherished by nature-lovers as well. This place displays a beautiful 24-hour daylight change in summers and the dark winter days. The land you can take the huskies for a trip and greet Santa, the Lapland just makes any dream come true.

Abisko National Park Lapland / Image Credit:

Travel Attractions in Lapland

  • Visit the Abisko National Park.
  • Spend a day at Santa Claus Village & go to the Gammelstad Church Village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Explore the Arctic Circle cities.
  • Appreciate nature at Urho Kekkonen National Park.
  • Ski at Riksgransen.

Gotland: Beautiful Island of Baltic Sea

Gotland is an oasis of spectacular travel destination both for foreigners and Swedes as it is the largest island of this nation. Thousands of vacationers flock here each year to admire the unexplored scenery, sandy beaches and attend festivals. You can take a ferry trip to enjoy this beautiful island. You can plan a day trip to Visby for a medieval experience. People dress up as a knight during the medieval week, visit a traditional arena and watch the tournaments.

Heavenly Beautiful Faro – Gotland / Image Credit:

Travel Attractions in Gotland

  • Enjoy in Visby
  • Pay a visit to Botanic Garden (Botaniska Tradgarden)
  • Swim at Bla Lagunen.
  • Visit the nature reserve of Digerhuvud.
  • Tour many prehistoric sites & medieval churches.
  • Relish the heavenly beauty of Faro.

Kalmar: Best Summer Town of Sweden

The city of Kalmar offers an impressive link between historical and contemporary architecture. This city is situated in the Baltic Sea and provides a glimpse of a rare mixture of past and present age with its ancient buildings and modernity that reflects the large multinational firms and streets accompanied by luxury bars and restaurants. The town is surrounded by water and draws the attention of visitors to the dreamlike castle. The picturesque atmosphere of the site applies to beaches coupled with harbours and ancient sights. This summer town of Sweden and its charm can be best explored on a canoe.

Kalmar Castle – Kalma / Image Credit:

Travel Attractions in Kalmar

  • Discover the Kalmar Castle.
  • Explore Kalmar County Museum.
  • Visit the Kalmar art museum.
  • Voyage whole city via canoe.
  • Explore Oland Island.

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Jokkmokk: Acknowledged For Winter Market

The small town of Jokkmokk in Sweden is known for its huge Winter Market. The hosts are the inherent Sami people. This annual winter market is organised here since 400-years which brings the Sami people together. Reflecting the Sami community at its finest, this city offers travellers a great experience with its ancient rituals and culinary treasures. After visiting sites, you can enjoy folk dance, participate in many cultural and adventure events, experience traditional costumes and buy souvenirs and appreciate the incredible Sami culture.

Jokkmokk Winter Market / Image Credit:

Travel Attractions in Jokkmokk:

  • Explore Ajtte Sami Museum
  • Pay a visit to Bio Norden
  • Tour Gamla Apoteket
  • Visit oldest national parks i.e. Sarek National Park

Malmo: A Multicultural Gateway of Sweden

Malmo is the 3rd largest city of Sweden is well known for being a traditional port in Europe. You can enjoy a drive from the city to reach the iconic Oresund Bridge that connects Sweden to Denmark. The resemblance of the city to the continent is reflected in its very varied culture. There’s also a lot of ethnic restaurants scattered across town. Popular things to do include admiring Malmo’s blend of architectural styles, walking around picturesque city parks, dining in a variety of restaurants and cafes, and discovering art and other interesting museum exhibits.

Turning Torso Malmo / Image Credit:

Travel Attractions in Malmo

  • Wander around Folkets Park which is known as the Park of the People.
  • Ride through the notable Oresund Bridge.
  • Behold the most striking building of Sweden- Turning Torso.
  • Must-see Malmohus Castle which houses many major museums within its historic walls such as Malmo Museum of Art, the City Museum, the Natural History Museum, a small aquarium, and the Science and Maritime House.

Uppsala: The Old Historic Town of Sweden

Uppsala is Sweden’s 4th city known for roaming through the winding streets of the old town, magnificent 13th-century cathedral, the picturesque, medieval university. For enjoying the trip of this historic town you can rent bicycles. There are many waterways and parks which give travellers a serene environment. The beautiful Fyris river dives the whole town in two parts. The old town is situated on the west and the new commercial town on the east. An incredible history of Viking times and the spirit of learning remains in the centre of Uppsala. You’ll find plenty of chic stores, cafeterias, and restaurants on your trip to Uppsala.

Uppsala / Image Credit:

Travel Attractions in Uppsala

  • Adore magnificent Uppsala Cathedral.
  • Visit Fyrishov; a holiday park & fun zone for kids & adults.
  • Discovers ancient artefacts at Museum Gustavianum.
  • Walkthrough the Uppsala University.
  • Take a stroll at Stadstradgarden – the City Park.
  • Go on a trip to the quaint village of Sigtuna

Savour Delicious Swedish food

Swedish cuisine constitutes mainly of dairy products, soft bread, berries, stone fruits, and various types of meat like beef, chicken, lamb, pork, eggs, and seafood. Swedish people are particularly fond of sweetened bread and you’ll find many varieties of it here, often mixed with some spices as well. Swedish meatballs are already renowned at a global level and it is served with lingonberry jam and is a speciality.

Swedish meatballs / Image Credit:

You can also pay a visit to Oland, Umea, Linkoping, Kebnekaise, Skane, Helsingborg and many more. Overall this European Nation is a complete travel package in itself. Every travel lover must visit this nation.

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