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Strasbourg– A City In France With Architectural Explorations


The capital of Alsace in the northern part of France, Strasbourg city was once where the Parliament was situated. This place is closely bordered by the German and that seems the main reason for the German influence that the city carries. The architecture and the landscapes all implicate the same. The city also stands alongside the River Rhine, giving it almost a picturesque look from the aerial view.

Now, in the present day, Strasbourg plays an important role in the overall development of France, the city heads the economic and the business aspects and restores the cultural centers too.  The European parliament standing at the heart of the city is proof, how large the city has cultivated itself politically too.

From a tourist point of view, to visit a European country particularly France is a dream come true. And Strasbourg is a city that you should never dare to miss!

Let’s look into the top 8 reasons that you should probably visit Strasbourg during your France visit!

Grande Île – The Island in Strasbourg

Grande Île
Grande Île: Image Credit/

The name Grande Île means “Large Island” which is located in the heart of the city. The island is listed in the UNESCO world heritage in the year 1988. Grande Île is considered the historical significant center of Strasbourg. The architectural explorations and the monuments are the main landmark and points of attraction. The Strasbourg Cathedral is the largest in the entire world and is located here at Grande Île. There are 15th-century cathedrals that are the main cultural and historical exploration of the island!

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Notre-Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral

Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral
Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral: Image Credit/

Strasbourg cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in the world. And no doubt tourist explores the city starting from the Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral. This architectural eminence was founded in the year 1439. There is a large rose window that looks extremely beautiful on the main entrance. The astronomical clock is also one of the main attractions of the city of Strasbourg. If you are visiting the interior get ready to be mesmerized by the spiral stairs that go up to a count of exactly 332 steps!

Tourists can never go missing his beautiful construction that tells a story of centuries back. Hope you visit too.

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Église Saint-Thomas

Église Saint-Thomas
Église Saint-Thomas: Image Credit/

Yet again, Église Saint-Thomas is a church that implicates the hold of Christianity in the place. The place is the main center of worship among the local people. And also allows people from a different world to get to know more about the cultural and historical aspects of the city. The saint church was also built in the 15 century and showcase German influence predominantly. And the interior is well maintained with the art and artifacts. Along with a gallery that is famous among the artists from all spheres of life.

Musée Alsacien

Musée Alsacien
Musée Alsacien: Image Credit/

If you are a tourist looking forward to knowing and learn about the tradition of Strasbourg, then you are probably at the right place. Musée Alsacien is a 17th-century mansion that is located in the prime area of the city. The house is a hub for various prominent arts displayed for art lovers. The galleries also display historical significance goods.

The other thing that pulls the traveler to the place is the best wine that is produced here. Try to explore the “savior fair” a traditional way to learn the presence of winemaking in this part of land!

European Parliament

European Parliament
European Parliament: Image Credit/

As we know the European Parliament and other political house and offices are located in Strasbourg, let us take a quick look at one of the most visited places of Strasbourg i.e. the European Parliament. Well, apart from its construction and design the building is famous for its cultural and political aspects. The construction is closely related to the modern cylindrical structure that has more than 750 seats together. And the outdoor of the premises is quite a greenery with natural plantations and trees. Hence, the European Parliament is one of the major tourist attractions of Strasbourg.

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Neustadt: Image Credit/

Strasbourg had a past of war, and most of the construction and monuments are based on the part of the design. And as for Strasbourg, the city has grown double-fold after each war. The city soon becomes the new era city in terms of architecture and development. However, the strategy was to be accurate with the overall development including tourism. Thus they had restructured the city into new from the old medieval look.

And Neustadt is the part of the city that looks new and modern in terms of development, construction and tourism. As a part of the Parc de l’Orangerie, the University came into existence.

Place Kléber

Place Kléber
Place Kléber: Image Credit/

The Place Kléber is the very modern part of the city which is the main square that is the hub to many exotic cafes and exquisite shops. It is the main commercial area of Strasbourg city. The Square was named after the late French revolutionary general Jean-Baptiste. And in order to remember him, a statue was built right at the center of the square. The square came into the top UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1988. This is the first of its kind of honor for a commercial square place!

Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Strasbourg City Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The City Museum was built in the year 1998 at Strasbourg in France. That ultimately become one of the largest in France. This place is worth a visit for a lifetime, as you will be mesmerized by the vast collection of arts preserved. The collection seems to look like a collaboration of tradition and modernity. And the interiors decorated with priceless arts, paintings by famous and artifacts from the past. However, several multimedia designs prove the modern development of the place.

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Apart from that, there is an art library, art book shop and a larger-than-life auditorium in this grand Museum! And in the end, there is a cafe on the roof of the Museum that will give you some space to rest and sip a hot cuppa coffee.

As we have already looked into the most beautiful places in France, Strasbourg city is not less than any of it. The place is architectural eminence be it the Museum, Church or the very Parliament building of the city! So, till you read on…it’s a bye from me.

Bon Voyage!

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