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Top Cities To Visit in Belgium for a Perfect Holiday Itineary


Belgium – The Land of Waffles, Chocolates, Music Festivals & Amazing Tourism

If you are planning a holiday trip in Europe and looking for a power-packed destination in the interest of family and as well as couples then there are many options such as Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Spain, United Kindom etc. But all these destinations are have become overrated. Then, in that case, tour Belgium which is one of the top countries in Europe for travellers looking for an exotic trip.

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Interesting Facts of Belgium

Well, Belgium is popular for many things but what drives travellers here most are its mouth-watering desserts such as Belgium chocolates and waffles will tempt your taste buds and another one is “Tomorrowland – the EDM festival”😍. Apart from these, its charming cities with numerous travel attractions such as Pantonium, Manneken Pis, Grand Place, Meuse Valleytraditional Flemish architecture fascinates every generation of visitants.

Belgium Europe / Image Credit:

This tiny country of Europe leave voyagers awestruck with its diversity in tourism. There are stunning natural backdrops, historic landmarks, cultural attractions and delicious beer to taste. If couples looking for a romantic ambience than the cities Ghent & Burges are perfect for them while admiring canals. Belgium provides a huge chunk of European heritage within by the way its historic city Brussels is known worldwide for the historic port and UNESCO sites.

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Popular Cities of Belgium With Their Attractions

So, there is so much to do and admire in this enchanting European country. In brief, we’ll discuss popular cities and their appealing attractions so that you can plan your trip accordingly in Belgium.

Bruges – Amalagam of Medieval & Romantic Aura

Bruges is one of the most visited cities in Belgium due to its medieval architecture blended with romantic ambience completely. Its canal such as Dijver Canal and nearby mansions are some of its most appealing highlights for travellers. They can enjoy a canal boat trip or ramble along the canals to watch the boats go by with your partner.

Bruges Belgium
Bruges Belgium / Image Credit:

The best places to visit in the town are within walking distance of the Markt, the city’s main square, which is surrounded by the colossal Halle and its impressive belfry. Its medieval house from the past era lures travellers to snap Instagram reels and snap streaks.

Attractions to see at Burges, Belgium

  1. Halle & Belfry
  2. Basilica of the Holy Blood
  3. Markt
  4. Townhall
  5. Groeninge Museum
  6. Church of Our Lady
  7. Sint-Jacobskerk

Brussels – The Heart of Europe & Belgium

If you want to admire UNESCO-acclaimed sites and in the capital city of Belgium. It houses many 14th-century as well as middle age architectural epitomes. The capital city of Brussels is a must-see destination for any tourist visiting Belgium. Also, this city is the political centre of the European Union and the seat of the Belgian Royal Family. It is known for its variety of restaurants and cafes that represent the heritage and culture of Europe. In addition to a thriving and lively city centre, the Old Town is home to many historic landmarks and fine examples of Baroque and Gothic architecture.

Brussels Belgium
Brussels Belgium / Image Credit:

Attractions to see at Brussels, Belgium

  1. The Grand Place
  2. Mont des Arts
  3. Etterbeek
  4. Atomium
  5. Koningsplein
  6. Chateau Royal
  7. Saint-Michel Cathedral
  8. Anderlecht

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Antwerp – The Cultural Capital of Flanders

Antwerp, the second-largest city of Belgium and renowned for being the diamond capital of the world. Antwerp is a thriving modern port city as well as a historically significant centre for Belgian craftwork and artistry. Tourists can adore the city’s most significant buildings such as the 16th-century Town Hall, the Butcher’s Hall, and Rubens’ House. Also, the Chocolate Nation is the prominent highlight here as it the world’s largest Belgian chocolate museum. Antwerp’s excellent museums are the biggest destination for art lovers and history buffs, and they are a must-see on every Belgian itinerary.

Antwerp Belgium
Antwerp Belgium / Image Credit:

Attractions to see at Antwerp, Belgium

  1. Antwerp Zoo
  2. Grand Place (Grote Markt)
  3. Cathedral of Our Lady
  4. Belgian Chocolate Museum
  5. Museum Aan de Stroom
  6. Rubens’ House (Rubenshuis)
  7. Butcher’s Hall
  8. Diamond Museum

Visit Ghent for Canals & Castles

Ghent is a star architectural fascination in Belgium. The most revered city where tourists can enjoy the romantic mood in the medieval town era and historical significance. The majority of Ghent’s historic guild houses can be found along the Graseli Canal and the Korenlei Canal. A canal boat travel along the many sections of the Scheldt and Leie Canals that intersect the city is an enjoyable experience, as is a stroll around town on a summer evening when most of the important buildings are illuminated. Ghent is unbeatable for history and architecture buffs and makes it a perfect spot to learn about contemporary Belgian culture.

Ghent Belgium
Ghent Belgium / Image Credit:

Attractions to see at Ghent, Belgium

  1. Koornstapelhuis
  2. Laarne Castle
  3. Tolhuisje
  4. Sint-Baafskathedraal
  5. Het Belfort
  6. Graslei
  7. Gravensteen
  8. Saint Michael’s Church and Sint-Michielsbrug

Meuse Valley – Known for its Pastoral Small Towns

The Meuse Valley is noted for its picturesque small towns, majestic limestone mountains, and green, trail-strewn forests. Many towns located in the valley’s centre and houses many ancient sites. The Namur Citadel is the most notable one which sits above the town and is a pleasant place to explore as well as an excellent spot for panoramic views of the valley.

Meuse Valley Belgium
Meuse Valley Belgium / Image Credit:

Dinant is located near River Meuse as it quite popular so check it out –


Dinant is a beautiful municipality in Namur nestled in the Meuse Valley. It is certainly worth visiting due to its most famous for its citadel, Adolphe Sax statute, colourful environment and serene ambience and Leffe beer which was first brewed here. This charming yet small town has plenty of things to do and packed with history and fortresses to explore.

Dinant, Belgium
Dinant, Belgium / image Credit:

Attractions to see at Dinant, Belgium

  1. Adolphe Sax Statue
  2. Cruise Down the River Meuse
  3. Collegiate Church of the Old Lady
  4. Charles de Gaulle Bridge
  5. The Bayard Rock
  6. Meuse Citadels

Leuven – City of the Oldest and Leading Universities

Leuven is Belgium’s most prominent university town, is nestled along the banks of the Dijle River, east of Brussels. It is home to one of the country’s largest and most renowned universities. On the university campus and in the area, tourists can see many fine examples of Gothic and other architectural styles, such as Leuven’s City Hall, which has 236 figures on its ornate facade.

Leuven Townhall Belgium / Image Credit:

You can learn about Belgium’s architectural heritage, with its illustrious university college buildings. If you are a solo traveller then visiting this city is quite worthy for you.

Attractions to see at Leuven, Belgium

  1. St Peter’s Church and Historical Leuven Townhall
  2. Groot Begijnhof Leuven
  3. Meerdaalwoud
  4. Park Abbey
  5. Arenberg Castle
  6. Leuven Botanical Garden

Ypres – Major Pigrmigae Site of Belgium

Ypres was founded in the 10th century and become the most important towns in Belgium during the middle era. For many visitors, the main purpose of visiting Ypres is to learn about the battle of World War I and the Battlefields of Flanders. At the era, the town was the scene of extensive trench warfare, and it was almost destroyed. The cemeteries and battlefields of this century are now major pilgrimage destination.

Tyne Cot Cemetery Ypres
Tyne Cot Cemetery Ypres / Image Credit:

Attractions to see at Ypres, Belgium

  1. Battlefields
  2. Lakenhalle
  3. Menin Gate
  4. Grote Markt
  5. Tyne Cot Cemetery
  6. German War Cemetery
  7. Sint-Maartenskathedraal

Last words from my side – It doesn’t matter where you are an ancient history lover or cherishes modern architecture, love birds looking for a honeymoon or family-friendly destinations, this European nation won’t disappoint you. Hence, without a second thought plan your itinerary in whichever city of Belgium you want to spend your time in.

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